Welt im Film 71/1946 04.10.1946


01-Nuremberg trials: the judgment façade of the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, close to half. Soldiers on armored car in front of the Justice Palace. Tanks seal off the area around the Palace of Justice. Military police in a moving Jeep. People go through checks at the courthouse. The defendants and the present rise. The judge entered the room. The present contact. The dock, total. Sir Geoffrey Lawrence talks interview. ("Since August 1945...") The defendants, half-close. Guilty verdict for the defendant organizations. Lord Justice Lawrence, close to half of the judges table, the present, the accused. 2 day: The dock, total. Göring, Hess, von Ribbentrop, behind Dönitz, wheels, von Schirach, half-close. The judges of the four Nations in reading the convictions against the individual defendants. Göring, half close, in addition to Hess, with headphones and black glasses. Göring supports the head in his hand. Hess pages in files, half-close. By Ribbentrop, Hess and Keitel, half-close. Keitel besides Kaltenbrunner, half-close. Kaltenbrunner, Keitel and Rosenberg, half-close. Rosenberg, as well as Hans Frank, half-close. Hans Frank, Rosenberg and Wilhelm Frick, half-close. Wilhelm Frick, half-close. Julius Streicher, half-close. Walter Funk, along with Julius Streicher and Hjalmar Schacht, half-close. Hjalmar shaft, in addition to Walter Funk. 2nd row: Dönitz in addition to Erich wheels, half-close. Erich wheels, in addition to Dönitz and Baldur von Schierach, half-close. Baldur by Schierach behind Göring and Hess, half close. Fritz Sauckel, half-close. Jodl, in addition to von Papen, half-close. By Papen, in addition to Arthur Seyss in quart, half-close. Arthur Seyss in Landquart, writing in addition to Albert Speer, half-close. Albert Speer, behind Julius Streicher and Walter Funk, half-close. Konstantin von Neurath in addition to spear and Hans Fritsche, half-close. Hans Fritsche, half-close. Pan across the courtroom. Soldier shuts the door.
(340 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Dönitz, Karl ; Frank, Hans ; Frick, Wilhelm ; Fritsche, Hans ; Funk, Walther ; Göring, Hermann ; Hess, Rudolf ; Jodl, Alfred ; Kaltenbrunner, Ernst ; Keitel, Wilhelm ; Lawrence ; Neurath von, Konstantin ; Papen von, Franz ; Raeder, Erich ; Ribbentrop von, Joachim ; Rosenberg, Alfred ; Sauckel, Fritz ; Seyss Inquart, Arthur ; Speer, Albert ; Schacht, Hjalmar ; Schirach von, Baldur ; Streicher, Julius




Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; Buildings ; war crimes, war crimes ; Crew ; aftermath of war


Newsreel (G)



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Welt im Film 71/1946

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