Welt im Film 158/1948 04.06.1948


1 Munich: Corpus Christi procession 1948 parade through the town. Fahnenträgerinnen. Christ on the cross. Archbishop Cardinal Dr. Faulhaber reads the 1 Gospel on Marienplatz. Move with spiritual and worldly dignitaries. Priests dressed as fair. Girls in white dresses and crowns. Young men with flags. People kneel and cross himself.
(36 m) 2nd Graf Bernadotte conveyed in Palestine Count Bernadotte sitting in an armchair and dictated, half-close. Close-up of Bernadotte. Bernadotte and his wife upon arrival in Paris, half-close. He says goodbye to his wife with hug on the airfield and ascends white plane with Red Cross to the United Nations. Aircraft rolls to start. Waving from the plane.
(25 m) 03 Hanover: export fair 1948 sign of the export fair. Exhibition grounds and visitors. Erhard goes through the exhibition, half-close. Hinrich Kopf, half-close. Different booths. Handbags, wholesale. Kleinstradio. Heinrich Rosenthal porcelain stand. BMW - VW on exhibition stand. Ford Taunus 1948 (40 m) 4 images from all over the world a. United States: weather balloon weather balloon rising slowly. Balloon flying in the clouds.
(23 m) b. England: Orchid breeding breeders at plants in the greenhouse. Growers planted seeds from flower to flower for new breeds. Seeds under microscope. Orchids, great.
(29 m) c. San Francisco: Choice of the most beautiful Chinese child various Chinese children in ancient Chinese costumes, great.
(16 m) 5th Berlin, firefighters in the exam: mainly pace Berlin: men on a psychotechnischen qualifying examination for the profession as a firefighter. Responsiveness is checked for access to bars. Steady hands be tested on dumbbells. Check in the control position. Numbers light up. Test alarm: Men run and slide down poles. Put on helmets. Open doors, fire trucks go out. Men jump out of fire truck and unfold the jump mat. Man throws out House item in the jump mat. Extend the ladder. Hose is connected. Men climb up ladder and spray with a fire engine out of window.
(39 m) 06. Toronto: Wilhelm Busch to the Memorial Place of birth Toronto. Memorial in the birthplace of Wilhelm Busch. Wilhelm Busch figures (Helene, uncle Nolte, Sauerbrod, Max and Moritz). Wilhelm Busch drawings and paintings. Lenbach portrait by Wilhelm Busch.
(46 m) 7th Olympic view Austria: training of Turner in the open air. Bar turner, stretching Turner, ring Turner, floor Turner.

England: Equestrian training jump over obstacles. United States rider train Riehm at Munich.

United States: art jumpers Betty Carlton and Majorie Gestring (slow motion) clown jumps into the water.
(66 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bernadotte, Folke ; Busch, Wilhelm ; Faulhaber ; Kopf, Hinrich ; Carlton, Betty ; Gestring, Majorie


England ; Munich ; United States ; Austria ; Hanover ; Milan ; Berlin ; Paris ; Toronto ; San Francisco ; New York ; Sweden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Plants ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; beauty pageants ; Swimming ; Cities ; accident series ; Gymnastics ; UN ; Buildings ; automotive industry ; War, prisoners of war ; Meteorology ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Fire brigade ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 158/1948

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