Welt im Film 84/1947 03.01.1947


01 streiflichter from Germany a. Berlin: electoral of magistrate conventioneers in the town house in the election of the Berlin Municipal Council, total. Hilde Körber, the Councilor, half-close. Berliner Bär at the front of the Hall. MPs raise arms in vote. Among those present Luise Schröder, total. The elected Lord Mayor Dr. Ostrowski puts on glasses and speaking, total (no interview), present gossip.
(26 m) b. Ahrensburg: head go down to the bog archaeological man. Soil is investigated. Finds in the Museum of prehistoric antiquities in Kiel. Man considered findings with magnifying glass. Idol (15,000 years old). Two spearheads. Man sits in front of microscope. Enlarged: pollen.
(28 m) c. Berlin: Judith Anderson to visit Judith Anderson, big, in the conversation at the table sitting with the head of the American news control. At the Press Club in conversation with Käthe Dorsch, Eric Clark, Director of film, theatre, music and Paul Bildt, half-close.
(20 m) d. Lübeck: Holy Spirit hospital as nursing home the Holy Spirit hospital, total. Old people go to the hospital. Small spaces in the nave. Old woman makes her bed. The postman brings the mail. Old men and women in the cooking. Man rings a little bell. Crucifix on the wall. Old woman hangs on her door Board: am not here. Knit community room, women, men read.
(30 m) e. Berlin: children's book exhibition clapping audience, half close, at opening of the exhibition. Wigwam as a cashier. Children pay admission. The exhibition space. Mural: Struwelpeter and Max and Moritz. Books in the exhibition: Struwelpeter, Max and Moritz, Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Doolittle. Little girl opens book from the gingerbread house and witch plastic rise. Exhibition of children's drawings. Image: refugee trek with font: "Where are we To find a new home?" Children in the reading room while listening to a storyteller, half-close.
(35 m) 02. Augsburg: Messerschmidt - works repair cars and produce milk churns the ruined halls of Messerschmidt plant in Augsburg. Aircraft destroyed with swastika on the rear wing. Workers clean bricks. Workers in reconstruction work. Workers at the repair of vehicles. Welder with mask. Engine is repaired. Man pulls car for agriculture. Two horses pulling the wagon. Machine presses plate. Worker exchanges milk jug in bath. Milk jugs ride on trucks. Workers pile on each other milk cans.
(54 m) 03 pictures from around the world as United States: prefabricated wooden house depends on crane. Homes are transported on special vehicle. The houses are fixed on the spot. Two men wear wardrobe in the House. Men wear window panes. Window has to be pushed.
(23 m) b. China: reconstruction of the dams on the Yangtze River aerial view of the Yangtze River. Rammaschine. Chinese in building the dams. Chinese bear rocks on the shoulders. Chinese approaching Earth on carts.
(24 m) c. Australia: examination of Mastiff Shepherd dogs to a leash. Sheep run across the meadow. The dog is driving the sheep in a corral. Dog driving geese in a small Corral.
(24 m) d. England: new dressmaker forms hat on the head of mannequins and catches in last spring him. Hat presentation: Hat made of striped fabric with a bow. Black cap made of velvet with feathers. Hat with ostrich feathers.
(29 m 04) Vienna: Ballet School (the Vienna Opera??) 4 little girls on the training wall. Student exercises before mirror. Training the older students and the master class. Dance performance.
(56 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Anderson, Judith ; Bildt, Paul ; Clark, Eric ; Dorsch, Käthe ; Körber, Hilde ; MacClure, Robert ; Ostrowski ; Schröder, Luise


Ahrensburg ; Augsburg ; China ; Berlin ; Lübeck ; United States ; Vienna ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Dogs ; Industry ; Children ; photojournalist ; Emblems ; Women, mothers ; Schools, training ; Dance ; Debris ; Catamaran ; Buildings ; automotive industry ; Cultural events ; Technology, industry ; People ; Elections ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Home ; Fashion ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Archaeology ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Gastronomy ; Dogs ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 84/1947

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