Welt im Film 91/1947 21.02.1947


1 Hoover in Germany Frankfurt/Main: aircraft will roll out on the airfield. Hoover go down the aircraft stairs, half-close. Welcome address by General Mac Narney, half-close. Hoover goes from the airport in addition to Mac Narney. Berlin: Hoover sits at the negotiating table, half-close. Next to him sits General Clay, half-close. Stuttgart: Total station. Hoover gets out of the train, half-close. Car driving before. Hoover gets out of the car, half-close. Hoover goes into building. Hoover at the negotiating table at a Nutrition Conference.
(33 m 2) England: 1 batch barrel per day aerial photo of shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland. Ship in the dock. Launching. Bow of the ship, great at launching. Workers go on board a vessel, shipyard workers in shipbuilding.
(29 m) 03 Hanover: Veterinary Academy people go and lead horse, totally. Students in the Academy before posting. Students sitting in the Lecture Hall. Students, large, in the lecture hall with white apron. Student in the white gowns with braids around the head, large. Cow in the middle of the classroom next to Professor. Goat with a breathing device. Students while you watch. Horse is fed into the operation machine, strapped down, and turned to the side. Physician of the anesthesia machine. Students in the laboratory.
(40 m) 04 updates soon a. resignation of Secretary of State of James Byrnes, George Marshall new Secretary of State George Marshall stands next to James Byrnes, totally. Before photographers. Marshall and Byrnes, half-close. Last official act of by Byrnes prior to retirement. He receives the Italian Prime Minister de Gasperi in Washington, totally. Byrnes signed peace treaties with the former ally of Germany, close to half. In addition to his Senators Vandenberg and Conally. General Marshall, great.
(21 m) b. Dr. Victor Agartz Dr. Victor Agartz, head of the two zone economic Office in Minden, sits down at his desk and talks big, o-ton: "a first step towards the restoration of economic unity is the Association of the British and American-occupied zone. The Administrative Office for economy has the task to restore this economic unit and to unite the apart living areas. The Administration itself is a stopgap that will make hopefully soon a higher unit, namely a German Central Government, space."
(26 m) c. Vincent Auriol, new President of France, equips first visit from French of honour guard City Hall in Paris on horseback before the Paris town hall with Sabre planting to. Auriol gets out of the car, half-close. Moving into City Hall, burning chandeliers, total. Honor guard, great. Auriol, standing, total.
(27 m) d. Brunswick: Norwegian occupying forces in Germany Norwegian soldiers pick up skis from the ground. Soldier with skis on his shoulder, big. Troops marched from the barracks, totally, with skis on his shoulder. Waving Norwegian flag. Soldiers of skiing.
(14 m) 5th elder son of Ibn Saud in America the Arabian Prince in the Chair sitting, total. Close-up. He says goodbye at the airport by his family. Aerial view of Washington with the Capitol. The Prince's press conference. Close-up.
(26 m) 6th Bielefeld: opening of a book fair by Prime Hynd and Manfred Hausmann Minister Hynd of opening to the lectern and speaks in German language, actuality: "Mr. Mayor, General Bishop, ladies and gentlemen! In Frankfurt with the Minister for the administration of the British zone of Germany I visited repeatedly the zone, to see the Administration at work." Close-up Hynd, speaking. The poet Manfred Hausmann holds the keynote, half-close. Plastic: Two readers. People in the exhibition. Book expenses.
(37 m) 7th United States: shark hunting from the air airship. Man can be down on the plane to bait fish head. The shark in the water, total. The shark fights on the leash. The shark is pulled on the leash out of the water. Aerial view of a street with traffic, shark hangs on the band under airship. Shark is removed on the airfield. Congratulations for the catcher.
(35 m) 08 Winter streiflichter a. North Sea Islands in the ice floes to the North Sea. Fishing boats lying on the ice. Ice cream cones, big.
(25 m) b. Berlin: artist in her home (Celibidache, Hilde Körber, Hans Söhnker) Sergiu Celibidache suggests rug as protection against the cold on window sill, half. He rubs the hands and sits down at the piano. Celibidache before notes, great. Hilde Körber sits with a jacket on the table and works in the room with her two daughters and her son. Daughter pours coffee. Hans Söhnker chop wood in front of the House, totally. He carries firewood to the House.
Flowers under ice, plants are (52 m) c. in pots in the snow. Water spray sprayed them with water that freezes into ice. Frozen plants, wholesale. Gardeners carry plants in greenhouse. Plants drip during thawing.
(28 m) d. Stuttgart: swimming Gala in winter large thermometer. Woman with Hat and fur and girl in a bathing suit before thermometers. Wife shaking head, big. Boy throwing snow balls. Swimmers at the edge of the basin and in the water. Float of Stuttgart Turner Federal jump with a plunge into the water. Crawl. Water polo. Viewers on the edge of the pool. Slapping boys. Woman awarded the winning team price.
(28 m) e. Hamburg: anglers on the river Alster anglers sitting on Chair on the frozen Alster Lake and pulls out the small fish.
(5 m)


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Agartz ; Auriol, Vincent ; Byrnes, James ; Celebidache, Sergiu ; Clay, Lucius D. ; Conally ; Gaspery de, Alcide ; Hausmann, Manfred ; Hoover, Herbert ; Hynd ; Körber, Hilde ; MacNarney ; Marshall, George ; Söhnker, Hans ; Vandenberg


Stuttgart ; Bielefeld ; Braunschweig ; United States ; Hamburg ; Frankfurt ; Hanover ; Washington ; Paris ; Scotland ; Minden ; Berlin ; North Sea


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Railways ; Higher education ; cameramen, cameramen ; Flags ; fishing ; Women, mothers ; Pacts ; Plants ; Political events ; Press, press conferences ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Search ; Animals (except dogs) ; animal welfare, animal welfare ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; People ; Military ; Contracts ; Winter ; Economy ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; Crew ; Japan ; Military ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 91/1947

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