Welt im Film 174/1948 24.09.1948


1 Berlin: Flying freight cars as a blockade runner in houses aircraft flying at, is landing in Tempelhof. Landing the C 82. discharging.
(21 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. Forchheim: Tobacco Institute tobacco fields. Women harvest tobacco. Crossing to new varieties. The tobacco is checked after the harvest. Glow sample with cigar.
(28 m) Munich: rabbit - exhibition rabbits in a cage, large. Varieties: German RAM with hanging ear. German giant check, black white. Black LOH on arm. Angora on arm. 1st prize for Beaver Rex. Diplomas.
(22 m) c. Grenzhaus of Arunwankachenchat House Grenzhaus on the Bavarian Austrian border. Stop sign Arunwankachenchat House - border. People go to the House, to meet friends and relatives from the other country, as State border through the middle of the House. Bound messages around a tree. Goodbye, hug and saying goodbye. Numbers in German and Austrian currency.
(36 m) 03. The tractor tractor for everything rises under its own power at wheel change. Axle can be changed. Tractor pulls various agricultural implements, plough, as hay lifter, as a drive unit for circular saws and augers. As light and heavy transport vehicles.
(40 m) 04 pictures from all over the world a. Texas equestrian riders ride down the steep slope to the river and swim across the River with their horses.
(20 m) b. Atlantic City: ice Revue ice ballet dancing big spiral. Dancing couple. Artist runs on high skates and jump over obstacles. Pyramid. Africa on the ice.
(25 m) c. natal: Zulu Crown chiefs Negro removal. Women go with load on the head. The High Commissioner of Natal is the new Chief in his rights. Zulu dances.
(20 m) 5th made in Germany: new export to old quality pencils are packed with Faber Castell. Box for New York is nailed to. Stamp Bombay is pressed on the box. Production of steel strip. Machine manufactures blades. Packaging of manufactured goods. Manufacture of watch springs. Gloves in exhibition. Fur in the finishing process. Fur-closer. Young woman in a fur coat, great with fur Cap. Raccoon fur collar for the United States. Import exhibition at the Münchner Haus der Kunst. Goods and cars.
(80 m) 6th throne Exchange in Holland light jewelry. Lighted houses and bridges. Queen Wilhelmina, Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard appear on the balcony of the Royal Palace. Wilhelmina is pleased to announce her resignation actuality weeping woman among men. Wilhelmina makes her daughter, living new Queen high. Wilhelmina kissing Juliana. People waving, Juliana thanks, original sound.
(54 m)


Persons in the Film

Bernhard von Holland ; Juliana von Holland ; Wilhelmina von Holland


Atlantic City ; Berlin ; Munich ; Bavaria ; Austria ; East Berlin ; Purtscheller ; Nuremberg ; Natal ; Holland ; England ; Amsterdam ; Forchheim ; Atlantic City ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Ice skating ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Industry ; Women, mothers ; Night ; Smoking ; Sensations ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Coronations ; Revues ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; mountain rescue ; finance ; Berlin blockade ; Industrial ; Agriculture ; Technology ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 174/1948

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