Welt im Film 32/1945 21.12.1945


01 England - largest ship in the largest dock the ship Queen Elizabeth half total with steaming stacks. The dry dock of Southampton, total. Whirlpool, screen-filling. The ship from the front, total, close-up of the bug with font Queen Elisabeth. Many men pull tow ropes, totally. Close-up of the ship from the front. Painter in the painting of the ship, half total. Close-up of the bugs with swing from top to bottom to the anchor chains. Close-up of the propellers. Workers appear tiny. Close up of the vessel, pivoting around the ship forward.
(51 m) 02 Hamburg - fight of the disease shield typhoid vaccination. Two reporter wearing a sick person out of the House in the ambulance, totally. Men in disinfecting clothes carry bedding from bed posts and to disinfect the bed position and the room, half total. Fill the bedding in a waiting car, totally. Close-up of a man with a mask over the face. Shield large Bakt. Laboratory. Technicians at work, half the total, in the laboratory. Many large and small vaccine bottles side by side, filling picture. Close-up of a syringe and the bottle with vaccine. Crowd prior to the injection point, half total. People go to the vaccination venue, half total. Vaccination in the breast, half total. Protection certificate, great.
(43 m) 03 football - international competition in Vienna the teams run spectators, half the total, half total. Pan of the French team, half total, Austrian Elf, half total. The leader of the game To give the hand, half total. The stadium, half total. Game scenes and less clear shot on goal. A French player makes a throw-in, total. Indistinct game scenes. Occupation soldiers among the spectators.
(60 m) 4th U.S. commemoration of the Navy In the background the silhouette of the skyscrapers of New York. In the foreground sailors at a memorial service. The American flag and a white flag with a Red Cross in the wind fluttering, great. A ship laden with wreaths and flowers is, half total. Naval gun, before wreaths, large, in the background the statue of liberty.(Good attitude). Sailors cast wreaths and flowers overboard, half total. Officers salute. Floating wreaths on the sea.
(34 m) 5th Brussels celebrates Churchill driving wagon train, totally. Young people in the branches of a tree, total. Churchill with cylinder and daughter Mary, in uniform in an open car, half total. Shield, large, Avenue Winston Churchill. Churchill waving standing in the car, driving past cheering people, half the total. In the University, Churchill receives honorary doctorate, half total. Churchill Get up the balcony of the town hall with daughter Mary, half total. Crowds, from the top photographs, forming a V sign. Churchill, half the total, with Hat waving, on the balcony. Churchill goes on board a ship, totally. Churchill waves ashore, half total from behind.
(40 m) 6th Kiel - University again opened total of a-filled Hall. Professor, laterally great. The President speaks, half total. Students go on a ship, where they live, half total. When working with tables sitting in the cabin of the ship, half total. Close-ups of the faces of students in the Lecture Hall.
(38 m) 07. Almost 1000 km/h jet fighters at the airfield, total. The pilot climbs, half total. Close-up of the nozzle and a wheel. Start of the airplane, totally. Aerial photographs from the flying pulpit on water and sand. Flying hunters, total. Observers on the Earth, total. Landing, total.
(50 m) 8th Athens - Canada's first Ambassador vessels in the port of Athens, half total. Canada's first Ambassador major general la Pleche, great. He goes with wife, son and daughter of the ship, half total. Workers go cart with sacks, half total. The Ambassador checks the contents of bags, half total.
(27 m) 09 Burma - cinema in the jungle total, primitive benches. The disinfectant, get hands. A narrow film equipment, half total. Excerpts from the presented film, including Lana Turner. Faces of indigenous girls, big, and close-ups of native.
(28 m) 10 Dachau process - the judgment of the courtroom, half total. The judges come in. Judges and audience contact, half total. The dock, half total. Large: Accused Nr. 1 camp commandant Gottfried Weiss, accused Nr. 3 Josef Jaroli, accused Nr. 15 of doctor Klaus Karl Schilling. Big other prisoners, Nr. 27 Fritz Cup. Swearing of witnesses, half total. The witness goes to the dock and shows on a prisoner who stands up. Prince Friedrich Leopold of Preussen on the witness stand, half total. The Defender talks, half total. In the Court the accused go in a row for dinner, half total. Food output from a saucepan in trowel, half total. Dr. Weiss, Commandant of the camp sits at the table, half total. Annoying Dr. Schilling waves against the camera, half total. Guard at the gate, total. The verdict is read, half total. The judge, the interpreter translated the verdict, O sound. The defendants will be called individually and hear their judgment standing half total. Bodies of concentration camp.
(150 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Becher, Fritz ; Churchill, Mary ; Churchill, Winston ; Friedrich Leopold von Preußen ; Jarolin, Josef ; Schilling, Klaus Karl ; Weiss, Gottfried


Vienna ; Gotha ; Burma ; England ; Brussels ; Kiel ; Dachau ; Hamburg ; Southampton ; New York ; United States ; Athens


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Higher education ; Justice ; filmmaking ; Football ; Religious events ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; concentration camp ; Medicine ; People ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 32/1945

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