Welt im Film 52/1946 20.05.1946


01 France - vote on the new Constitution people when going to the polling station (total), and at the polling station in the cabins (semi-total). An old woman is the ballot paper in the ballot box (half total). Thorez, General Secretary of the Communist Party at the ballot box (half total). Herriot, comes from the ballot box (half total). Clock (large) 6: 00. Vote counters to get the ballots from the ballot box (half total). When counting out (half-total). Men on the phone (total). A man on the phone (large). Auto Attendant (half total) with switchboards. Men at the typewriter (total). Telegraph (large). Big Board: Oui Non 48.8% 51.2%.
(32 m) 02. America - remembrance day for Roosevelt the Manor of Roosevelt (half-total). Mrs. Roosevelt, President Truman lay at the grave a wreath down (total) review: funeral of Roosevelt, coffin on Mount (total), mourners at the grave (total). Gun salutes (total), geschmücktes grave (large). Crowd at the Memorial Service (total). Gromyko (large). Mrs. Roosevelt speaks (half total). Truman speaks (half total).
(37 m) 03 Berlin streiflichter (94 m) a. Tiergarten Berlin aerial views of the Tiergarten Park. Monuments (total). Machinery for cleaning-up operations (large). Women in finding wood (half total). The terrain is flattened (total). The victory column (large). Working with the plough, sow (totally) women. Shovels to potatoes (half total).
(37 m) b. Telegraph apprentices training post apprentices in the Telegraph Office (half total). The apprentices during cable work (half total). Hands and cable (large). The apprentices working on pylons and capacitors (half total).
(21 m) c. Hans Albers in Hebbel - Theater as Liliom poster "Liliom" (half total). Line at the Hebbel (total). Hans Albers singing as Liliom (original sound) "Come on the swing, Louise". Hans Albers on the swing around him dancing people (total). The audience claps (total). Hans Albers at the stage exit between autograph hunters (total).
(36 m) 04. Germany - Sir Sholto Douglas takes office a plane lands in Berlin (total). The stand (total). Sir Douglas leaves the plane and is greeted by General Thomas, General Robertson and Vice Admiral Walker (half total). Sir Douglas walks down the company (half total).
go (17 m) 5th process Mauthausen - the verdict the accused KZ-Wächter in the building of the military court in Dachau (total). Spectators in the courtroom (total). The defendants (half total). The military judge (half total). General Prickett reads the sentence for each defendant (half total) original sound. The interpreter (half total) original sound. The defendants come forward individually (half total). "The Court has decided upon the agreement of at least 2/3 of the members present at the meeting, and sentenced to death by hanging. Time and place of execution will be determined by the higher military authority. "." The accused is again removed (total). August Eigruber assumes the dock to hear his sentence (half total). The defendant Hans Hegenscheidt, Caspar Klimowitsch, Hans Spatzenegger (half total). Victor Zoller goes between two military policemen to the shelter of the cell (total).
(78 m) 6th Osnabrück - Berlin - City children again go home farmhouse (total). Children climb on a horse-drawn carriage (total). Farewell to the farmers (half total). The horses (half total). Waving at the downhill (half total). With the luggage on the train station (total). The luggage is loaded (total). The children receive a soup (half total). Basket with lunch (half total). The children climb on the train (half total). Car beds (total). The stationmaster raises the exit sign up (half-total). Wheels up driving map (large). The children waving from the Windows (half total).
(37 m) 07 pictures from all over the world (126 m) a. Aga Khan in diamonds weigh up crowd in Bombay (total). Large scale (half total). A car moves out (half total). The Begum (half total). Aga Khan climbs the scale (total). Diamonds are placed on the other side of the scale (total). Aga Khan on the scale (half total). The audience (half total). Aga Khan rises from the scale (half total).
(42 m) b. Shakespeare's 380 birthday monument to Shakespeare's Stratford (total). Flags flown on the masts to the celebration of the 380th anniversary of birth (total). Procession through the streets of Stratford (total). Waving flags (half total).
(20 m) c. auto race in Nice cars (large). Start (total). Ride through nice (total). Spectators on the road and in the Gallery (half total). Winner: Villoresi, Italy.
drive old cars, United States vintage cars (20 m) d. (total). Boarding in old-fashioned clothes (half total). Women's legs when boarding (half total). Allow the crank (half total). The wheels (large), Horn (big). Driver in old-fashioned costumes (half total). Shaking of the fender and the steering wheel (large). Drive through the countryside (total).
(24 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Albers, Hans ; Die Begum ; Douglas, Sholto ; Eigruber ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Hegenscheidt, Hans ; Herriot, Edouard ; Khan, Aga ; Klimowitsch, Kaspar ; Prikett ; Robertson, Brian ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Spatzenegger ; Gaede, Thomas ; Thorez, Maurice ; Truman, Harry ; Walker, Harold ; Zoller, Victor


Nice ; United States ; Gotha ; Berlin ; Osnabrück ; Stratford ; Dachau ; France ; Holland ; Bombay


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; close-ups, detail ; Justice ; Children ; motor sports ; News, communications ; Reviews ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; concentration camp ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Military ; festivals ; Elections ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Listener ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Agriculture ; Military ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 52/1946

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