Welt im Film 233/1949 15.11.1949


1 200 accidents per week - reinforced fight against transport risks traffic intersection. Policeman regulates traffic. Police officer stands between light rail and truck. Pedestrian crosses the street. Prime Minister Arnold, at the same time, Transport Ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia, speaks at meeting in Düsseldorf, original sound. "We have Not yet regained the old number of cars now in the years after the collapse, but for the number of lorries in North Rhine-Westphalia is already now is 60% higher than 1939. And these are precisely those monsters, which provide the largest share of traffic hazard for the roads with numerous supporters charged. We would be a disservice Very much democracy, when it should say: the dangers of traffic it No more will be ready. The accident figures rising from day to day, and the Government can No more assert itself. The State, or the State must prevail." With trailers, truck drives through the city. Three-wheeled cart. Hamburg: education week. Mounted police officers carry posters. Slushy car. Pedestrian runs front of car. Cyclist crashes before car. Traffic accident statistics of the week poster.
(70 m) 02 Berlin: atoms under the microscope of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Scientists at the electron microscope. Photographs of images, how to get them from this microscope. Atoms under the microscope.
(45 m) 03 fashionable rumblings: dresses, hats, hairstyles Berlin: people before showcase. Fashion show in the window. Day dresses, sweaters and skirts, linen. Munich: Mannequin with street costume before newsstand. Black coat. Afternoon dress with jacket, dress with sloping neckline. Evening dress made of Brocade, with deep neckline in the back. London: hairstyle fashion. Short curly hairstyles. Hat with hairpiece.
(60 m) 4 New York: Yugoslavia comes in the UN - Wyshinskij protest meeting. Wyshinskij on the lectern, total. Chairman of the Assembly of Romulo calls Wyshinskij to order. Wyshinskij goes to his place. Romulo Announces voting results concerning inclusion of Yugoslavia. Wyshinskij enters lectern again and protested, o-ton: "I am going to ask the distinguished delegate of the Soviet Union to limit himself strictly to the point of order." Wyshinskij goes to his place. Close-up.
(41 m) 5th Oberammergau selects performers for passion 1950 Oberammergau Festival. Festival Hall will be renovated. Festive divine service. Listeners with beards. Select the performer. Innkeeper is Christ, a 70-year-old Smith as Peter, Judas as a wood carver, to be large, son of a farmer than John, art student as Maria Chef de cuisine Caiaphas.
(57 m) 06. Italy: the smallest children Jazz Band jazz playing with children aged between seven and eleven years. Baß, accordion, piano, percussion. Children clap.
(35 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Arnold, Karl ; Romulo, Carlos ; Wyschinsky


Berlin ; Italy ; Munich ; London ; Federal Republic of Germany ; Hamburg ; New York ; Oberammergau, Germany ; Düsseldorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Musical events ; Police ; Religious events ; Cities ; Accidents ; UN ; Science ; Fashion ; Astrology ; Construction ; aftermath of war


Newsreel (G)



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Welt im Film 233/1949

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Federal Republic of Germany

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