Welt im Film 73/1946 18.10.1946


1 Berlin: Opening a music library notes on shelves in music library in the Berlin State Library. Signs before the notes: "England", "France", "Soviet Union", "United States". Sergiu Celebidache in conversation, half-close. General Gibsch of the British control Office speaks at the opening of the library, o-ton: "what was not present in the last recent years of national socialism in Germany, the rest of the world was also his outstanding composers. We have created this library to make known the German musicians with their works. It's a pleasure to explain the library on behalf of the allies opened, and you hope that she will serve an ever-widening circle of masters and students." Intermediate sections of people, among them Celebidache, half-close. The audience clapping.
(40 m) 2nd camera-Rundschau Kassel rubble of the city. Men and women when clean-up work. Crane. Debris is left on Loren. Rubble women clean tile. Rubble will be paid on treadmill and ground. Machine presses new building blocks of debris. Men load components on the car. Women with bricks. Scree. Schloß Wilhelmshöhe, total. The Kassel State Ballet dances at the Wilhelmshöher Festival in front of the Castle, totally. Total viewers.
(43 m) 3rd opening of the British industrial exhibition "England at work" King George VI. and the Queen come to the opening of the exhibition, total. Among the guests of honour Clement Attlee, total. King George speaks to the opening, totally. Attlee and wife, half-close. The Queen, half close, King George at the lectern, half-close. Clapping audience. The Royal couple goes through the exhibition. Kitchen appliances of the Spitfire works instead of aircraft construction, rotating carousel. The Royal couple visit a streamlined bike, total. The streamlined bike, great. Portable sewing machine, large. Furniture. Woman puts flowers on the dining table.
(43 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany (123 m) a. New textbooks for Bavaria Bavarian textbook for the 2nd class, great. The head of the US military Government for Bavaria, General Müller, is presented by two girls book Edition. He leafs through the book. General Müller, half-close. Two girls give him flowers. Two boys stand at the door of the class. Teachers get new textbooks in the class. The teacher distributed the books under clapping the children. Head of big boys. Two girls in the school, great. Children reading, great. Boy Get up and read, half-close.
(33 m) b. Dortmund: education week policeman governs at an intersection the traffic, totally. Moped riders in front of car and crashes. Carriage of the traffic command. A police officer picks up the accident. Posters: "mothers teach your children". Tram attracts followers, which dented car with skeleton at the wheel and with the inscription "death runs through the street". Police issued traffic classes. Road signs, right-of-way rules. Ballad singer shows accident situation.
(35 m) c. Berlin: tobacco harvesting man picking tobacco plants in the garden. Tobacco plants in gardens and flower boxes in Windows. Man picking tobacco leaves and threads up to dry. Ferment and cut the leaves. Hands fill pipe. Man smoking pipe.
(23 m) d. Kiel: wire rope artists views from atop the ruins of the houses. The artist Carlos climbs the rope on the City Hall Tower. The second artist Henrico goes from the other side on the rope. An artist exceeds the others who sit in the middle of the rope. Clapping audience. Artist receives a bouquet of flowers.
(32 m) 5th youth institution Lebenau: education Instead of punishment the reformatory, total. Young people wash themselves in the dormitory. Young people receive instruction in the penitentiary. Young people in the investigation at the doctor's Office. Boys work as cobblers and carpenters and Schneider. When working in forestry in the contain seedlings. When working in agriculture. Young people play football. Boy in the library with the book lending. Young people with suitcases go at the dismissal of the prison.
a. race (44 m)-06 sport (103 m) Riesberg - in Austria start a solo machine. The machine on the circuit of the mountain race. A motorcyclist overturns in the curve. It is carried on a stretcher to the hospital. Start of the sidecar machines and on the race track. The winner Franz Novotny, Vienna WINS Cup (large mug).
(34 m) b. California sailing regatta sailboats on the water and at the turn of the half close and totally. The winner will be the 14-year-old Walter Lewis (big Cup).
(15 m) c. Ring tournament in Munich of Greco-Roman wrestling. In the ring, the champion Mosig, Breslau fight against the master of the Baltic States Vinca. Various fight scenes, and outerwear. It wins Vinca. The wrestler reach out to himself after the fight, half-close. Freestyle wrestling: European champion Baumann is struggling against German champions tip, Munich. Two spectators, great. The wrestler throw Each other to the ground. Baumann twisted the foot tipping. Tip is thrown through the ropes out of the ring. The Baumann winner receives a bouquet of flowers. Baby with flower bouquet, great.
(54 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Baumann, Wolfgang ; Attlee, Clement ; Celebidache, Sergiu ; Elizabeth von England ; Georg VI. von England ; Gibson ; Lewis, Walter ; Mosig ; Novotny, Franz ; Trinkgeld ; Vinca


Austria ; California ; Munich ; Kiel ; Kassel ; London ; Berlin ; Youth institution Lebenau ; Bavaria ; Dortmund ; Bessel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Hands ; Children ; Harvest ; Education, youth ; festivals ; Women, mothers ; Musical events ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Smoking ; Rings ; Schools, training ; Sailing ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Dance ; Debris ; Accidents ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; People ; Transport: General ; Listener ; Architecture ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; Gypsy ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 73/1946

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