Welt im Film 42/1946 08.03.1946


1 representative for Schleswig-Holstein Interior in the Kiel municipal theatre (half total). The military Governor of Schleswig-Holstein, Lieutenant-General Barker speaks (half total) and Steltzer President of the upper. Heads of listeners (large), men and women.
(26 m) 02 Berlin - bunker is hospital Zoo bunker Berlin (total) and closeups. Allied soldiers at the anti-aircraft guns on the roof (half total). Sign "Robert Koch hospital" (large), tooth station. Sisters go through the bunker (half total). The elevator goes up (half-total). The operating room (total). A clear is taken away (total). A doctor takes off his rubber apron (total).
(33 m) 03 London - UN final of the 1st Conference of UN Assembly in London (half total). Ernest Bevin at the lectern (half total). The American delegation leader of Stettinius (half total) goes to the lectern. Secretary-General Trygve Lie speaks (half total). The participants raise at the end.
(34 m) 04. Munich - cleansing law signed the Deputy American commander, Lieutenant-General clay and Ambassador Murphy take part in a meeting in Munich (half total). Wilhelm Hoegner (half total). The Bavarian State Minister of special tasks Schmidt speaks (original): "the first consequence of the announcement of the new law is a flood of letters, I not everyone can answer. I take therefore the opportunity, through the weekly news "World in the film" to respond to the most frequently asked questions." Question: What has the largest group of those responsible to expect, the follower? "The law allows, by paying a fine for the compensation fund or through volunteer labor, to To find the transition into the ranks of democratic forces willing to build the hangers-on." Question: The law only applies to the American zone? "At the moment, Yes." But already there is the principle that the dismissed workers under this Act in a different zone not shall be employed because the attached law policies of the Board are binding for all over Germany. After release of the control board this law should be fundamental to all Germany."
(59 m) 5th salvaged treasures artworks are from crates taken (half total). Stand with images (half total). Restorer at work (half total). Landesmuseum Wiesbaden (total). Visitors in an exhibition (half total). The Guelph treasure with the Guelph cross from the 6th century (total). Self-portrait of Rembrandt's (total). Tilman Riemschneider's evangelist John. Head of Nefertiti from the year 1370 BC (total and large).
(33 m) 06 pictures from all over the world (117 m) a. helicopter with 5 world records flying helicopter (total). Passenger is deposed in the air on a rope (total) and resumed. Helicopter (large) flies with 17 passengers on both sides.
(29 m) b. Stained glass window of Strasbourg Cathedral come back Strasbourg Cathedral (half total). Crates are unloaded (half total). Crates inside the Church will be opened. Stained glass window (large).
(18 m) c. sponge search in the Gulf of Mexico sailing boats (total). A diver jumps into the water (total). The diver comes up (total). A man pours the sponges from the net (half total). Men enter with their feet on the sponges and douse them with water, to remove foreign objects (half total).
(23 m) d. freestyle wrestling in Chicago wrestling in Chicago. An Indian fights against a white man. Fall down, shoulder throw, jumps, etc. (total).
(26 m) sea lions jump e. jumping sea lions at the San Francisco Zoo over an obstacle (total). You blow into a tube (half total) and slip on a slide in the water.
(21 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Barker, David ; Bevin, Ernest ; Clay, Lucius D. ; Lie, Trygve ; Murphy, Kathy ; Schmidt, Loki ; Steltzer ; Stettinius


Chicago ; Wiesbaden ; Strasbourg ; Gotha ; United States ; Munich ; Berlin ; Gulf of Mexico ; London ; Kiel ; San Francisco


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; Justice ; Political events ; Rings ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Diving, diver ; Animals (except dogs) ; UN ; Buildings ; Art ; Works of art ; Medicine ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 42/1946

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