Welt im Film 85/1947 10.01.1947


1 Berlin: Sports Premiere at the Sports Palace of the Berlin Sports Palace, half-close. Ice hockey players of two Berlin teams, total and half close. Burned out dome roof of the sports facility. Standing spectators on the edge of the ice rink, half-close.
(29 m) 2nd Frankfurt / Main: General Mc Narney speaks on the Römerberg people on the Römerberg, totally. General Mac Narney at the lectern, sideways, large. Among the guests of honour Mayor Kolb with official chain, large. Mac Narney, size. US photographer on balcony with Flash devices. Swivel Assembly space with people.
(30 m) 03. Göttingen: five Nobel Nobel Prize certificate and plaque, large. Professor Otto Hahn is behind the desk in his Office and is congratulated by Professor wind from, Professor von Laue, Professor Heisenberg and Geheimrat Professor Max Planck to the award of the Nobel Prize. Max Planck and Otto Hahn, great. Geheimrat Professor Max Planck speaks, big, o-ton: "we are proud of you, and I the confident hope give to me, that the consequences of your great discovery will benefit in the future only for peaceful purposes." Otto Hahn, big, o-ton: "have thank you very much, Mr Privy Councillor, for your so kind words." Also I am of the opinion that you should expose the exploitation of nuclear energy brought by the fission of uranium in the realm of ideas really only humanitarian purposes. To want we all hope, and same think, I me all over the world in Sweden, where I just come, convinced also the scholars, virtually."
(39 m) 4 New York: UN views and end of Secretary of State Byrnes at the lectern, half-close. Listener, totally. O-ton, short. New York City image. Balloon with a trace of the complex of the location of the new UN building. Before his departure the English Foreign Secretary Bevin speaks, standing next to his wife, half-close. Interview: "we have lain a foundation for durable peace." The Russian Foreign Minister Molotow speaks big. Interview: "good bye!"
(54 m) 5th Irish cattle for Berlin vessels in the port. Box is lifted up to crane. Cattle in pens. Crane can be reduced box with beef before goods wagons. Cattle go in a pen. Visit the cattle crew officer.
(29 m) 06. The Vienna Boys Choir in Hamburg the Vienna Boys Choir run by the Hagenbeck Zoo. The bear enclosure. The young feed ostriches and zebras. The boys get in a bus. The choir before the appearance in the dressing room. Boy's going to brush off the suit. Woman combing her hair boys. Clapping audience. The Boys Choir on stage piano groups. Conductor and boys bow. Choir sing o-ton: "Distant I must suffer."
(61 m) 07 updates soon a. Nuremberg: process against Erhard milk the American military court judges sit at judges table. Milk on the dock, half-close. Milk during the interrogation with headphones. Milk, that's great.
(26 m) b. packages to prisoners of war in Yugoslavia the packages are loaded in wagons. The boxcar door is closed. Ride the train through the snow-covered landscape. Mountains in the snow. Border station RAI. Men with Red Cross armband. A German prisoner of war and an Austrian prisoner of war speak into microphone. The train on the snow-covered train station.
(27 m) c. London: opening a U - Bahn route people take escalator in U tunnel. Transport Minister Barnes opened a railway: opening of the line to Stratford. Curtain falls to the side before U-Bahn tunnel. Traffic light with the inscription: to Stratford, switches to green. Moving underground. People in the compartment. Crush on U - Bahn station.
(21 m) 8 original sports a. Paris: men's freestyle wrestler in the ring, half close, fall, twist arms, box, enter, fall over each other. A wrestler pushes the other on the back. Winner in a bathrobe, lifting arms and goes in the opposing corner.
(25 m) b. California: underwater - ball babes play basket ball under water. Ball floats in the basket.
(11 m) c. skiing with Jet Propulsion skiers running Jets on his skis. Black cloud of smoke behind him during the trip.
(12 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Barnes, George ; Bevin, Ernest ; Byrnes, James ; Hahn, Otto ; Heisenberg, Werner ; Kolb ; Laue von ; MacNarney ; Milch, Erhard ; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw ; Planck, Max ; Windaus


Berlin ; Paris ; Innsbruck ; Frankfurt ; Salzburg ; Nuremberg ; New York ; London ; Göttingen ; California ; Hamburg ; Bremen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Musical events ; Medals, awards, honors ; Political events ; Rings ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Cities ; Diving, diver ; Animals (except dogs) ; UN ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; war crimes, war crimes ; People ; Transport: General ; Livestock, livestock ; Winter ; Economy ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Listener ; Hockey ; aerial photographs ; Crew ; Japan ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 85/1947

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