Welt im Film 98/1947 11.04.1947


1 Truman before Congress: aid for Greece and Turkey the Capitol, great. Cars drive up, total. Slamming members total. Truman comes and enters the speaker's podium, totally. The members of Congress sit total. Truman at the lectern, great. Greek landscape with the Acropolis, total. Acropolis, great. Truman speaks interview MPs stand up and clap. Truman is the lectern by the quantity, total.
(44 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany a. Berlin: volunteers sign up for the Ruhr mining young men before Registrar. They are registered and investigated at the doctor's Office. Listen to the doctor. Sehprobe. Young people with luggage and backpacks on Berlin Charlottenburg station. Get on the train. Schaffner closes doors.
(26 m) b. Berlin: founding of the Association of film producers for the US zone General McClure speaks to license providers, production managers and directors, totally. Eric pommer speaks, half-close. People clap.
(17 m) c. Tour of the Palucca through North - Western and southern Germany poster Palucca. Curtain goes up. The Palucca occurs on the stage and dance. Curtain closes.
(33 m) 03. Two important conferences a. Hamburg: Conference of consumer cooperatives meeting participants in the ceremonial hall of the Town Hall. Mural in the Hall. Mayor Brewer welcomes the guests of honour, close to half. Among the listeners of Dr. Agartz, head of the two zone economic Office, half-close. Clapping Festival participants.

Munich: meeting of the Congress of trade unions sitting participants at long tables. General Müller, great. The Chairman Lorenz Hagen talks o-ton: "Today all workers, employees and officials are prepared to join forces in the Federation of trade unions in these days." Audience, great. General Müller speaks big. Bavaria's Minister-President Ehard at the lectern, total. Portray the tables mining and metallurgical - printing and paper - a. d. railway and post - artists and cultural professionals.
(54 m) 04. The pilgrimage to Bombay Indian pilgrims in Bombay, total. Dancing Indians. Priest gets out of car and is carried in a litter. Indians migrate to the Holy Shrine. Indians in the prayer. Indians sit around fire. Mahatmeh Ghandi on the wandering, to settle dispute between Hindus and Muslims.
(42 m) 5th sport a. four international competition in artistic gymnastics Bavaria, Hessen, Württemberg, Baden on the bars turns Theo Wied, Württemberg, and WINS in this discipline. Clapping audience. Strobel, Württemberg, turns on the pommel horse. Adolf Dossler, Bavaria, in floor exercise. INO Stangl, Bavaria, at the horizontal bar. Stangl is best single Turner before Theo Wied. Bayern WINS ahead of Baden, Württemberg and Hesse. The winning team will be congratulated.
(35 m) b. Florida: Sandbahnrennen start of the motorcycles. Ride on the beach. Falls. Man waving target banner. The winner, Jonny Spikular, Milwaukee, laughing, great.
(23 m) 06. The Lenz is - an image gallery from Vienna organ grinder (voiced by Ilse Werner) moves through the streets. Children walk behind him. Children play the organ music circle game. Man's coin. Organ grinder, great. Hippo-guard Hippo Mary raises fish in the mouth. The Hippo open mouth. Hippo baby James. Small hippopotamus drink with hose out flat. Hippo sucks on the pants of the warden. Hat fashion show of the spring collection in Vienna.
(65 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Agartz ; Brauer, Max ; Ehard, Hans ; Gandhi, Mahatmah ; Hagen, Lorenz ; MacClure, Robert ; Müller, Friedrich ; Palucca ; Pommer, Erich ; Truman, Harry ; Dossler, Adolf ; Spikular, Jonny ; Stangl, Ino ; Strobel ; Wied, Theo


Florida ; Munich ; Washington ; Athens ; Berlin ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Traunstein, Germany ; Weser area ; Bombay ; Vienna ; Greece ; Mexico ; Hanover ; Hamburg ; India


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; India ; Children ; Spring, spring pictures ; Musical events ; musical instruments ; Political events ; Religious events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Gymnastics ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; People ; Economy ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Listener ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Gypsy ; Mining ; Crew ; Trade unions ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 98/1947

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