Welt im Film 80/1946 06.12.1946


01 Canada: Wood for the needs of the world, totally felled tree trunks. Wood rafters on tree trunks, floating on the river. Current congestion. The tribes through strudelndes water flow. Whirlpool, large. A rafters floating between the tribes and then rises to the tribes.
(31 m) 2 Hamburg: X-ray screening plate: "X-ray screening". Man faces the X-ray screen, totally. The X-ray image. Doctors at the evaluation of X-ray images. Hands on the typewriter when writing out of the findings. Husband and wife and two children come to a special investigation at the point of care in the treatment room. Doctor listens from the man. Sick in the hospital, totally.
(50 m) 03 United States: aircraft flying the small plane car. The plane lands. Man gets out of the plane and unscrewing propeller. He departs the fuselage of the aircraft with the wings backwards. He climbs the vehicle and departs with him like in a car.
(25 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany (70 m) a. Berlin: Repairs to the radio tower pan over the radio tower. Workers during repair work at the radio tower. The radio tower, total.
(23 m) Munich: servicemen Tinker Toys for children of German soldiers sitting in Bastelstube on the table and Tinker Toys, totally. Negro with a small doll, half-close. Soldier with elephant. Army Nurse with Wachstuchtier. Toy animals, side by side.
(18 m) c. Stuttgart: education Straßenbahnern tram driver for theoretical lessons. Teacher explains the circuit based on a drawing table. Level of a tram car. The Schaffner learn and visit the drive motor. Schaffner on test drive. Sign in front of the tram: "Driving School - driving school". Trams stop, total.
Danger to life and health (63 m) purchase of methyl alcohol on a table in the Guest House are (29 m) 5th black market - two glasses. Hand give liquor in the glass, great. Young man sitting next to the girl in front of empty bottle on the table. Secretly he is handed a bottle under the table. Two detectives to step on him, show their brands. The young people follow the officials and get in front of the guest house in cars. Chemical investigation of the given in the chemical laboratory of the police. Bottle with methyl alcohol. Woman is in the hospital bed, great.
(36 m) b. process against penicillin dealers, Berlin the American judges. The main culprit Domke, sideways, large. An expert speaks, half-close. Interview: "I believe it would be after the presentation not. It is Very bad." Defendant and judge during the interrogation. Shield, large: "Stay away from the black market".
(27 m) 06. sports (111 m) a. Paris: World Championship in weightlifting athletes different, half-close. Champion in the heavyweight class, the Negro from United States Davis when chipping, half-close. The Russian Novak, world champion in the light heavyweight when chipping. The Egyptians Fayad, second in the featherweight when chipping, half-close. Spectators, half-close. (23 m) b. United States: baseball - championship: St. Louis - Boston baseball game scenes, close to half and total. Giants Stadium with crowded ranks. To hit, throw and run the player. St. Louis wins. Players embrace and go from the square.
(31 m) c. Manchester: boxes: Woodcock, England - Martin, France the Boxer in the ring. In the second round Martin to ground, but again is up. During the break, the coach swings towel to cool. In the third round Woodcock defeats the K.O. The referee counts out the prostrate Martin. Woodcock after the fight, half-close.
(29 m) d. Hamburg: Football: artist and press - sports teams, some in funny costumes on the HSV sports field. In the team of sportsmen Hein ten Hoff, total, and Max Schmeling in the gate, half-close. On the playing field, Juan Lossas, wearing a turban, half-close. The players compete for the ball with the hands. Max Schmeling making total discount from the gate. Ten Hoff shoots, total. Max Schmeling is running out of the gate, behind him, drops the ball into the net. Spectators in the stands, total.
(28 m)


Persons in the Film

Domke ; Llossas, Juan ; Davis, John ; Fayad ; Wagner, Martin ; Novak, Sergio ; Schmeling, Max ; Hoff ten, Hein ; Woodcock


Munich ; Canada ; Rhine ; Stuttgart ; Paris ; United States ; Hamburg ; Manchester ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Baseball ; Boxes ; Hands ; Justice ; photojournalist ; Forestry ; Football ; Schools, training ; exchange market ; Toys, toys ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Search ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Transport: General ; Water ; water emergency ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Construction ; Crew ; Gastronomy ; weight lifting ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 80/1946

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