Welt im Film 151/1948 16.04.1948


01 short reports from Germany a. Enkheim: meeting of the railway workers Union railway at the meeting at long tables. Several speakers. The head of transport in the Bizone, Director Frohne, speaking, great.
(15 m) b. Fürstenberg porcelain factory workers in the manufacture of porcelain. Production of plates and pots. Handle is attached to the pot. Cups stacked on and plates.
(28 m) c. Munich: Bachelor home for men the front of the House. Men coming through the revolving door. Porter emits room key. Maid cleans in the hallway. Man walks into his room and takes off the jacket. Men Cook side by side in the kitchen. Men wash clothes and wring. Man stuffs stockings. Large living room. Men warm on the stove. Men in the game of chess. Students learn in study room.
(35 m) 02 people between sky and Earth a. Stuttgart: Trotter troop invasion of force. Woman is hoisted on rope on high mast and makes artistry on the 36 m high mast. Child looks Caravan and eating Apple. Spectators look up. Biker boots up on cable to the town hall tower. Artist turns on Trapeze among motorcycle riders. Return backwards.
(47 m) b. Frankfurt: Camilla Mayer force men Act in a pyramid to seven over the rope.
(12 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. England: washing machines women come with bundles of clothes to work and To give off laundry. Laundry is done in the washing machine. Washing machine, big. Finished laundry is on shelves and picked up again.
(24 m) b. London: cotton - fashion mannequins show cotton dresses. Various summer dresses with long wide skirts. Spectators, half-close. Six transverse striped clothes. Plaid dress with white linen hat. Beach dress swimsuit.
(28 m) c. United States: Hurricane people on the street in Chicago hold on to poles and ropes, to not to be blown away. Storm surf on the coast. Destroyed aircraft, cars, houses, forests.
(30 m) 04. Start of the Marshall Plan - 16 Nations days in Paris meeting hall. The representative of Greece. It speaks Bidault, great. Bevin says, great.
(254 m) 5th sport a. California: motorcycle endurance racing motorcycle, great at the start. Driving motorcycles on bad roads. Motorcycles in curves and morass. Ride at night with headlights.
(22 m) b. Cologne: football Germany - Northern Germany 3-0 run teams. Game scenes. Gottschalk shoots for West Germany 1-0 in the 3rd minute. Audience clapping. Crowd, totally. Players of West Germany is placed in the penalty area. Transformed Tibulski cheer penalty to the 2:0 viewers. Doctor score the 3rd goal.
(36 m) c. Chicago: billiards World Championship world champion Hoppe will play against the champions of South America Novarra. Close-ups of the players. Game. Hoppe WINS. Handshake after the match.
(22 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bevin, Ernest ; Bidault, George ; Frohne ; Doktor ; Gottschalk ; Hoppe, Marianne ; Novarra ; Tibulski


Cologne ; Chicago ; California ; Stuttgart ; Frankfurt ; Enkheim ; Kappeln/Schlei ; United States ; Munich ; Paris ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Industry ; Disasters ; Football ; motor sports ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Technology ; Men ; Marshall plan ; Technology, industry ; Listener ; Fashion ; Billiards ; Architecture ; Trade unions ; Industrial ; Technology ; aftermath of war


Newsreel (G)



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Welt im Film 151/1948

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