Welt im Film 70/1946 25.09.1946


01 Copenhagen: World Food Conference participants at the Conference. King Christian of Denmark sits in front of lectern and reading the opening speech. Next to him is his wife. Interview: "I hereby declare the second conference of the united nations food and agriculture organization to be opened."
(23 m) 02 youth looking for new ways (71 m) youth camp of the Mannheim Falcon youth camp of the Mannheim Falcon, total a.. The young people in common morning aerobics. Boys at the Shoeshine in front of the tent. Shield 'Village of the funny - village of Ragland'. Girl wash clothes in front of the tent. Nominations for the election of the Youth Parliament. Children put ballot in ballot box.
(26 m) b. Youth Hostel Maulbronn young people dancing in front of the youth hostel. Group arrives before youth hostel and is welcomed.
(10 m) c. Schlosstheater in Schwetzingen performance of Thornton Wilder: "Our town". Young people as an audience. People go to the theatre.
(12 m) d. U.S. soldiers teach young boys in baseball and track and field at the start of the run. Firing on boys on the edge of the Sports Center. Run girl. The winners will receive prizes.
(23 m) 03. rescue of itself of the wettersteingebirge mountains. The mountain rescue service Garmisch driving off in a red cross vehicle. Guardian looks through binoculars. A casualty beckons from the wall of the rock. The Savior, roped on the wall, beat the way to the crash site with pimples. The casualties is bound on the back of the Savior. Descent from the wall with Verunglücktem on the back. Arrive at the vehicle.
(52 m) 04 updates soon (81 m) a. Frieda Richard died bell rings. Coffin is carried to the cemetery in Salzburg. Mourners walk behind the coffin. The coffin is lowered into the pit. The decorated tomb. Review: Frieda Richard, as 'Mother of anyone', at the rehearsal with Ewald Balser for 'Everyone'.
(25 m) total b. pilgrimage to Lourdes Lourdes. The Church, total. Pilgrims. Former prisoners in striped suits among the pilgrims. Pilgrims kneel down. Sufferers wear. Priests keep fair.
(16 m) c. Bernard Shaw goes for a walk an honorary citizen of Dublin Bernhard Shaw from his country estate in Hertfordshire. He enters his country house and receives delegation from Dublin. Shaw is registered in the Golden Book of the city and receives his.
(16 m) d. New postage stamps for the American, British and Russian zones exhibition of postage stamp designs. Commission examined designs. Five designs are award-winning, great. Stamp printing machine.
(24 m) 5th old masters - new hairstyles, Paris image of the Mona Lisa, great. Antonio, French hair artist, takes the hairstyle as a model for a model. Mona Lisa hair model. Models at the Louvre next to paintings by old masters with appropriate hairstyles. Mannequin with hairstyle, great.
(36 m) 06. First elections in the British zone of choice in rural communities and small towns. Westfalen: People go to the polling station. Men put ballot in ballot box at the polling station. Issue of ballot papers. Wife's ballot in ballot box. In the Bückeburg country farmers in traditional costumes to choose go. Farmer's wife goes to the polling station and receives ballot papers. Hand's ballot in ballot box. Fishermen go fishing boat ashore to the election. Fishermen at the polling station. Counting. Result. CDU wins out over SPD and Liberals. Fernschreiberinnen. Telecommunications Cabinet, radio announcer, big.
(56 m) 07. sports (65 m) a. Munich: the teams enter international competition in artistic gymnastics Bavarian - Württemberg In the circus krone, Munich, Germany. Gymnast on the parallel bars. Clapping audience. Turner on the cross horse. Clapping audience. Turner on the horizontal bar. The winner of Stangl, Munich, Reckübungen. In the aggregate, Bayern before Württemberg WINS. The captain receives award, total.
(35 m) b. Berlin: race of the newspaper drivers poster "The newspaper drivers Championship". Newspapers are weighed on scales. Start of cyclists with newspapers. The driver on the circuit to the White Sea. Viewers on the edge of the road. A driver is in the curve. Common feet on pedals, great. Winner will be the driver of the "morning". The winner will be congratulated with wreath from his mother and Mayor Werner.
(30 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Sanchez, Antonio ; Balser, Ewald ; Christian von Dänemark ; Richards, Frieda ; Shaw, George Bernard ; Herzog, Werner ; Stangl, Ino


Berlin ; Munich ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Burep ; Mannheim ; Maulbronn ; Paris ; Hertfordshire ; Salzburg ; Schwetzingen ; Copenhagen ; Lourdes ; British zone ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; stamps ; Camping, Campinger ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Medals, awards, honors ; Political events ; Cycling ; Religious events ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Deaths, funerals ; Gymnastics ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; Elections ; Fashion ; Jobs ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; mountain rescue ; Crew ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 70/1946

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