Welt im Film 119/1947 05.09.1947


01 streiflichter from Germany a. Berlin: building the University of the debris of the Technical University. Students and students in the building. Students push cart. Students To give more bricks in chain and walls. Work in the carpentry shop. Young people stir in food in large pots. Students in a common area.
(24 m) b. Nordrhein Westfalen: youth camp youths before the tents. Young people run into the water for a swim. Ball game before the tents. Boy in the construction of a sand Castle. Folk dance in front of tent, totally. Harmonica player. Boys carry boxes. Dinner at the campsite. Young people sleep in tents.
(21 m) c. Dachau: oxen race children moving. Kid shield "applies to the oxen race". Oxen with calipers. Riders on the oxen. Start of the race. Oxen races on Vergnügunsplatz between carousel. Winner No. 2 with rider, great.
(22 m) 02 Berlin: organ in the exam lyre boxes. Sign "110". Police station. Organ men play listeners before two policemen, in the background. Organ grinder gets business license and is congratulated by a police officer. Business license, great. Pan across back of House. Children dancing to the organ grinder in the backyard. Woman throws a coin out of window.
(51 m) 03 pictures from Germany a. England: demolition of ship wrecks boat on the sea with explosive charge. Wreck. Boat is lowered and loaded with explosives. Demolition (indistinct).
(24 m) b. United States: rode the Colorado Bridge tab. Deep gorge underneath the bridge. Horses shy from ride over the bridge. Bridge, total. The riders ride over the bridge.
(20 m) c. New York: training an ice Revue force during training on the ice. External rotor flings off and again divided up. Cameraman in the middle of the current force.
(16 m) 04. reconstruction of the Jablonec jewellery industry in Kaufbeuren signpost Kaufbeuren - new Jablonec nad Nisou. Construction of houses on the site of a dismantled explosives factory. Workers in production of glass rods. Production of Czech jewelry hand-crafted. Women and men on machines and work benches. String of pearls in the hand of a woman. Gems and jewellery, rings, chains, brooches.
(51 m) 5th sport a. Wuppertal: German wheel standing Championships cyclists ride behind the motorcycle riders. Walter Lohmann, former world champion, goes into the lead, but then falls back because of engine damage of his pacemaker. It wins Jean Schorn, Cologne. Jean Schorn with wreath, half-close.
(32 m) b. Frankfurt / Main: German swimming and jumping Championships 200 m breaststroke: start jumping, viewers, close to half turn. Walter suggests blade first (54.2 sec.). Walter receives congratulations blade, half-close. 100 meters crawl: start. It wins Fritz Lehmann, Braunschweig. After victory in the water, half-close. In the diving, Haase, Hamburg, WINS total. Total viewers. Walter, Brunswick wins the springboard diving, total. Paula Tatarek is champion in springboard diving. Embrace after the victory, half-close.
(34 m) c. Berlin: Swimming Championships of Berlin police 100 meters lifesaving. Policemen swim in uniforms and take over saving when turning. Spectators, half-close. Boxing with a blindfold on board into the water. Boxer and referee fall into the water.
(30 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Haase, Günter ; Klinge, Walter ; Lehmann, Fritz-Günther ; Lohmann, Walter ; Schorn, Jean ; Tatarek, Paula ; Scheel, Walter


Wuppertal ; Frankfurt/Main ; Berlin ; Kaufbeuren, Germany ; United States ; Dachau ; Nordrheim ; Westfalen ; North Rhine-Westphalia ; New York ; England ; North Rhine-Westphalia


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Camping, Campinger ; Higher education ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; photojournalist ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Police ; Cycling ; Shipping ; Jewelry ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Blasting ; Cities ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; diving ; Buildings ; People ; festivals ; Revues ; Construction ; Entertainment, festivals ; Gastronomy ; Japan ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 119/1947

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