Welt im Film 34/1946 04.01.1946


01 New York--dangerous craft St. Patrick Cathedral in New York with a frame (half total). Swivel to the tower. Aerial view of the Church. Artisans at work at the Tower (half total). Look at the road and the traffic from the top.
(26 m) 02. flying club on the ocean landing area for aircraft, designed on the sea and the waves moving (half-total). A plane flies in and Lands (total). A man wearing a rocket and affix to the airplane they (half total), to increase the launch speed. Launch of the aircraft (total).
(21 m) 03 Bayern - end a Sprengstoffabrik Lieutenant-General Truscott solves the blast off (half total). The factory exploded, clouds of smoke (total). Debris from the factory after the explosion. Soldiers go through the debris. Powder factory Kaufbauren, belonged to the IG colors group.
(28 m) 04 Japan - Hirohito reported the ancestral Emperor Hirohito gets out of a car (total), greets and goes with Entourage to the tomb of his ancestors. The Fujiyama. Emperor Hirohito (alone, half the total), with many orders. Japanese priest in rites in the grave Temple (half total). Hirohito leaves the cemetery.
(25 m) 05 Holland - the Red Devils from Arnhem British paratroopers visit their former battle site in Arnhem (half total). Dutch houses and a small church (total). Mass parachute jump 1944, disguised soldier on the gun (half total). Zerbombtes House (total). Soldiers with a woman, laughing (half total). Warm welcome and reunion among the population (half total).
(37 m) 06. North Africa - State visit in the desert aerial view of the desert. The French Governor-General of Algiers in Chataigneau welcomes the Welcoming Committee. (total). Camel riding (half total), and standing in a row (total). Children waving flags. Indigenous peoples are on the road. Parade of camel riders before the Governor. You are on the camels. Veiled women (half total). The Governor gets out of the plane and goes from the company of the natives (half total). He greeted local dignitaries.
(49 m) 07 Mule for Greece are mules loaded on station wagons (total). You go up a ramp in the car. The train departs. In the port of Bari, the Mule in a network by a crane on the vessel be lifted (total and half total) and again unloaded in a Greek port on the same way. Mules are on land (total) and be led away. Through rough mountainous terrain, a mule carrying loads (total).
(52 m) 08 Finland – Sibelius of at the age of 80 Jean Sibelius at his home. He goes around the room and facing his wife read him (half total). Sibelius alone (half-total).
(16 m) 09 sports pictures from France: fencing, boxing fencing: French world champion Pécheux against Zapelli, foil. The electrical display device with blazing on lamp (total). Two men as a spectator (half total). The legs of the fencer (large). Klatschendes audience (half total). Gong beat. Boxing match in Paris: Sauthuille against Joe Brun. Point victory for Sauthuille: Marcel Cerdan boxing against Buttin. Box scenes. Buttin is knocked down several times and hanging on the ropes. Marcel Cerdan Ko victory. No close-ups.
(53 m) 10 United States - two important new bridges which destroyed Rhine bridge at Mainz (half total). Welding work on the bridge. Allied soldiers occurred. An officer cut the Ribbon at the opening of the highway bridge over the Teltow Canal in Berlin. General Barker (half total). Sign "Hamlin Bridge". Two cars drive over the bridge (total). View of the bridge (half total).
(45 m) 11 fashion art in the Lecture Hall of Los Angeles - fashion artists at work (half total). The living model, a fabric is draped (total). Drawings of female students. Fashion show. Evening dresses, beach dresses (total). Young girl as a spectator (total), in the garden. A mannequin sitting on the lawn and pulls out a beach jacket.
(27 m) 12th Red Army leaves Prague a boy in uniform a Russian soldier handed a bunch of flowers (half total). Russian soldiers with flowers (half total). Russian troops marching through the streets (total). Crowd. The soldiers are umdrängt of people (total). A truck with Russian soldiers and flowers. Wave. People reach the hands of the soldiers Goodbye (half total).
REIT (30 m) 13-funny - and fall tournament tab to move into the stadium by Tokyo (total). Spectators in the stadium (half total). Ride of a soldier on Emperor Hirohito mold. Rodeo horses and bulls (total). Two men riding on a bull (total). A jeep drives (total) over a jump.
(31 m)


Persons in the Film

Brun, Joe ; Buttin ; Barker, David ; Chataigneau ; Hirohito von Japan ; Sibelius, Jan ; Truscott ; Cerdan, Marcel ; Pecheux ; Sauthuille ; Zapelli


Paris ; Tokyo ; Mainz ; Berlin ; New York ; Gotha ; Kaufbeuren, Germany ; England ; North Africa ; Finland ; Los Angeles ; Prague ; Arnhem ; Japan ; Holland ; Bari


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Dismantling ; Craft ; Higher education ; Children ; Fencing ; Women, mothers ; Parades ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Rodeo ; Reviews ; Schools, training ; Sensations ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Blasting ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; Electronics ; Landscapes ; Military ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Military ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 34/1946

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