Welt im Film 81/1946 13.12.1946


1st Japan reverses on the way to the democracy car. Emperor Hirohito enters Reichstag building, totally. Emperor Hirohito read out a personal statement before the Parliament. Crowd in front of the building. Emperor Hirohito and the Empress in the kimono greet the people, totally. The Imperial couple goes to the coach, half-close. Emperor and Empress travel in a carriage, totally. People walk on the road to the horse-drawn carriage, totally. Hirohito greets with Hat waving.
(34 m) 02. streiflichter from Germany (129 m) a. Hamburg: prisoners of war returning from Egypt the British hospital ship Oxfordshire in the port of Hamburg. People waving from the quay. Prisoners of war wave from the railing, totally. Red Cross flag blowing on the ship's mast. The former Afrika Korps soldiers abandon ship. Soldiers carried on wearing on the gangway. A soldier ascends a red cross - train. Carrying is carried on the train.
(27 m) b. Bad Mergentheim: hospital delivery Colonel Beckjord, head of health services of the military Government, Württemberg, at the table sitting at meeting to hand over the former barracks as a hospital in the provincial government. Dr. Gerlach, representatives of the land Government, speaks, half close, o-ton: "the Government is extremely grateful that the military Government has made this beautiful hospital you available. It has been now, thanks to the willingness of the third army and the tireless efforts of Mr. Oberst Beckjord and the military Government the large building complex of the former barracks in Bad Mergentheim probably set us and ready to pass." Dr. Gerlach and Colonel Beckjord shake the hand, totally. Men of elimination of Stacheldrahtverhau. Those present at the tour. Sign of "O.r.". Medical instruments on a table. Nurse makes beds.
(37 m) c. Hamburg: return of Max Brauer aerial view of Hamburg. Max Brauer enters a room in the Town Hall, total, and welcomes Mayor Petersen. He receives the certificate of naturalization. Naturalization certificate, great. Max Brauer talks, actuality, big: "why I have returned from the United States to Germany and my closer home? Simple reason, because I've seen with my own eyes, it is sorely needed as determined to tackle and the new Germany and Hamburg, which was always the same for me with the German overall fate, to join. The Nazis have driven me to China and America, the plight of my German countrymen and my love for the homeland called me back. Outside it is possible I have, to get the anti-Nazi friends and make new friends. I believe confidently and firmly, that this democratic Germany will win back the respect and trust of the world, and that other countries that are not so hard were beaten by fate and by guilt as we, will help us with our new beginning so we can live quite soon from their own work."
(40 m) d. Berlin: dog show Afghans, Greyhound, Pekingese, Mastiff, dachshund, total. Woman combing her hair white poodle. Terrier, half-close. Man and Boxer on the leash, great. Pug, white and black poodle.
(25 m) 03 pictures from all over the world (73 m) a. search expedition in China men load luggage on a plane. Soldiers get on plane. Natives of the hill tribes in China. Natives with child in her arms, great.
(25 m) car eaves b. snow storm in the United States. Running deer in the snow. Horseman rides through knee-high snow. Dead game. Animals in the snow. Cow stands up to the belly in the snow and are milked. Hay is loaded into aircraft. Launch of the aircraft. Hay bales are dropped from the plane.
(24 m) c. Australia: horse racing for the cup of Melbourne racing audience. Women, great. Woman with margined straw hat, great. Horses in the lead ring, total. Launch of 25 horses, totally. The race in the curve. The favorite Russia WINS with five lengths ahead, total.
(24 m) 04. Around the Christmas time (155 m) a. Berlin: German and American girl sing Christmas carols burning candles. Young girls sing Christmas song in the chorus, original sound.
(17 m) Munich: Christmas of the puppets is a small puppet theatre curtain. Children as a spectator, total. Performance, original sound. The hands of the puppeteer. The curtain goes down again.
(49 m) c. The most beautiful Christmas song silent night in a stained glass window in a chapel in Oberndorf the image of Franz Xaver Gruber, composer of the song with a different window of Josef Mohr, the lyricist. Children stand at the grave of Franz Gruber and sing the song "Silent night, Holy Night". Singing girls, great. Gruber's grave cross. Burning candle, snow-covered trees, snow-covered mountain village.
(89 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Beckjord ; Brauer, Max ; Gerlach, Walther ; Gruber, Franz Xaver ; Hirohito von Japan ; Mohr, Josef


Australia ; Berlin ; Bad Mergentheim ; Hamburg ; China ; United States ; Munich ; Halein ; Mergentheim ; Japan ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Oberndorf ; Tokyo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Dogs ; Disasters ; Children ; Expeditions ; Flags ; Women, mothers ; Musical events ; Political events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Search ; Animals (except dogs) ; War, prisoners of war ; Puppets ; People ; Christmas ; Winter ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; Crew ; Dogs ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 81/1946

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