Welt im Film 30/1945 11.12.1945


01. the Nuremberg trials - 2nd picture report from the courtroom In the courtroom rise those present at the entrance of the judge and sit back, half total. The dock with the accused, half total. Bottom row from right: tray, Funk, Streicher, Frick, Franck, Rosenberg. Top row right: Fritsche, from Neurath, spear, Seyss in Landquart. Bottom row from right: Franck, Rosenberg, Keitel, Ribbentropp, Göring. Top row number from the right: by Papen in conversation with Seyss in Landquart, Jodl, Sauckel. A table that shows the outline of the State and the party, hangs totally on the wall. At the lectern of the back of Bay. O sound, half total. A technical malfunction of the headphones is examined. At the lectern of the defender of II, O sound. In the freeze on negotiations, the defendants sometimes slightly larger in the picture, in the conversation. The American Chief Prosecutor Robert Jackson for his indictment. See excerpts translated text of the speech, the text documents.
(180 m) 02. First Christmas for KZ - children aircraft at an airport in England, totally. Children get off the plane, half total. The children sit in the airplane restaurant tables, half total. Children at dinner of soup, half total. Kids eat at a Christmas Christmas present in Hamburg, half total sausage and bread. Women distribute wooden toys, half total.
(38 m) 03 London - collection of the new Lord Mayor band moves through the streets of London, half total. Parading Marines, Lady chapel and female troops unit, guardians of the towers (beaf eaters) in historical uniforms March, half total. The car of the Lord Mayor. He's getting out, half total.
(35 m) 04 Austria selects released recording from Vienna, half totally vague. Large paper rolls are rolled in a House, half total. Vote for Communist election posters! Austrian Socialist Party. Caucuses with many people, half the total. Rolled-up flags with the hammer and sickle, half total. Slamming people and girls, great. Sign polling station. People show their passports at polling station and get half total ballots. State Secretary Figl at the ballot box, half total. Hands into the ballot envelope, big. A military vehicle, holds total in front of a deserted House to pick up voters. Shield polling Gurk elementary school. People in freight rates go at the polling station, totally. The ballot, great. Federal Chancellor Dr. Renner comes and greets with the hat, half total. He puts the ballot in the envelope. Rotary machine. Large Austrian Volksstimme newspaper the election result. The Chairman of the victorious people's Party Secretary Figl sits at his desk and on the phone, half total.
(78 m) 05 radio under construction and a musical insert pan over a tower of radio Frankfurt. A worker working on the mast, half total. Sign Studio A. broadcast in the dark with speakers, half total. Broadcasting house in Munich, facade, half total. Sign Studio with two lamps, totally. A worker working on a pipe in a crumbled wall. A pianist plays between props and masonry blocks, half total. Man and woman go up the stairs. Close-up of the microphone. The announcer says O sound. At the piano, two Allied soldiers who play the piano, whistle and sing, sit half total. The sound engineer at the mixing desk, half total. Hands, great piano playing.
(78 m) 06. Leningrad - a tower was Admiralty building in Leningrad hidden, half total. Partial view of pillars and Tower. A worker climbing roped at the Tower, half total, to remove a protective cover, which had been installed as protection against air attacks. Aerial photographs of Leningrad. The worker at the top of the Tower, half total. The cover falls from the top of the Tower, half total.
(32 m) 07. All years of the Regensburger domspatzen choir of the Regensburger domspatzen sings again - Christmas sing "Silent night, Holy night." The conductor, great. Most settings of singers. Devout audience, nun, great. Painting of the Church, winter landscape, snowy FIR, mountain stream in the ice, snow-covered mountain peaks and houses. Ringing bells, big.
(89 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Figl, Leopold ; Frank, Hans ; Frick, Wilhelm ; Fritsche, Hans ; Funk, Walther ; Göring, Hermann ; Jodl, Alfred ; Jackson, Robert ; Keitel, Wilhelm ; Neurath von, Konstantin ; Papen von, Franz ; Renner ; Ribbentrop von, Joachim ; Rosenberg, Alfred ; Sauckel, Fritz ; Seyss Inquart, Arthur ; Speer, Albert ; Schacht, Hjalmar ; Streicher, Julius


Frankfurt ; Munich ; Leningrad ; Gotha ; Vienna ; England ; Würzburg ; Nuremberg ; Hamburg ; Regensburg ; London ; Austria ; Zugspitze


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bells ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Justice ; Children ; Flags ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Parades ; Political events ; Radio, television ; Toys, toys ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Buildings ; concentration camp ; war crimes, war crimes ; People ; Elections ; Christmas ; Winter ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Construction ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 30/1945

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