Welt im Film 79/1946 29.11.1946


1 Nuremberg: Rise early the doctor process of those present in the courtroom. Four U.S. judges enter and sit down. The dock, total. The American Chief Prosecutor General Telford Taylor reads the indictment, totally. He invokes the names of the accused. Actuality: "Karl Brandt, Siegfried Handloser, Oskar Schröder." Pan over the dock, half-close. General Taylor, half-close. The judges table. Chief Judge of Beals calls the defendants individually and asks whether guilty or not guilty. Quote: "you are guilty?" Karl Brandt, formerly physician to Adolf Hitler, General Lieutenant of the weapons of the SS and Reich Commissar for the medical and health care, answers the question of the judge with "Not guilty" (original sound). Siegfried Handloser, formerly general surgeon Colonel and Chief of the armed forces medical service, standing, half close, in the dock. The only woman among the defendants, Hertha Oberhauser, former doctor at the women's concentration camp Ravensbrück, standing in the dock, total. The dock, total. (76 m) 02 United States: elections to the Congress and Senate slapping people on the road at election rally. Several speakers of choice. Election posters. President Truman, half close, voting with his wife. He pushes his ballot into the ballot box. Radio announcer. The United States Capitol in Washington, large. Result: Victory of the Democratic Party.
(27 m) 03. streiflichter from Germany (105 m) a. Stuttgart: Deutscher Städtetag Castle Hohenheim near Stuttgart, total. In the Assembly Hall: the Mayor of the German cities of the American and British zones. The Lord Mayor of Stuttgart Dr. Klett speaks, half-close. Among the listeners of Professor Heuss, half-close. The audience clapping. The Mayor during the tour by Daimler Benz. Hood Mercedes star, great. The Mayor during the tour of the factory. Debris from the factory.
(25 m) b. Berlin: helpdesk for losses of Wehrmacht a bag are distributed documents. Women at sighting of documents and files. File boxes on the walls. Women on typewriters when writing information about missing or killed in action.
Coast Guard boats of the fishing and coastal protection service drive (22 m) c. on the sea. A boat of the British border control. Driving past the boats of the British Governor of Schleswig-Holstein, Vice Air Marshal de Crespigny. The marine blue white red white blue flag on the boat, big.
(22 m) d. Berlin: three - Städtekampf Berlin - Leipzig - Greiz Turner on the horizontal bar gymnastics. Half close, clapping spectators. Gymnast on the parallel bars, Turner in floor exercises. Berlin WINS ahead of Greiz and Leipzig.
(36 m) 04. London: indent of the new mayor the historical golden coach, great. Men in repair work on the carriage. The Lord Mayor of London Sir Bracewell Smith at his inauguration in the Guildhall, half close, with official chain. Coachman on the carriage in historical costume. Moved: flag carrier, show car with cyclists, footballers. The horse-drawn carriage. The Mayor leaves the stage.
(47 m) 5th Junior in Ruhr mining smoking chimneys. Running conveyor belt. Ships in the port. Young men are walking into a barracks. Registration. Examination at the doctor's Office. Issue of work clothes. Young man look at shoes, another measures pants. Young people see back of moving truck. Residential camp at Wanne-eickel, total. Cabinets, tables and beds in shelters. Cook stems in large saucepan. Cooking makes food. Women cut and coat the bread. Young workers on the way to work, in the background of coal mining equipment. The young people with pit helmet and miner's lamps. Change of shift. Miners come out of the pit. Cage goes down. Smoking Chimney, front flue of a passing locomotive.
(64 m) 06 ski premiere on the Zugspitze mountain in the snow. Ladies in the slalom. The men's slalom. Sepp Gantner from Wiessee during the run. Markus Schwaiger, Garmisch at the start, half-close. His run. Both win at the same time. Another gate runner crashes. Ride through the target.
(42 m)


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Beals ; Brandt, Karl ; Crespigny de ; Handloser, Siegfried ; Heuss, Theodor ; Klett ; Oberhauser, Hertha ; Smith, Bracewell ; Taylor, Telford ; Truman, Harry ; Gantner, Sepp ; Schwaiger, Markus


Berlin ; Zugspitze ; Washington ; Stuttgart ; Ruhr area ; British zone ; Nuremberg ; Bad Nauheim, Germany ; Munich ; Bikini ; London ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Justice ; Flags ; News, communications ; Political events ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Search ; Gymnastics ; Buildings ; concentration camp ; automotive engineering, automotive ; automotive industry ; War, prisoners of war ; Electronics ; war crimes, war crimes ; Military ; Elections ; Listener ; Jobs ; Mining ; Industrial ; Military ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 79/1946

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