Welt im Film 93/1947 07.03.1947


1 Berlin: General Mac Narney's press conference Mac Narney at the table sitting, totally. Journalists in writing. Mac Narney manifests itself to the occupation policy. Mac Narney with cigarette, totally. US flag behind Mac Narney.
(25 m) 2nd Frankfurt / Main: euthanasia process Hadamar pan across judges table. Pan across dock with men and women. The Prosecutor speaks, o-ton: "the relatives of patients about their whereabouts and fate deliberately mislead carried. Initially, you learned that the sick person on the order of the Reich defence Commissioner for war-related reasons in an other, Not yet known institution was moved, whose Anschrift by a Berlin to learn service. After some time, the release came first, the patient is well arrived in the new institution and shortly afterwards the message that he or the like unexpectedly died of pneumonia, intestinal catarrh, exhaustion. Total approximately 70,000 ill victims have fallen until end of August 1941 in Germany the action."
(41 m) 03 pictures from all over the world a. Morocco: Ramadan parades in the streets. The Sultan of Morocco to horse receives the worship of his dignitaries that bow. Tab player of the Mohammedans on galloping horses.
(20 m) b. London: poodle show woman combing her hair white poodle. Standing black poodle. Two white poodles. Black poodle is on its hind legs. Demonstration of the poodle. Poodle with a bow in her hair.
(12 m) c. Atlanta: security precaution in hotel fire the inventor introduces a device with which you can abseil out of window. He attached steel cables to role, lays down the steel band around the body and it is down from the 12th floor to the House. Congratulations to the successful landing.
(21 m) 04 German petroleum oil towers of Nienhagen, Lower Saxony, total Fördergebietes. Buying, great. Oil drill pipe is left in the Earth. Oil shoots out of the hole and running out of a tap in a cleaning tank. Landline. Filling from recovery tank in special railcars. Moving freight train oil car. Oil fire at a ruptured line. Oil towers, total.
(39 m) 5th sport a. Austria: Skijoring motorcyclist pulls skiers behind him. Starter lowers the flag. Ride through the village road and on the road. Sidecar machine attracts skiers. Solo machines get over. Fall. Child raising binoculars to his eyes. The winners of the European champion Martin snow white and the skier Freising in the wreath, half-close.
(29 m) b. Berlin: precipitates to the Berlin bowling Championship two men go through door with inscription sport Hermitage. Kegler with wide braces during the cast. Falling over the cone, again provided by hand. Rolling ball, great. Different bowlers. All nine fall.
(24 m) c. Wisconsin: ice sailing sailboats on the ice. Boats at the turn. Boot beaten to. Riders during the race, great. Boat turns on the ice. Cameraman is hit at the turn of the boat and is on the ice.
(29 m) 06 returning from England a. Berlin: homecoming by German prisoners of war from England to Berlin Grunewald station train. The Mayor of Berlin, Dr. Ostrowski, welcomed the returnees, totally. Embrace of relatives. Returnees and their families at the train station, close to half.

b. Vienna: return from Shanghai train is at the station Wien-Meidling. Mayor Dr. grains welcomes the repatriates, half-close. Returnees look goods wagons. Pouring coffee. Men carrying suitcases on their shoulders. People with luggage go through snow.
(46 m) 07. streiflichter from Germany a. Frankfurt - Griesheim: members of the U.S. Army set up youth home a crew of soldiers with children, totally. Teacher gives English lessons. Girls in writing. The hand work school girl. Children in the kindergarten. Children eat and be fed. Bastelstube. U.S. soldiers instruct boys in the construction of a jeep. Boys entering a small self-built Jeep. Children clap.
(28 m) b. Hamburg: import of Norwegian herring unloads crane boat. Workers in the fish factory at the sort of fish. Women hang the rods in brine and smoking fish. Man drives frame with smoked fish. Women Pack kippers in crates. Men carry boxes on trucks. Loading the crates in wagons.
(22 m) c. Berlin: cycling in the Hall bicyclists riding on stationary bikes before big timer clock. Cyclists, great. Common feet on pedals. Spectators firing at.
(18 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Körner, Ingeborg ; MacNarney ; Ostrowski ; Freisinger ; Schneeweiss, Martin


Austria ; Berlin ; Wisconsin ; London ; Frankfurt ; Nienhagen ; Vienna ; Hamburg ; Atlanta ; Frankfurt/Main ; Morocco


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Ice sailing ; Trade, finance ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Dogs ; Industry ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Bowling, bowling, boules, pétanque ; Children ; Fire ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Oil ; Press, press conferences ; Cycling ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Search ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Economy ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; Ausbildung ; Exhibitions ; Gypsy ; Crew ; Japan ; Fire brigade ; Dogs ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 93/1947

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