Welt im Film 28/1945 19.11.1945


01 Washington celebrates a banner under American flag welcome Nimitz Admiral Nimitz. Catchment in Washington. Admiral Nimitz, waving to the people out of an open car, totally. Parade of marine vehicles, marine helpers and dogs. Parade season of Navy aircraft. The grandstand is designed as a replica of the battleship Missouri. Admiral Nimitz is waved in the stands.
(63 m) 02. Frankfurt am Main - opening the stock exchange in Frankfurt, total, with burnt out roof and bomb damage to the facade. A representative of the military Government's giving a toast. Stockbrokers take a table space.
(24 m) 03 London - the Derby of the poor-man's home a Greyhound race. Some slow motion shots of the race, but vague and far. Finish line with timepiece and objective photography.
Homecoming of the bells, many bells lie (33 m) 04. Belgium - in the port of Antwerp. A crane lifts the bells. Bell, great. Trucks drive back the bells to their previous locations. Priest adorn the bells with flowers. An officer hits on the Bell and bring them to the blades.
(34 m) 5th Berlin - nomads which city is a Berlin train station crowded with refugees, sitting with their possessions. A train with refugees on the running boards and car roofs.
return (40 m) 06. Florida - Danish sailing ship sailing vessel on the sea. American flag blowing on the mast. The Danish flag is raised at the solemn ceremony of the sailors on deck. Sailors raise the sail and climb into the shrouds. A sailor on the steering wheel, great. Pan over the moving ship, tall and handsome.
(34 m) 07. In the camp of the generals barracks near Kassel. Senior officers go through the courtyard in a barracks. An officer reads, another lies on a bed of boards. The General feldmarschalle Listt and Loeb set Solitaire, large. Two officers in the game of chess. Officers at the laundry hanging, saws, box making, wooden shoe making and stocking Cap. (46 m) 08 Stockholm - great fashion in small-format exhibition French fashion of small dolls. The Royal family among the visitors. Application of evening dresses.
The dome of the St. Stephen's Cathedral, bomb damage to the Opera today (33 m) 09 Vienna. The town hall with branded out roof truss, the Urania, the Castle Theater facade with bomb damage, the blasted Danube Canal Bridge, hotel Metropol, ruins, Schönbrunn. Tanks in the city, the Prater a debris field. Sign this city is a gem in my eyes. I'm taking them in that version which is worthy of this Pearl. (O sound Hitler). Images of war. Sign Vienna defended up to the last (Goebbels). Shelled in Vienna. Capture of soldiers with your hands. II German army moves into captivity. Imperial Eagle with swastika is shattered. Entry of the Russians. Vienna's new Government. The English broadcaster Patrick Smith speaks sound from microphone, O. Men in clean-up work. Rubble women. A smoking chimney. (117 m) 10 Algeria - the Festival of the Senoussis the French Governor-General in Chataigneau distinguishes the Sheikh Bon Tek with the Ribbon of the Légion d'honneur. Festive parade. In addition to the Sheikh's Chataigneau. Folk Festival, flutist.
(27 m) 11. With fins and dynamite inflatable boat with divers. You jump into the water. The divers swim in the sea and clear block from the inner harbour. American divers from Borneo to jump in the water, the divers column is pulled back on board.
(64 m) 12 Vienna - anniversary of the Soviet Republic address Chancellor Dr. Renner, then speaks Marshal Konjew. Guests clap. The Vienna Philharmonic play the King scene from the Opera Boris Godunow under direction of Professor Krips. The conductor and the Orchestra.
(60 m)


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Bon Tek ; Chataigneau ; Konjew ; Krips ; List von ; Loeb von ; Admiral Niemitz ; Renner ; Smith, Patrik


London ; Vienna ; Frankfurt ; Berlin ; Belgium ; Borneo ; Kassel ; Stockholm ; Algeria ; Washington ; Florida ; Frankfurt/Main ; England


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Railways ; Bells ; Emblems ; Refugees ; Musical events ; Medals, awards, honors ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Cities ; Diving, diver ; Debris ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; Electronics ; festivals ; greyhound racing ; Fashion ; Construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; finance ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 28/1945

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