Welt im Film 72/1946 11.10.1946


01 of the Rhine of the kids Tractor pulls long trailer with children. The children go in Schierstein on the Rhine aboard an excursion steamer. The kids look over the railing of the ship. Bank of the Rhine. Vineyards and the Niederwald monument. The children on the ship received ice and wave to ride past tug.
(28 m) 02 release date in the British zone: the two first feature films: "In those days" and "Migratory birds" Hamburg: start the recording of the first film: "in those days". Hans Nielsen in conversation, half-close. Helmut Käutner gives stage directions in a leather coat, half-close. Headlights. Sound engineer. Intake valve. Camera moves from behind the moving car. Gisela Tantau stands next to Hans Nielsen on a Garden Gate. 2. film: "migratory birds". Paddlers carry their boats to the water. Karl Raddatz sits in a paddle boat. Camera on a raft, total. The performers go on board an old steamer. You eat. Karl Raddatz sitting next to Fritz Wagner. The actors talk about the movie (original sound). (52 m) 03. 1200 years monastery Tegernsee monastery Tegernsee, total. Tower with flags, half-close. Boy rings the Bell, big. Procession. Cardinal Faulhaber in the procession, large. Young people carry banners. Children in white robes, nuns, farmers in traditional costumes. Cardinal Faulhaber gives blessing, half-close. Head of a boy as a spectator, large. Priest swing Weihgefäße. Worship in front of the monastery.
(40 m) 04 Eisenhower in Germany (Berlin) soldiers lined up in front of the building of the American military Government in Berlin Zehlendorf. Closed wagon drives above. Eisenhower walks up front, half-close. Eisenhower, greeting, before entering the building. Eisenhower leaving his car at the airfield of Tempelhof. The son of the General, Capt. John Eisenhower, with his wife, half-close. Eisenhower is adopted by the French General King and Ambassador Murphy, half-close. The aircraft total. Eisenhower going up the stairs. He greets before the aircraft.
(42 m) 05. Paddlers in whitewater on the river Enns view from above on the Paddler. The paddlers continue to rock, first in calm waters, then through the rapids. A boat turns. The Paddler is adhering to the boat. On a rock, the paddlers rising again in his boat.
(49 m) 6th commemoration ceremony in Berlin: for the victims of fascism moving. Poster: "the dead reminder". Men wear a wreath. In the background the ruins of the Reichstag. Men in concentration camp clothes with wreaths. Mayor Werner at the wreath-laying ceremony. Countess York discusses regime von Wartenburg, the widow of Lieutenant York von Wartenburg, who was executed after the assassination attempt of July 20, 1944, the fight against the Nazi, half-close. Erich Wichmann, one of the survivors is resistance fighters of the group "Beppo Römer", total. Audience in wheelchairs. "We honor the dead banners"Jewish community of Berlin","Jewish Hospital",", "Fight Spain fighters against fascism", "International Brigade". Flames in sacrificial Bowl at the Assembly in the Berliner Lustgarten.
(39 m) 7th Cuxhaven: prisoners of war return home ship, head-on. Prisoners of war wave of Board, totally. Anchor ropes fastened when the vessel. Prisoners get off the ship. Interview of the prisoners of war, o-ton: "where are you going?" "From Hamelin." "How long have you worked in England?" "I came from America to England." "Where have you been?" "In the kitchen", "in agriculture." "And where is it now?" "Now, I'm going to Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein." "And then the MOM in the door frame is available?" "I hope it, she has been a small idea. We stood in the correspondence, and since she has expected that I would probably come late September."
(42 m) 08 pictures from all over the world (92 m) a. Prague: International Student Forum participants of the Congress in the Hall. Sign on the table: "Great Britannia". Two Indian girls, half-close. Mexicans, French, Austrians, participants from Mongolia, Russians, half-close.
(26 m) b. India: religious celebration elephants go between crowd. Puri wheel Schah sits in his litter and is carried to the temple. The car of the God Jagganaut is pulled through the street.
(23 m) c. Sydney: model cars model car, great. Model cars are on track in the district. Boys follow the race with rapid head movements. Small locomotive pulls man.
(21 m) d. Gascony - bull-fighting young bulls in the arena and upset men. A clown is overturned. A clown hangs on the tail of the Bull. Man contains the bull on the horns and is knocked over. A man runs and beats somersault over a bull.
(22 m)


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Eisenhower, Dwight ; Eisenhower, John ; Faulhaber ; Käutner, Helmut ; König, General ; Murphy, Kathy ; Nielsen, Hans ; Raddatz, Karl ; Tantau, Gisela ; Wagner, Fritz ; Herzog, Werner ; Wichmann, Erich ; York von Wartenburg


Sidney ; Austria ; Rhine ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Weser ; Schierstein ; Tegernsee ; Cuxhaven ; Prague ; Colorado ; Gascogne ; India


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bells ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Higher education ; Interviews ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Paddle ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Religious events ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; bullfighting ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; Landscapes ; Military events ; Jobs ; Gypsy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 72/1946

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