Welt im Film 26/1945 09.11.1945


01 London - historic station again on horse guards riding out of the gate by Whitehall. Large crowd behind a grille. An officer rides past on the front. The officer alone, big in the picture.
(42 m) 02. Far East - the liberation of Korea's aerial view of Korea. American troops marched into the capital of Kyongsong. Slapping people. In front of a House a transparent Korea welcomes allied forces and posters on walls of houses. Japanese flag on government buildings. In the Government building, the signing of the surrender document is Instead of. The Japanese flag down to the mast. Waving American flag on the mast.
(32 m) 03 Munich - Exchange Centre for all and all plate exchange Central Office. People jostle in the entrance. Shoes, a violin and radio are secreted. Radios and accordions are available on a table. Crowds in the area. An older woman with a headscarf, large. A Board with many shoes. A man checks shoe. A man brings a suit of clothes hook. A child looks over the table. Lachendes two dolls, big girl. In the picture: satchels, baby car, clock, musical instruments, baby strollers, bicycles.
(42 m) 04 sports from 3 countries England: football England Wales. Shooting club of Wales. Crowd. The goalkeeper stops. The goalie jumps at the feet of a player and catches the ball. Delivery of the goalkeeper. Game scenes, far. Result 1:0 for Wales. Vienna: motorcycles from the start. The Starter reduces the starting flag. The riders push the machine and leave. Viewers on the edge of the road and in the trees. A boy in the tree. Motorcyclists in the curve. A driver picks up his bike fallen to again and climb. Audience impressions, some of the occupying soldiers. The winner Rudolf Runtsch receives the wreath. Washington: President Truman arrives surrounded by bodyguards to the baseball fight Washington against St. Louis in his car in the stadium. Truman is waving to the stands. He writes his name on the ball and throws it. Scenes from the game, unclear. Crowded ranks. Truman drinking from a Cup.
(101 m) 5th Paris - Vienna - again Arlberg Expreß a train through the countryside. The platoon commander, on the side. Panoramic view from the driver's cab on the track after driving through a tunnel. The train station Feldkirch. Flag of Switzerland, Austria and France. Paris-Vienna train sign. Occupation soldiers and female military train look out the window. Mountain landscape, the same pair of tracks. Railway station Innsbruck. The chef picks up food. Wheels up, big hit. The chef is in the kitchen. Dining car and waiters and guests at dinner.
(52 m) 06. Pittsburgh - temperament on the ice in an ice Revue dancing girls. A pair of spin. Can-can on the ice.
(29 m) 7 Hamburg - the end of Fink II submarine bunker Finkenwerder. Bomb damage. Sign warning danger to life. Bunker is blown up. English pioneers upload bursting out of vehicles and attach the bomb fuses. A car moves forward and unrolls the ignition cable. General Barker, Commanding General of the 8th Corps, looks through a pair of binoculars. A wristwatch displays 15.30, great. Demolition. Clouds of smoke. The officers take a boat to visit. Ruins of the bunker and flying gulls, far.
(79 m) 08 U.S. airfield in the garden a small plane flies to, begins in a holding device and glides on a rope with reduced speed for landing. The start takes place in the same way.
(21 m) 09 Belsen and Nuremberg defendants from Belsen enter the courtroom. "The beast of Belsen" Josef Kramer, as defendant no. 1, great in the picture. It follows the female supervisor Irma Greese. The defendant side by side in the dock. Body mountains of the concentration camp. Nuremberg. Workers set up negotiating room. The American Federal Judge Robert Jackson comes to visit. The prison in Nuremberg. The cell doors with signs: H. Göring, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Karl Dönitz, Franz von Papen. An American soldier looks through the Sehloch. The food is served in the giant door. Long shot inside the prison corridors with patrolling guards.
Horses for Europe horses in freedom Gallop (77 m) 10 Canada - through the fields. Canadian farmers, Cowboys and Indians in the conversation in a village. You ride, to capture the horses. Horse hunting. The herd swims across a river. She runs into a fence. The Cowboys start the horses with the Lasso. Horse trek. Loaded in wagons, not without difficulties. The train departs.
(59 m)


Narration (English)

Persons in the Film

Barker, David ; Greese, Irma ; Jackson, Robert ; Kramer, Josef ; Truman, Harry ; Runtsch, Rudolf


Vienna ; London ; Washington ; Pittsburgh ; Hamburg ; Paris ; Korea ; United States ; Munich ; Canada ; Belsen ; Nuremberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Baseball ; Dismantling ; Railways ; Ice skating ; close-ups, detail ; Trade, finance ; Hunting, Hunter ; Justice ; Children ; photojournalist ; Flags ; Women, mothers ; Football ; motor sports ; Posters, fonts, banners ; exchange market ; Toys, toys ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Blasting ; Black market ; Animals (except dogs) ; Watches ; concentration camp ; War, prisoners of war ; Electronics ; war crimes, war crimes ; Curfew ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Revues ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; aerial photographs ; Gastronomy ; Military ; Sports honors ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 26/1945

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