Welt im Film 31/1945 14.12.1945


01. 1939 - 45 aircraft factories work 1946 for peace English factory with aircraft parts, half total. Workers at machines with boards for the production of furniture half total. Worker hammers with drills, workers on a box, working plane, half total. Cabinets are moved by workers, half total. Norddeutsche Dornier-Werke in Lübeck. Machines, large, press pots. Worker before the machine, half total. Drill, big. Frying pans, screen-filling. Worker with large saucepan. Pot is immersed in aluminium bath, big. Cooking pots stacked up.
(59 m) 02. Zell am see - ski champion in training the cable train to the Summit. Views from the train in the mountain landscape, total. Arrival of the mountain train to the station, half total. Conductor opens the door, half total. The passengers leave the cab, half total. Skiers leave the hotel with your skis on the back totally, and go to the practice slope. The ski instructor descends the slalom slope, total. Slalom skiers cruise. The Austrian top skier Nicky Banbauer runs, total.
(58 m) 3rd Manila - Yamashita's trial In the courtroom the present at the entrance of the judge, rise to half total. The Japanese General Tomojuki Yamashita is, and half total. The judges table, the listener, half total. The Japanese General, half the total, with interpreters. The verdict is read.
(33 m) 04 Berlin - taking debris from Berlin Stork, half total. Children play in a car wreck and in the ruins, half total. Stork vehicles large sign sign up here. Children are injected by sisters with a disinfectant spray, half total. The children arrive in the country and will be received by farmers, half total. The children stand next to a sheep on the Meadow, half total.
Street spooky (26 m) 05 Austria - in the snow in the winter of bad Mitterndorf in the Salzkammergut region. Men with masks go through the snow, totally. The individual masks, large. Death, Devil, sheep. Close-ups of anxious and weeping children. The masks track people and catch them, half total. The masks make a flap in front of your face and drink wine from a large glass, half total.
(61 m) 06. two sport - 1 dynamic football 2nd hockey out of mothballs the stadium in Wales, half total. The football teams from Cardiff and Dynamo Moscow, half the total. The Cardiff team handed over a gift of Moscow Elf, half total. The Russian team, half total. Game scenes. Viewer settings, smiling and smacking. Result: Cardiff invade Dynamo 1:10 (66 m) 02 hockey out of the mothballs young girls in old fashioned hockey dress (long skirts and hats). Behind it comes a modern women's team. Pan over a long skirt, blouse, hat, then hockey shoes, socks, short skirt. The referee with a beard whistling the game, half the total. Bulli between the old-fashioned and modern Mittelstürmerin. Game scenes. Girl running with upscale high skirts, half total. The goalkeeper lifts the skirt, you can see the leg guard rails. Country result: 6-0 for the players flooded by 1895 (66 m) 7th Australia - flooding in New South Wales, total. In the streets, boys go with Paddle boats, totally. Fuel pump under water, on the porch of a House with a window, in which stands a woman with swimsuit, half total. Bridges, in the water, omnibus in the water, almost half total. Small increases in cattle has accumulated, total. Bird livestock in the water. Collapsed parts of houses and houses under water.
(44 m) 8th Nuremberg trials - defendant Hess Rudolf Hess a declaration holds the, original sound - fully responsible for all their actions and action. No close-ups of Hess.
(99 m) 9 New York - day of the Navy arrived in pan about Marines, in long rows. Warships on the Hudson, total. Franklin D. Roosevelt, rear big carrier. Eleanor Roosevelt, half total. The American flag is blowing at the ship, half total. President Truman at the lectern, half total. Aircraft flying a parade and make the letters D R. parade by Navy troops F, half total. President Truman, waving in an open car, half total. Confetti. Skyscrapers, half total. Crowds of people in the New York City Central Park. Truman speaks. Crowded street with cars, total. Parade of ships in the Hudson, long shots and individual settings. Truman goes aboard a ship and is raised on the command Bridge, half total. Guns fire, big salute. Silhouette of the shore in the evening with a Zeppelin in the clouds, total.
(76 m) 10 Hamburg - German help German pan across the City Hall to the City Hall square. Mayor Rudolf Petersen sits behind his desk and speaks, O sound. Call to the German help. Sign German help deposits. People face on a switch and pay a half total. Donations list named each other, half total. Toy workshop, half total, wood cart, wooden doll prams, dolls. Kitchens German Red Cross sign. Red Cross stir sisters in large kettles, half total. They remove loaves, you take sausages off the hook, fill drink in a Cup. Food output. Eating people, eating child, minor child will be fed, half total.
(75 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Bambauer, Nicky ; Hess, Rudolf ; Petersen, Rudolf ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Truman, Harry ; Yamashita, Tomojuli


Wales ; England ; Zell am see ; Bad Mitterndorf ; New York ; Hamburg ; Lübeck ; Manila ; Nuremberg ; Australia ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Customs ; Industry ; Justice ; Disasters ; Children ; photojournalist ; Flags ; Football ; Parades ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Toys, toys ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Costumes ; Debris ; war crimes, war crimes ; People ; Military events ; Water ; water emergency ; Winter ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Hockey ; Gastronomy ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 31/1945

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