Welt im Film 29/1945 07.12.1945


1st United States - 2 aircraft carrier ship shipyard, large pan over the bow of the vessel. The naming, half total. The aircraft carrier rolls slowly into the water, shot from the front, great. Long shot of the dock in the background ship in the water. Aerial photographs of the deck, half total. Long shot of the ship under the bridge from San Francisco. Shot of the deck. Sailors lined up. A Zeppelin in the air, total. Fountain of a fire boat on arrival, total. Waving people ashore, half total. Huge aircraft carrier from the bottom, great. Sailors with Duffel go the ship, half total. You will be greeted by their wives, half total. Long shot of the aircraft carrier at the bridge.
(37 m) 02 Bavaria - the first toys hands draw a lion on wood, half total. A Carpenter at work using a fretsaw, half total. Cut-out wood figures, screen-filling. Carpenters with wooden horse, wooden rooster and wooden elephant, half total. A lion is painted, a dog, a duck, half total. Elephants in a row, behind taps, half total. Pan across wooden ducks. Long shot of a storefront with children before. Dolls and wooden animals in the shop window, half total. Onlookers are facing the window, half total.
(38 m) 03 England - storm surge on the South coast of Wan Sun behind the cliffs of England, totally. The stormy sea, great. The waves roll against the docks, half total. Flooded embankment with high peaks, half total. Women going into the wind, half total. Men shoveling sand into trucks, total. Ruined walls of banks, destroyed House, half total.
(32 m) 04 Salzburg - puppets speak English sign Salzburg marionette theatre-filling image. Puppet performance in English, O tone: "Mozart at the Court of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria." Hands with puppet strings, audience settings, half total. Legs and feet of a visitor in old pants and old shoes. The curtain falls.
(55 m) 05. United States - climax of the football season scenes from an American football game, half the total, and spectator stands.
(63 m) 6 new from the far East population of Hong Kong on the road in anticipation of the invasion troops, half total. Arrival of the troops, half total. Asia landscape with a river, total. Natives on a ship, half total. From a seaplane, sacks are unloaded, half total. Waving British flag, half total, on the mast. The English Lieutenant-Colonel Chapman, great. Admiral converses Sir Louis Mountbatton with former British prisoners of war, half total. Time series of on the beaten Japanese, half total. The Commander will be sampled for weapons, half total. He reports, after he ran through swampy terrain, the transfer of the troops and put his sword on the table, half total. March past the Japanese raised the British flag, half total.
(73 m) 07. The Nuremberg trials - the 1. Weekly news - recorded from the courtroom of the Nuremberg Court building, façade, half total. Process sample in the courtroom, half total. Examination of technical equipment (headphones), half the total. The street in front of the Court. Plate No. Lotte ring - standing around is prohibited. Tanks and soldiers outside the courthouse, half the total. Check at the entrance. Pass card, great. Lieutenant-General Truscott, Commander of the 3rd U.S. Army, comes. The process begins. The present rise, the judges come, half total. Pan Hess, von Ribbentrop, Keitel, through the Hall to the dock with Göring, wheels, Schirach, Sauckel, Jodl, Papen, Rosenberg, Franck, Frick, Streicher, radio, shaft, Seyss in Landquart, Speer, Neurath, Fritsche, Dönitz. All vague. The English Lord Justice Lawrence opened the hearing, O sound, half total. The American indictment representative speaks, O sound. He calls the individual defendants who appear individually larger in the picture. The four Nations, half total prosecution tables. The defendants received the indictments.
(207 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Dönitz, Karl ; Frank, Hans ; Frick, Wilhelm ; Fritsche, Hans ; Funk, Walther ; Göring, Hermann ; Hess, Rudolf ; Jodl, Alfred ; Keitel, Wilhelm ; Lawrence ; Mountbatten, Louis ; Neurath von, Konstantin ; Papen von, Franz ; Raeder, Erich ; Ribbentrop von, Joachim ; Rosenberg, Alfred ; Sauckel, Fritz ; Seyss Inquart, Arthur ; Speer, Albert ; Schacht, Hjalmar ; Schirach von, Baldur ; Streicher, Julius ; Truscott


United States ; Nuremberg ; White Castle ; England ; Hong Kong ; West Malaya ; Salzburg ; New York ; San Francisco ; Asia


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Justice ; Disasters ; Children ; Football ; Shipping ; Toys, toys ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; Electronics ; war crimes, war crimes ; Puppets ; Water ; water emergency ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Football ; Industrial ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 29/1945

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