Welt im Film 145/1948 05.03.1948


01 streiflichter from Germany a. exhibition the Steg - acquisition authority for charitable good posters. Exhibition of objects from the holdings of the former Wehrmacht, be recovered. Aircraft engine. Grenades are stoves and cooking pots. Cork insoles are lingerie cartridges. Dresses in uniforms. Lamps.
(27 m) b. Hamburg: school newspaper "The schoolyard" young editors. Type-setter of planter. Distribution of the student newspaper before school. Students read the newspaper in the schoolyard. Children with the school newspaper in the class.
(19 m) c. Berlin: chess tournament chess players sit at long tables. Russian chess players go from table to table and put the pawns against multiple opponents. Chess game, great. Viewers to the tables.
(21 m) 02. miracle of technology: the mechanical computer genius in New York: giant electronic computing brain. Young woman on the control panel. Paper tape in electronic brain. Working electron brain calculates the position of the Moon during the next two centuries. Moon ball, great.
(33 m) 03 fight of the Tuberculosis screening. Young man before the X-ray screen. Nurses and doctors against X-ray apparatus. Toddler will be x-rayed. Doctor considered radiography. School examination. Badge on the uniform of a Danish military doctor, great. Children are vaccinated protection. Small children are bathed by the sisters. Child in bed, great. Children eat at tables. Boy eats, great. Children lie on a sun-lounger terrace. Young woman on arm, great with child. Treatment Centre for adults in Berchtesgaden. Doctor examination. Patients in beds on the terrace.
(61 m) 04 updates soon a. Frankfurt / Main: meeting of the Economic Council meeting of the Business Council. Dr. Erich Köhler opened the meeting, great. Representatives of all countries present. Dr. Remmele, oldest Member of the Council, takes over the chairmanship to the election of the new President. Dr. Erich Köhler is re-elected and Dr. Remmele congratulates. Franz Josef Strauss as a listener.
(18 m) b. Ceylon State opening of Parliament in Colombo is self-employed with the Duke of Gloucester, totally. The flag of Ceylon is hoisted.
(23 m) c. Niagara falls in the snow the Niagara falls in the snow, great.
(12 m) 5th Wertheim / main: 100 years of gymnastics cityscape of Wertheim. Narrow street with half-timbered houses. Gymnastics demonstration. Men with beards and suits groups screening with free weights. Girls with long skirts in aerobics with rods. Gymnastics Group today with short skirts. Turner at gymnastics. Stretching gymnast, bullion Turner. Audience clapping.
(42 m) 6 issues of today: what costs of household men in the forge at the hammers of red-hot steel and machinery. Man, woman, and children sitting around the table. Woman stuffs stockings. Man counting money. Black market. Man sells his smoking card. Exchange the smoking card and money bills, great. Sign Otto MITTELSTäDT, master shoe maker. Mrs. holt torn shoes out of the bag outside the shop and man gives her money. Woman washes on the washboard. Man questioned it, actuality of the static Office. "You say woman Nolde, are you actually with the weekly wages of your husband's?" "Excluded, since I do not get along. You could buy what you get on cards, but heard still to daily life, it's hard." "I can believe them. We would also like that once 2000 housewives In fact quite and clearly prove this, and therefore I would ask you to fill us once this booklet with all expenditure and revenue allocation period." "Yes, that I can make, but must you write into that, what you can get to from behind." "Yes, not only, they are even. You have no risk, because, as you can see, your name will be in the book not listed." Computer equipment with cards.
(67 m) 07. surfing in Australia surf on the coast of Australia. Life saver pass through the surf boat that capsizes. Float in the high surf. Surfer on the surf crash into the water. Surfer (ZL) is submerged.
(39 m)


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Gloucester von ; Köhler, Erich ; Remmele


Wertheim ; Berlin ; Australia ; U.S. zone ; Ceylon ; Munich ; Germany ; Alps ; United States ; Hamburg ; Wertheim am main ; Frankfurt ; Hanover ; Frankfurt/Main


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; reference cards ; Organizations ; Industry ; Interviews ; Children ; Flags ; News, communications ; Decorations ; Schools, training ; exchange market ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Technology ; Gymnastics ; Disease ; Landscapes ; Meteorology ; Water ; water emergency ; water skiing ; Surfing ; world food crisis ; Winter ; Asia ; Exhibitions ; finance ; Industrial ; Technology ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 145/1948

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