Welt im Film 157/1948 28.05.1948


01. the Hague: for the unity of Europe - pan European Conference Crown Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard among those present, half-close. Winston Churchill enters the Hall and go to the lectern. He is welcomed. Churchill is big. The European flag on the wall. Churchill speaks, close to half (unification). Original sound. "... and we look foreward with confidence for the day when that union will be achieved." Participants stand up and clap. Juliana and Bernhard, half-close. Churchill catches cigar.
(33 m) 02 updates soon a. Berlin: death of Father Flanagan Father Flanagan largely in the conversation. U.S. soldiers carry the coffin. The Bishop of Berlin, Cardinal Preysing goes to the funeral service. General Clay at the arrival of the funeral service.
(20 m) b. Vienna: Guest performance by Bruno Walter Bruno Walter going down stairs, half-close. He is greeted warmly. Close-up of Bruno Walter.
(12 m) 03 Milan and his fair Milan city pictures. The station square with the marble building of the Hauptbahnhof. The Teatro alla Scala. The Castello, the triumphal arch, the Cathedral square with the Cathedral. Crowded road train. Flags at the globe revolve on the exhibition. Dr. Erhard goes through the exhibition, half-close. Exhibition stands, total. Hall of sports with sports aircraft and small motorcycles Vespa. German State Germania. Exhibitor AEG - Rosenthal - Mont Blanc - Rolleiflex - Leica. Exhibition grounds.
(59 m) 04 Hamburg - successful revenge: MD Nadeem beat Schmeling Neusel and Schmeling in the ring. Crowd. Close-ups of boxers during the campaign. Shock Exchange. Referee separates. Melee. Ten Hoff among the spectators Hein, half-close. Gong beat. Boxer going into the corner. Schmeling in a bathrobe. MD Nadeem points will be the winner. MD Nadeem in his bathrobe.
(35 m) 5th United States: magic and technology the magic hands. Man on apparatus with hands. Block of wood is placed on drilling machine with grippers and drilled. Hands access vessel with radioactive liquid and pour it out. Greifhände screw in screw. Greifhände cut sheet. Hands shoot with camera. Magic hand lights match and lights a cigarette.
(54 m) 06. Frankfurt: 1848-1948 - the anniversary celebration cyclists takes relay with congratulations. Runners before the victory column in Berlin with congratulations relay. Cyclists take message through Berlin. The Kaiser street in Frankfurt. Station with flags. Eschenheimer tower with flag. St. Paul's Church with scaffolding. Mayor Kolb at wreath-laying ceremony. St. Paul's church bells. Train of guests comes from the mountain of Romans to St. Paul's Church. Professors in the regalia in the pageant. Runners from Berlin with relay arrives and handed over in St. Paul's Church Mayor Kolb, congratulations total. Dome of St. Paul's Church. Pan across the fixed assembly window. Fritz von Unruh holds the ceremonial speech. Actuality: "away with the entire vermin, the us right to our contrition, the US duty to our renewal, the us the hope of grace us again wants to overwhelmed from the chest, because the political spectacle of the present once again achieved it." Writers Congress. Among the participants Theodor Palermo four, large. St. Paul's Church with scaffolding. Cityscape with main. Pan across the city.
(102 m)


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Persons in the Film

Bernhard von Holland ; Churchill, Winston ; Clay, Lucius D. ; Flanagan, Pater ; Juliana von Holland ; Kolb ; Plivier, Theodor ; Preysing ; Unruh von, Fritz ; Walter, Bruno ; Neusel, Walter ; Schmeling, Max ; Hoff ten, Hein


Hamburg ; Milan ; The Hague ; Vienna ; Frankfurt ; Frankfurt/Main ; United States ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Bells ; Emblems ; Flags ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Technology ; Deaths, funerals ; automotive industry ; Cultural events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Technology ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 157/1948

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