Welt im Film 221/1949 22.08.1949


01 updates soon a. London: Chief of staff of the US armed forces on tour rolling out aircraft, large. US Commander will be greeted by senior officers. Intervention of 15s.
(16 m) b. United States: Herbert Hoover 75 years old picture of Herbert Hoover before US flag. Children in Stuttgart with school meals.
Albert Bassermann on Sylt Albert Bassermann (17 m) c. goes with his wife over dunes. Bassermann, great. Mrs Bassermann, great.
(14 m) 2nd Hong Kong: the breakthrough of amethyst Pan moving gunboat Amethyst. Bullet holes. Captain, large. Barrel of a gun, big. Sailors on deck taken after breakthrough by Chinese blockade. Durchschossene with flag onboard the vessel.
(36 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Holland: exhibition of model toys toy train travels with people on Rails. Model of the vessel Amsterdam runs on water. Interior of the vessel. Funfair in miniature.
(36 m) b. Los Angeles: Beach broaching machine crowded beach. Empty Beach in the evening with filth. Beach room machine collects dirt. Found valuable items are sorted out. Beach guards continues along on clean beach.
(21 m) 04 sports a. Berlin: fight for the Heavyweight Championship of Dietrich Hucks - Richard Vogt in the Waldbühne ring between media. Shock Exchange. Viewer, screen-filling. Referee separates Boxer. Hucks attacks. Among the spectators Hans Söhnker, big. Judgment draw after 12 rounds.
(34 m) b. Tokyo: swimming Festival Emperor Hirohito and Empress upon arrival. Hirohito and Empress on grandstand. 1500 m freestyle: crawl swimming and turning. It wins in 18 minutes and 50.8 seconds Furhashi. Hirohito welcomes swimmers.
(35 m) 5th elections: West Germany selects its 1st Bundestag Cuxhaven: Fischer disembark and look at election posters. People go to the polling station. Leuchtturmwärterin goes to the election. Ruhr: Men consider pillar with election posters. Dr. Köhler leaves the polling station with his wife. People go to the election. Stuttgart: election posters. Munich: election posters. Voters come from alpine hut and go to the option. After deadline, ballot boxes are taken to the main election office. Ballots are distributed and counted. Distribution of seats in the Bundestag.
(62 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bassermann, Albert ; Hirohito von Japan ; Hoover, Herbert ; Köhler, Erich ; Söhnker, Hans ; Furuhashi ; Hucks, Dietrich ; Vogt, Richard


Berlin ; Tokyo ; Holland ; London ; Los Angeles ; United States ; Stuttgart ; Hong Kong ; Sylt ; Cuxhaven ; Ruhr area ; Munich ; Elections


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; China ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Toys, toys ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Technology ; Technology, industry ; Military events ; Holiday ; Elections ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Technology ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 221/1949

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Federal Republic of Germany

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