Welt im Film 49/1946 29.04.1946


1 Hoover in Warsaw and Vienna aircraft after landing (large). Streets of Warsaw (total), Hoover (half total). Polish children (large). Hoover goes through the rubble of the city (total). Polish woman with headscarf (large). Hoover speaks with the population (half total). Debris from Warsaw (total). Arrival of the aircraft in Vienna. Hoover gets off the plane (half total). Welcome address by General Marc Clark and representatives of the Austrian Government (half total). Hoover in the car (half total). Reception at the Government, sitting in conversation at a table, Hoover (half total).
(42 m) 2 heavy earthquake in the Pacific Ocean strong surf (large). Ship in the background (totally). Ship in waves (totally). Map of the Pacific Ocean with the Aleutian Islands as the center of the quake (large). Aerial photographs of the devastated coast of California. Destroyed houses (half total) and fallen telegraph poles on the coast of Chile (half total). Women rise from a truck (total). A child descends with a dog (total). Child with two dogs on the arm (half total).
(33 m) 03 process Nuremberg Kaltenbrunner is the stand (total and half total). The Commander of the concentration camp Auschwitz and Mauthausen of Rudolf Höss is called relief witness for Kaltenbrunner heard, ask (o): "What position they had in the year 1944?" Reply (original sound) Rudolf Höss: "In the year 1944 I was Office Chief D1 in the economic and administrative main office in Berlin. The previous inspection of the concentration camp in Oranienburg was my services."
(59 m) 04. streiflichter from Germany (158 m) a. Cologne Cathedral Cologne Cathedral and the Rhine bridge (total). Panoramic view from the Cathedral on the Rhine and the debris of the Cologne city. Roofer on the roof of the Cathedral (total) for repairs. Damaged tiles are thrown down (total). Roofing (large). Hammering a nail (large).
(33 m) b. rags collection boy girl at the counter bags with rags To give out (total). A woman on a scale weighs (half total). Women sorting the rags (half total). A man enters the rags in a big box together (half-total). The rags come in a shredding machine (half total), including a swastika tie. Spinning machines and looms (half total). Roll of cloth (large).
(33 m) c. guide dogs and police dogs guide dogs in training (total). You go in a car. Dog in the car on the road (total). The dog goes with a blind man (total). Police dogs in training (total). Police with dogs (total). Shepherd heads (large). The dogs jump over obstacles (total). A dog goes on a criminal in the cotton wool suit off (total).
(34 m) d. bells from cannons Heidenheim, Württemberg (half total). Three bells are decorated on a cart (total). Population is gathered on the street. Moving to St. Mary's Church (half total) with flags. The horse with the Bell (half total). Schoolchildren. The Tower of St. Mary's Church (half total). A priest consecrated the bells (total). Among the audience of military officials and nuns (half total). The inscription of the bells (large).
(31 m) e. circus Krone before American newspaper publishers of the circus Krone makes a presentation. Dancer with bear (total). The bear goes on a little bike (total). The bear drink from a bottle (total). Elephant and horse at a rocker (total). The elephant rises above this horse (big).
Vienna (27 m) 5th - anniversary of liberation that took soldiers (total). The Commander-in-Chief of the four occupying powers go side by side (total), Marshal Konjew, Russia, General Marc Clark, America, major general winter clay, England, General Bethouart, France. Major General Komarov (total) reports on the troops. The commanders act off salute the company (total). Set down (total) wreaths at the Memorial of the Red Army. (Total) they take off the parade on the grandstand. Representatives of the Government of Austria on the grandstand (total). Parade of Russians, Americans, British, and French.
(53 m) 6th England the hardest race in the world in Aintree Racecourse with crowd (total). Crowds in the stands (half total). Home of the Grand National (total). Jumps and falls (total). A horse without a rider jumps in the ditch (total). Slow motion when jump. Crash on an obstacle (total). Prince Regent, the favorite, gallopping (half total). Winner: Lovely cottage. The winning horse with the Jockey between the public (half total).
(90 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bethouart ; Clark, Marc ; Hoess, Rudolf ; Hoover, Herbert ; Kaltenbrunner, Ernst ; Konjew ; Wintxerton


Aintree ; Cologne ; London ; Warsaw ; Vienna ; Chile ; Heidenheim, Germany ; Bremen ; Nuremberg ; Pacific ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Gotha


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bells ; close-ups, detail ; Craft ; Dogs ; Industry ; Justice ; Disasters ; Children ; Emblems ; Women, mothers ; Parades ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Buildings ; war crimes, war crimes ; maps ; Water ; water emergency ; Circus ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Dogs ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


Newsreel (G)



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Welt im Film 49/1946

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