Welt im Film 175/1948 01.10.1948


01 Berlin echo funeral ceremony on the square in front of the Town Hall Zoo for the Wolfgang Scheunemann who was shot by Eastern officers. Crowd, mourning wreaths, weeping relatives. The decorated coffin carried by young people.

Berlin Games in the Olympic Stadium. Discus thrower. Swimmers, wheel driver, camera turns in gymnastics. Waving flag Berlin. Aircraft on the runway. Unloading sacks. Rotorcraft aircraft. Coal sacks are unloaded. Coal train, in flying aircraft.
(56 m) 02 updates soon a. Antwerp: Professor Piccard with deep sea ball before driving to scuba diving test in the Gulf of Huinea Piccard next to his wife on ship, half-close. Loading the Tauchkugel.
(12 m) b. England: car speed record by Gardner racer Gardner rises in race cars. Start. Race car on the track. Record of 283 km/h. Congratulations.
(16 m) c. Finnish refugees in eastern England refugees on board a ship, men, women and children. The mayor welcomed the refugees. Residents bring donations.
(28 m) 03 Amsterdam: Juliana is Queen coach drive through the street. People wave. Princess Margaret of England in a long white dress upon arrival to the swearing-in, total. Juliana goes next to Prince Bernhard with Coronation mantle. Wilhelmina between the children of Beatrix and Irene, half-close. Juliana is the oath, original sound. Photo of the Royal family and the guests of honour, total.
(35 m) 4th professional Lifesaver rescue boat to the lifeboat station in England. Alarm exercise. Observation post emits Cannon shots. Rescuers climbing rescue boat that is left on sliding ramp into the water. The German Rickmer dock, Helgoland, sails on his boat, big.
(30 m) 05. Marshall plan: Greece builds on construction site. Road construction with American machinery and engineers. New of bridge. Construction of a bridge over the Canal of Corinth.
(28 m) 6th caution dud excavators, large. Residents leave homes. Demolition expert is the detonator of a bomb. Shovel. Space squad defused mine in the shovel. The bomb is then transported away on a boat. Defused bombs are blown up in secluded area. Mine on the coast. Shotfirers expands its detonator. Mine is burned out.
(53 m) 07. The little ones and the smallest a. Bavaria: images of children school lunch for President Truman's drawings are considered. The best drawings are compiled in solution. Dr. Ehard presented solution for Truman Murray van Wagoner.
(27 m) Munich: children fashion show children Nightgowns, pyjamas, dressing gown and petticoat perform on the hand of man. Clap mothers at round tables.
(24 m) c. Berlin: children's gymnastics school children during floor exercises and gymnastics. Little girl introduces handshake rollover and balancing act.
(20 m)


Persons in the Film

Beatrice von Holland ; Bernhard von Holland ; Ehard, Hans ; Irene von Holland ; Juliana von Holland ; Margaret von England ; Piccard ; Wagoner van, Murray ; Wilhelmina von Holland ; Gardner, Ava


Berlin ; England ; Greece ; Munich ; Croydon aerodrome ; Bavaria ; Amsterdam ; Antwerp


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Railways ; Children ; Flags ; Refugees ; Women, mothers ; motor sports ; rescue services ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Sports details, fouls ; Diving, diver ; Deaths, funerals ; Coronations ; Art ; Works of art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Marshall plan ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Home ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Construction ; construction ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; Berlin blockade ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 175/1948

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