Welt im Film 133/1947 12.12.1947


01. There is more change hand presses on checkout of number of. Stamps and certificates on hand. Man charged with postage stamps. In the Munich Mint Prime Minister Dr. Ehard and the Director of the military Government for Bavaria, Murray van Wagoner, half-close. Van Wagoner is stamping machine. Van Wagoner passes the first five penny piece of ebony. Five penny piece. Coins fall into container. Coins are weighed and dumped.
(42 m) 2 images from around the world as United States: A city will move to load vehicle transported whole House. An office building will be transported on ferry service across the river. Houses are offloaded to the new destination.
(17 m) b. Australia: locust swarms of locusts, filling picture. Kids and car driving behind schools. Locusts on blade, great. Farmer destroys locusts with flamethrower, spray of arsenic, spreading poisoned bran. Blown-down trees and shrubs.
(27 m) c. Kenya: Sports Festival indigenous screening of gymnastics and war dances. Big Dummies of elephant and Buffalo on vehicles are shot.
(17 m) 03. Göttingen: German table tennis - championships played in final the women's singles: Miss Bussmann woman Hartinger defeated in three sets. Clapping spectators, half close, in weak erhelltem Auditorium. Men's individual: Brown, Wuppertal, lose to r, Berlin, in three sets. Referee goes beside table, players half close and big. Congratulations to game and shaking hands with the referee.
(32 m) 04 Horseshoe bring luck TeX Rogers throwing horseshoes from a distance with stand. He hits the target, which is hidden behind ceiling.
(25 m) 5th updates soon a. United States: UN General Assembly - partition of Palestine Division in Palestine and Jordan is decided with 33:13 votes. Map with the new Arab and Jewish State. Jews in parades with banners.
(25 m) b. Switzerland: King Michael of Romania goes into exile in Swiss train in the image. Car drives in front of hotel in Lausanne. Michael with his mother in front of the hotel, close to half. Suitcase in the hotel lobby. Picture his bride Princess Anna of Bourbon Parma. Michael and Helene in welcoming of guests, half-close. Side by side, half-close.
(25 m) 6 new from Austria a. Vienna: Crime Museum visitors in the Museum. Image of Einbrecher King Breitwieser. Medieval instruments of torture. Headboard of a guillotine. Hook with Hangman noose. Death sentences in the original version. Replica of a death row. Hollow-paged book, with the knife was smuggled. Cross had to kneel before the offender from the Nazi era.
(37 m) b. railway car diesel truck runs on Rails and moves railcars on the track hospital-Villach-Klagenfurt.
(19 m) c. Obergurgl: ski lessons for children in the snow village. Children come home from school and put on skis. Teachers and students on the training Hill at Stemmbogen. Children jump over small jump. Downhill skiing of the children.
(31 m) 07. All years back a. Nicholas sheep graze on snow meadow. Nicholas goes across the meadow. Little boy and little girl make boots outside the door. Shoe with wishlist, great. Santa Claus comes with bag and fill the shoes. The children To find the filled shoes In the morning.
(27 m) b. Oldenburg: refugees sew dolls women sort old fabric scraps. Woman sewing on a sewing machine. Women sew dolls heads and clothes. The dolls are dressed.
(20 m) c. plays 11-year-old on the organ plays Christmas carols child organ.
(18 m) d. Munich: exhibition of masterpieces of wood carving a Salzburg Madonna (1430), Christopher (1525) Maria with child (1500) Tilman belt Schneider St. Barbara (1531). Birth of Christ on one altar.
(24 m) e. Mainz: Vienna Boys Choir sing the choir in the nursing home, half close. Pan across old listeners. Close-ups of old and boys choir.
(31 m) f. festive mountains in the snow. Farmers go to the Church. The baby sitting in the Church and sing "O you happy". Hand with Rosary, great. Figure of the Madonna with the child. Burning candle. Ringing bells, big.
(48 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Braun, Heinz ; Bußmann ; Bourbon Parma von, Anna ; Breitwieser ; Ehard, Hans ; Helene von Rumänien ; Michael von Rumänien ; Rogers, Tex ; Wagoner van, Murray ; Hartinger ; Raack


Göttingen ; Obergurgl ; Vienna ; Munich ; United States ; Kenya ; Lausanne ; Austria ; Oldenburg ; Lainz ; Würzburg ; New York ; Palestine ; Australia


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Narcotics, drugs ; Banking, banking ; Bells ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Children ; Refugees ; Women, mothers ; Musical events ; Pests and pest control ; Schools, training ; Sensations ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; table tennis ; UN ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; Art ; Works of art ; maps ; festivals ; Christmas ; Winter ; Home ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Entertainment, festivals ; finance ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 133/1947

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