Welt im Film 45/1946 03.04.1946


01 American cotton for Germany freighter in the port of Bremen (half total). Cotton bale from the hold with a crane (total). Bales of cotton (large). Textile spinning machines (half total). Workers of spinning machines (half total).
(25 m) 02 Cardinal von Galen Cardinal by Galen in Münster after his appointment as a cardinal (half total).
(21 m) 03 New Zealand - largest Bush fire of ever of small plane before a large cloud of smoke (total). Bush fire. Ground (half total) To try to smother the flames. Trees are cut down (half total). Flames lick up (total) on a tree trunk. Aerial photographs of the fire.
(27 m) 04. sports - title (4 m) a. ball - Switzerland - Austria 8-0 the cycle-ball teams from Austria and the Switzerland welcome (half total). The game with two players on each team (half total). Slapping viewers (half total). Wheels and ball in each game scenes (large). Result: Switzerland - Austria 8-0. (27 m) b. obstacle - hunting race at Cheltenham obstacle hunting Championship in Cheltenham, England. Horses on the lead ring (total). A Jockey goes on (total). The obstacle race (total). Fall, the Jockey is wounded and stays (total). The winner of the horse-riding (total). Uncoupling of steaming horses (half total).
(33 m) c. football - South Germany - West Germany 3-0 run the teams (half total). The crowd in the stadium (half total) in Stuttgart. The team captains Kuzorra, West - Lehner, South (large). Game scenes, header, scenes in front of the gate of the West German team, with goalkeeper Turrek. The first goal shoot Morlock. Result: southern Germany - Germany 3:0 (28 m) 5th Berlin - black market flies on the Brandenburg Gate (half total). The black market with barter (half total). Police on trucks drive (total). The police jump off (half total) and arrest the dealers. The police officers encircle the black market and bring the people on the vehicles (half total). Weeping woman (half total). The trucks drive (total) in the police headquarters.
(42 m) 6th Nuremberg - Göring in the cross-examination of Göring in the interrogation (total). The British Prosecutor Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe (total) directs the interrogation. Lord Justice Lawrence (half total). The defendants (half total). Jackson on the lectern (half total). Question: "when did you realise, that lost the war for Germany?" Reply Göring (quote): "it is extremely difficult to say, in any case, I believe relatively late, so I mean at a relatively late time fixing has formed with me, that the war is lost." Previously I thought still in Remi chances and hoping. Just so I say mid to end of January 1945, January 1945 I saw no hope."
(49 m) 07 pictures from all over the world - title (3 m) a. American giant aircraft aircraft with ongoing propellers (total). Propeller (large). Pan across the machine. Start (total). Passengers in the machine (total). A man shaves, the Stewardeß with a tray (half total). You into the seats sleeping (half total). A young lady in the bed.
(17 m) b. quintuplets the Canadian quintuplets on their 12th birthday. Review: The five babies on the seventh birthday.
(25 m) c. of model cars of model-cars go round and round (half total). Model cars (large). Table with records of individual races (half total).
(19 m) d. diving Tower jumping from different diving boards (total). Several funny cracks by clowns.
(18 m)


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Persons in the Film

Galen von ; Göring, Hermann ; Jackson, Robert ; Lawrence ; Maxwell-Fyfe, David ; Kuzorra ; Lehner, Helga ; Morlock, Max ; Turek, Toni


Stuttgart ; Vienna ; Cheltenham ; Miami Beach ; Gotha ; New Zealand ; United States ; Canada ; London ; Bremen ; Nuremberg ; Berlin ; Münster


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hobby ; Industry ; Justice ; Disasters ; Fire ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Football ; Police ; Cycling ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; exchange market ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Black market ; Deaths, funerals ; diving ; war crimes, war crimes ; Economy ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Fire brigade ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 45/1946

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