Welt im Film 229/1949 17.10.1949


1st Eastern States and the West answer meeting of the people's Council of the eastern zone. Appointment of President Wilhelm Pieck without popular elections. Wilhelm Pieck, great. Otto Grothe well, Prime Minister is great, Walter Ulbricht is one of three Deputy Prime Ministers. People clap. Protest meeting against the Schöneberg Town Hall in West Berlin. Dr. Suhr, City Council Chairman speaks, o-ton: "the Liberal Berlin sees in a day of infamy yesterday, because yesterday there are two States side by side. The Berliner but are stateless. Actually every Berlin would now get a Nansenpass." Franz Neumann, SPD, speaks, o-ton: "we thought the blessed press Chief Goebbels would be risen again, so were the headlines in the newspapers of the East: 'The historical lesson of the German nation' - 'the German people shaping himself his destiny' - 'Resurrection of the German nation' it says in the night express, and in the Berlin newspaper they had brought the dove of peace." "The Pskow Eagle, the man shied away from themselves to bring." Luise Schröder speaks, o-ton: "we are fighting for humanity, we fight for a peaceful and liberal Germany and for peace throughout the world. With this vow I will conclude the rally." People clapping, filling the screen.
(77 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. Hamburg: day trip from war invalids on the Baltic Sea VW, great. VW's drive on the road. People on the roadside of Grömitz welcome the arriving. Hard disabled get out of car. Stroll along the beach promenade and sitting in a beach chair.
(25 m) Munich: anniversary exhibition "Centenary postage stamp" people in the exhibition. Brands. Viewer with Magnifier. The first German stamp, the black ones from the year 1849, the oldest French brand, the oldest brand from England and the world. Famous images as templates for brands.
(28 m) c. Celle Stallion parade Stallion running. Rider introduces Stallion. Carriage. Achtspänner. Equestrian riding quadrille. Jump over obstacles. Dressage.
(25 m) 03 all sorts of PS a. The oldest of the oldest Opel, Opel built 1912 pulls Bauer car field. The 100,000 Opel owner will receive as a gift. New Opel Olympia and old Opel car at a time.
(22 m) b. German scooter man rides scooter. Chimney sweep rides scooter through town. Homemaker rises to Scooter with Spitz in basket on handlebar.
(12 m) c. Stuttgart: race refuelling of the models before racing the model cars. Starter lowers flag. False start. Wheel falls off. Model cars go, but come from the direction.
(23 m) d. London: car Salon car on stands. Rover with innovative handle with button. Woman gets in sports car and stowed handbag in door. Studebaker, Mayflower turns on stand.
(22 m) 04. Canada: A drama on the high seas - passenger ill spinal polio ship child suffering from polio. Driver of the coastal defence boat see through binoculars. Doctor to ship wall is raised in power. Physician at the patient's bedside with an iron lung.
(23 m) 5th London: wedding of the Earl of Harwood and Marion Stein people on the street. Car drives through crowd. King George and Queen Elizabeth get off in front of the Church and go to church. Princess Margaret is behind them. The bride Marion comes out of House and enters the car. Police push back people. Marion Stein goes into the Church. The bride and groom coming out of the Church and climbing car.
(40 m)


Persons in the Film

Elizabeth von England ; Georg VI. von England ; Grotewohl, Otto ; Harwood of ; Margaret von England ; Neumann, Franz ; Pieck, Wilhelm ; Suhr, Otto ; Schröder, Luise ; Stein, Marion ; Ulbricht, Walter


Stuttgart ; Celle ; Munich ; London ; West Berlin ; East Berlin ; Hamburg ; Canada ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; stamps ; DDR ; Demonstrations ; Higher education ; motor sports ; Political events ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Disease ; Second, disabled ; People ; Engagement ; Exhibitions ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 229/1949

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Federal Republic of Germany

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