Welt im Film 165/1948 23.07.1948


1 Bayern: 585,000 working hours - mangosteen drawbridge construction site opens the drawbridge of the mangosteen. Iron girder to be lifted. Cardinal Faulhaber celebrates opening mass and consecrates bridge. Cooler from Mercedes, big. The restored bridge, built in, total.
(35 m) 02 updates soon a. Rhodes: Count Bernadotte in mediation talks between representatives of Israel and the Arab countries Count Folke Bernadotte in peace negotiations with representatives of Israel and the Arab League on the island of Rhodes. Bernadotte in conversation, half-close. The white aircraft of the United Nations.
(19 m) b. New Delhi: resignation of Lord Mountbatten mass of Indians. Mountbatten moving through crowd. Mountbatten drive in horse-drawn carriage accompanied by a guard of honour to the plane and boards the plane. Rolling on aircraft, large.
(16 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany a. Hamburg: library of the future: micro photography library of the future - two books, great. Reduction of writings on films. Read with special glasses. Reading room of the University of Hamburg with microfilms.
(29 m) b. Hamburg: football - chimney sweep against Baker run teams. Ludwig Röger as referee with a large pipe. Linesman in clothes a waitress. Playback. Play with the referee and linesman.
(31 m) 04. The winner of Wimbledon Auditorium, total. Players go onto the field, half-close. Final of men's single: Bromwich, Australia plays against Bob Falkenburg, United States. Game. Spectators, judges. Bob Falkenburg won in the 5th set and skips over the network. Women's singles: Doris Hart, United States, and Louise Brough, United States, with flowers, half-close. Game. Louise Brough WINS in the second movement. Viewers get up. Men's doubles final: Brown-Mulloy, United States, play against Bromwich Gonzales, Australia. The Australian win. Queen Mother Mary presented the trophy, totally.
Lever switches (54 m) 5th Berlin man power plant. Lights go out. Stationary machines in factories. The Borsig plant in the French zone. The power station in the British zone in the building. Switching to night work. At night, women go to the hairdresser. Waiting room of the doctor's patients At night. Kurfürstendamm. Crowded tram transport constraint. Anthony Eden visited Berlin, waving from balconies and moving through clapping crowd. Loading of coal from aircraft. Start main airport of aircraft on the Rhine. Flight over Berlin. Loading/unloading the bags. Construction of new runways in Berlin. Road roller. Aircraft flying over Berlin. People look up.
(102 m)


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Bromwich ; Brough, Louise ; Brown, G. E. ; Bernadotte, Folke ; Eden, Anthony ; Faulhaber ; Mary von England ; Mountbatten, Louis ; Röger, Ludwig ; Falkenburg, Bob ; Hart, Doris ; Mulloy, Gardnar ; Sedgman, Frank


Wimbledon ; Hamburg ; Bavaria ; Berlin ; New Delhi ; Rhodes ; Delhi


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Libraries ; Books ; Electricity ; India ; Industry ; Football ; Night ; Religious events ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; Tennis ; UN ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; Medicine ; Transport: motor vehicles ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Construction ; Berlin blockade ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; Technology ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 165/1948

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