Welt im Film 185/1948 10.12.1948


01 Berlin chooses the freedom of election posters on fence posts. Posters will be issued. Poster Slinger affix posters. Posters of the SED "Not to choose". RIAs radio car. A reporter asked people whether they choose to interview. Newspaper image of the East Berlin Mayor Friedrich Ebert. Election rally. Dr. Friedensburg speaks, original sound. "Now every Berliner knows who tried to bring the harm to us. And now we know, that we have to defend ourselves against it by any means that is available to us." Berlin on the way to the polling station and at the polling station. Hand's ballot in ballot box. Counting of the votes. SPD WINS with 64% of the vote. Luise Schröder and Ernst Reuter, half-close. Notice of the election results.
(85 m) 02. More and more Ruhr coal - the old man and the young miner Wiesbaden: Speakers. Poster "20.000. volunteers". The 20,000 volunteers in the U.S. zone will be congratulated and receives gift. Homberg: Veterans of the mining industry will receive diplomas. Old miners present their tool, lamp and pick of the 250,000 student young miners. Old and young miners abut.
(37 m) 03 New York: lightning flash on the test bench. Boy looks out window in a rainstorm. Storm in the forest. Lightning falls tree. Illuminated Empire State building. Lightning protection system of the building. Camera films lightning bolt above the building. Research Institute is building model from New York. Experiment shows that the Flash is looking for the shortest route.
(42 m) 04. London: an heir to the throne campaign born is unmounted before Buckingham Palace. People in front of Palace read posting. Lord Mayor of London is notice before City Hall. Newspaper page. Westminsterglocken are rung. Tower guns shoot salute. Sailors of the Royal Navy toast with rum. Babies born on the same day. Sister and baby, great.
(37 m) 5th Christmas Hamburg: showcase with toys. Carousel, Ferris wheel, dolls. Children from showcase.

Nuremberg: Christian market - sausage stand. Santas, Angels. Child's face, great. Children's eyes, great. Toy train.

Munich: Santa Claus on the export exhibition.

Moschendorf: Red Cross car brings gifts in refugee camps. Children receive clothing and shoes. Kasper demonstration. Child as audience, great. Excited children in the fight, Kasper crocodile. Crying child. Title: Merry Christmas.
(109 m)


Persons in the Film

Prinz Charles ; Ebert, Friedrich ; Friendensburg ; Reuter, Ernst ; Schröder, Luise


Wiesbaden ; Hamburg ; New York ; Camp Moschendorf ; London ; Berlin ; Nuremberg ; Homberg ; Rome ; Moschendorf ; West Berlin ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Electricity ; Interviews ; Children ; Refugees ; Night ; Medals, awards, honors ; Rain ; Radio, television ; Toys, toys ; Cities ; Cultural events ; Meteorology ; Elections ; Christmas ; Jobs ; Eyes ; Cinema commercials ; Mining ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; aftermath of war


Newsreel (G)



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Welt im Film 185/1948

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