Welt im Film 40/1946 25.02.1946


01 Mrs. Roosevelt visited Germany Mrs Roosevelt in the circle of journalists, speaking (half-total). Woman's head, younger (large). Mrs. Roosevelt leaves the House with a bouquet of flowers (half total) and climb a car. Wagon train at the Brandenburg Gate (half total). Destroyed Reich Chancellery (half total). Mrs. Roosevelt welcomed English officers (half total). The Reich Chancellery bunker (half-total).
(36 m) 02. Pope Pius XII blesses children Pope Pius held (total) on his throne. He blesses the crowd. The Swiss guards (half total). Pope Pius kneeling (half-total). He speaks with people who kneel before him and blesses them (half total). Pope Pius Get up the balcony and blesses the amount (total).
(30 m) 03 Germany - flood aerial photographs of the floodplain of the river Weser. Houses under water, water in the streets (half total). Flooded Hohenzollern bridge in Cologne (half total). The Cologne Cathedral and blasted Rhine bridge (total). Ferries on the river Rhine (total). Residents walk through water on chairs and in boats (half total). Cars and bikes go through the water (half total). A man wears a boy on the back (half total).
(49 m) 4 new from the Nuremberg process General Rudenkow to the lectern holding (half total) the indictment for Russia. The dock (half total). Heinrich Hoffmann, body photograph Hitler, ordered photographs on a table (half total) and passes it a military policeman.
(42 m) 5th Churchill in Miami arrival of a train (half total). Churchill leaves the car (half total). Churchill and Lady Churchill in the car (half total). Palm trees, Churchill and Mrs. Churchill walking in the garden (half total). Newspaper reporter photograph sitting (half-total) Churchill and Lady on a bench. Churchill, alone (large), Mrs Churchill (large).
a. aircraft car small plane flies (26 m) 06 pictures from all over the world (96 m) (total) and lands. A man takes off the wings, and the vehicle runs as a car further (half-total). The vehicle moves in a garage (total).
(20 m) Beach crowded b. heatwave in Australia and people in the lounge chairs (half total). Surf with swimmers (total). Water slides (total). A little boy with swimsuit (half total) drinking from a hose. Boy runs on a rotating wheel in the water and falls into the water (total).
(16 m) c. (total) connection to the moon to make radar radar apparatus. Man operated shift lever (half total). Scoreboard (total). Power surges are recorded (total).
(22 m) d. flying people in a variety driving artists in an airplane under the ceiling (total). Trapeze artist in the tooth slope and the toe slope on the Trapeze (half total). Slapping viewers (half total). The artist dump is (half total).
(38 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Churchill, Winston ; Hoffmann, Heinrich ; Pius XII. ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Rudenkow


Berlin ; United States ; Frankfurt ; Australia ; Nuremberg ; Miami ; West Germany ; Heidelberg ; Rome


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Justice ; cameramen, cameramen ; Disasters ; Children ; Women, mothers ; Leisure, recreation ; News, communications ; Radar ; Travel ; Religious events ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; war crimes, war crimes ; Holiday ; Variety ; Water ; water emergency ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Architecture ; Japan ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 40/1946

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