Welt im Film 36/1946 18.01.1946


01 Germany - inspection trip of Montgomery's car with the British stander moves (half total) Montgomery speaks with refugees in a camp of NISSEN (half total). Montgomery continues down a guard of honor (half total). Montgomery visited the factory of Voigtländer (half total). Montgomery at Polish forced laborers (half total). A child shaking hands with him.
(30 m) 02 Australia - Carnival on the beach parade of floats on the beach of Australia (total). A large car reverses with the label of "Miß Australia" (total). Miß Australia sits on the car between young girls. The car drives into the water (total) and swim in the waves. Waves roll over. Laughing girl (half total).
(41 m) 03 Germany - transport in the building debris from railway wagons and locomotives (half total). Restoration works in a railway repair shop. Workers in the welding of locomotives (half total). A flame furnace manufactured spare parts for freight wagons (half total). Workers roll wheel axles (half total). A locomotive drives (total) in the image.
(48 m) 04 Hamburg - coast guard against trafficking ships at the bridge (total and close). English officers go aboard (total). To investigate the ship, after black ware. A box will open, bags and boxes are loaded on a cart (total). Storage unit with boxes and bags (half total). Cans screen.
(37 m) 5 new from the Nuremberg trials courtroom (half total). The dock. Kaltenbrunner sits between Keitel and Rosenberg. Kaltenbrunner Get up and answer the question of the judge, whether he feels guilty, negative (o). Kaltenbrunner climbs (total), which departs. The defendants carried out individually in the courtroom and To give up the hand (total). First Göring, then Dönitz; Hess; Wheels; von Ribbentrop; von Schirach; Keitel. Table of interpreters, printer, teletype, radio. Girl in the attendant (half total). Auto Attendant (large). A girl on the phone (half total).
(98 m) 06. crime and punishment, the last recordings of William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw, which goes next to a guard named (half total). The crowd outside the courthouse where the death sentence is to be enforced. A policeman hangs a poster, which announces the execution of the wedding.
(20 m) 07 pictures from all over the world (3 m) a. volcanic eruption in New Zealand giant ash cloud. Scientists peruse the site to explore causes of the outbreak (total).
(22 m) b. Modern Calculator calculator (half total) girls. Giant calculator. Various settings of tubes, lamps, switches and motors (large), EDV.
(21 m) c. 5 Russian journalists visit the American zone four Russians and a Russian woman stand side by side, laughing (half-total) during a visit to the American zone.
(12 m) d. Modern Jack a man connects to the exhaust of his car a modern Jack hose and pumps, and lifted up (half total).
(16 m) e. boat race in Cambodia in Cambodia large native boats with 40 aboard a regatta.
(35 m) 08. To securing world peace stabilization of the monetary system - 28 Nations at the UN Security Council in Washington - the representatives of Belgium, Canada and China, then France Henri bonnet. Finance Minister Vinson signed for America, Lord Halifax for England. 1st plenary meeting. From the aircraft at London Airport, rising Soviet Ambassador Gussow and is welcomed (half total). The 'Queen Elisabeth' in the port of Southampton (half total). Incoming: the American delegation with Eleanor Roosevelt and the American delegation leader, Stettinius (half total). Welcoming guests by the Mayor of Southampton.
(40 m) 09 Hofgastein - three King jumping jump (total). Jumps from ski jumpers (total). Winner Palme from Salzburg. Fall (total). Judge table (half total). Viewers (half total).
(51 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bonnet, Henry ; Dönitz, Karl ; Göring, Hermann ; Gussow ; Lord Halifax ; Hess, Rudolf ; Joyce, William ; Kaltenbrunner, Ernst ; Keitel, Wilhelm ; Montgomery, Bernhard ; Raeder, Erich ; Ribbentrop von, Joachim ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Rosenberg, Alfred ; Schirach von, Baldur ; Stettinius ; Vinson ; Palme, Olof


Cambodia ; Hofgastein ; Germany ; Gotha ; Austria ; British zone ; Washington ; Nuremberg ; London ; New Zealand ; United States ; U.S. zone ; Hamburg ; Australia ; Southampton ; Southampton ; British occupation zone


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Railways ; Industry ; Justice ; Disasters ; Refugees ; Foreign workers ; News, communications ; Paddle ; Pacts ; Political events ; Shipping ; beauty pageants ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; UN ; automotive engineering, automotive ; war crimes, war crimes ; Cultural events ; Technology, industry ; Contracts ; Volcano, volcanoes ; Jobs ; Construction ; Crew ; finance ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 36/1946

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