Welt im Film 206/1949 06.05.1949


01 60 years celebration of May 1 Hamburg: may move. Rally. Hans Böckler speaks, half-close. Food: Mass meeting of workers. Stuttgart: meeting participants with umbrellas. Munich: Rally on the King square. Cologne: Rally on the Hay market. Karl Arnold at the lectern, half-close. Berlin: Moving the Communist trade unions to the pleasure garden. Airlift aircraft in the sky. Assembly of free trade unions on the square of freedom prior to the technical college.
(55 m) 2nd China map of China. Shanghai's cityscape. British warships with margin after bombardment. From train, get wounded British sailors and brought to ambulances. American civilians are going to ship. Chinese refugees move into a long train to the city. Clogged roads.
(44 m) 03 news from Germany a. Chiemsee Conference of educators Dr Grace, Director of Education Department of the American military Government in Germany speaking, actuality: "there must be a change in the hearts of men, if there will be durable peace. I ask therefore for an international plan on international Marshall plan for education and cultural relations." Madame Giron, France, speaks, o-ton: "une Conférence international quelque celle-ci c'est a mon avis une occasion unique ce pour mieux connaitre ce qui est la première condition pour attendre un but en compain." Dr. Bäuerle, Minister of culture of Baden Württemberg, speak, o-ton: "It is our job to educate the growing generation to freedom and to international understanding, but above all to the peace and the respect for human dignity." Dr. Dent from the times of London says, quote: "I am very happy and very proud to be at this memorable conference - the first international conference on education in Germany."
(36 m) b. Hannover: 3. export show flags of countries. Giant parking lot. The Berlin-Halle. ERP Pavillion with exhibition of the importance of the Marshall plan. Picture of Marshall. Dresses, sailing boats. People make soap bubbles. Man has big toy butterfly on the head. Woman in the bubble bath.
(34 m) 04. fashion show for young and old Düsseldorf: mannequins of the Parisian fashion house Maggy Rouff demonstrate clothes. Long tight skirts and evening dresses. Frankfurt: kids fashion show: children in knitting clothes go in the hands of mothers about catwalk. Children in Dirndl dresses.
(34 m) 5th Grafenwöhr: Farewell parade for General Clay In a jeep passes clay salute to group. General Huebner, successor of clay, great. Clay gallery talks, great. Parade. U.S. troops. Tanks, aircraft. Clay, large, in addition to Hübner. Handshake. Departure General clay.
(43 m) 06. London: English football cup Wolverhampton Wanderers - Leicester City 3-1 Wolverhampton shoots 1:0 spectators wave screen. Attack of Wolverhampton. Audience, great. Door scenes in front of Leicester goal. 2:0 Stadium, total. Leicester charge ahead. Shot on goal 2:1 3:1 for Wolverhampton. Cup presented to Princess Elizabeth.
(63 m)


Persons in the Film

Arnold, Karl ; Bäuerle ; Böckler, Hans ; Clay, Lucius D. ; Dent ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Giron ; Grace ; Hübner, Achim


London ; Hanover ; GRAFENWOEHR ; Shanghai ; Hamburg ; Food ; Stuttgart ; Munich ; Cologne ; Berlin ; Frankfurt ; Düsseldorf ; Chiemsee


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; China ; Flags ; Refugees ; Football ; Parades ; Political events ; Rain ; Shipping ; Toys, toys ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Cities ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; maps ; Marshall plan ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Fashion ; Cinema commercials ; Exhibitions ; Crew ; Trade unions ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 206/1949

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