Welt im Film 58/1946 01.07.1946


01 Minister Shinwell in the Ruhr mining in the Ruhr area (total). Shinwell goes through the mountain plant (total). Shinwell in a metallurgical plant (total). Carbon (total) on conveyor belts. Shinwell in mining clothes (total).
(30 m) 02 Sardinia - flamethrower against locusts swarms of locusts on the fields (total). Men combat the locusts with flamethrowers (total).
(21 m) 03 Berlin - in memory of Max Reinhardt's front of the Deutsches Theater (half total). Ceremony at the Deutsches Theater. Speaker at the lectern (half total). Gustav von Wangenheim (half total), Eduard von Winterstein (half total) as a speaker. In the audience: Wilhelm Piek (half total), Paul Wegener (half total), Hans Albers (half total). Clapping audience (half total). Mayor Dr. Werner (total) at the renamed of Karl-Straße in Max-Reinhardt-Straße. The road sign is hung around (totally).
(40 m) 4th China - Nanking capital of again meeting in Nanking (total). Tschiangkaischek and wife go to a lot of people (total).
(20 m) 5th Nutrition Conference in Hamburg Town Hall (total). Facade (half total). The Conference participants (half total). Dr. snake - Schöningen (half total), the Special Representative for nutrition of the British zone. Dr. Dietrich (half total), Special Representative on nutrition of the American zone. General Robertson (total) speaks (interview). General Clay (total) speaks (interview).
(55 m) 06. sports (107 m) a. 1 FC Nürnberg - VFB Stuttgart 0-1 running the team of the 1st FC Nuremberg in the Stuttgart Neckarstadion and VFB Stuttgart (half total). Battle for the southern German Football Championship. Crowded grandstands (total). Game scenes (total). Audience impressions, short (half-total). VFB Stuttgart players form a wall with a penalty (half total). The goalkeeper keeps (total). Shot on goal a player of the VFB (total). Result: VFB Stuttgart - 1 FC Nuremberg 1-0. The game leader with flowers (half total).
(34 m) b. Boat race in the Ardennes kayakers and canoeists on a river in the Ardennes (total). Drive through a non-carbonated water and Rapids (total).
(20 m) c. bicycle race "Rund um Berlin" the start (total). The driver stand between the spectators, one pumps up his bike, Kiss of his wife. Start (total). The driver will drive through the streets of Berlin. A driver drinking from the bottle (half total). The riders in the break at dinner (total). Drivers on the road (total). Winner: Karl Wiemer (Berlin) (total). 2. Hoffmann. Mayor Dr. Werner congratulates the winner (half total).
(53 m) 7th General Mac Narney opened the Patton bridge the new bridge (total). General Mac Narney (total) walks off the front of the company. He can weld with a cutting torch by the band of the bridge opening (total). Drive over the bridge. The Rhine and the silhouette of the Cathedral (total). Mac Narney (totally) Get up the bridge and greet Allied ships that pass (total).
(33 m) 08. Papen and spear to testify - accusations and revelations by Papen in the witness box (total). The courtroom and the dock (half total). Spear on the witness stand (total). Statement spear (original sound): "there was no other way out in my opinion. In my desperation, I wanted to take this step, because it had become clear to me early February that Hitler wanted to continue the war by all means without regard to its own people. It was clear that he mistook his fate with the loss of the war with the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, and that he saw also The end of the German people in his end. It was clear In addition that the war was lost so completely, that also the unconditional surrender had to be adopted."
(66 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Albers, Hans ; Clay, Lucius D. ; Dietrich, Marlene ; Frank, Karl Hermann ; MacNarney ; Papen von, Franz ; Pieck, Wilhelm ; Robertson, Brian ; Shinwell ; Speer, Albert ; Schlange Schöningen ; Tschiangkaischek ; Wangenheim von, Gustav ; Wegener, Paul ; Herzog, Werner ; Winterstein von, Eduard ; Wiemer, Karl


Stuttgart ; Belgium ; Berlin ; Cologne ; Hamburg ; Ruhr area ; Nuremberg ; Sardinia ; China ; Prague ; Nanking


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; Football ; Paddle ; Political events ; Cycling ; Pests and pest control ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; war crimes, war crimes ; Cultural events ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Military ; Construction ; Mining ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Military ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 58/1946

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