Welt im Film 16/1945 31.08.1945


01 Pacific: In the struggle with the Typhoon warships on the sea. High waves hit overboard. Sailors take advantage with buckets of water from the ship. High seas. Destruction on the deck of the ship. A sailor fights on the deck with the storm. The Cruiser Pittsburgh loses his bow. Knocked down bug floating on the sea, is taken in tow and rescued. Ships total. The close to Pittsburgh without big bug. Waving American flag.
(66 m) 02 firewood for the winter of Gmünd in Württemberg. Forest. Lumberjacks cut trees with axe and saw. High tree trunks and tree crowns. Felled trees are debarked. Women and children collect branches. Boy chopping wood, then high being dragged in a basket at the House in the attic.
(42 m) 03 New York: bomber bouncing against skyscrapers Misty backdrop of the Empire State Building. Street scene. People run. Smoke from being emitted from the top floors of the Empire State Building. Firefighter injects into the House with hoses. Fires. Look down on the street. Evacuation of injured on wearing in waiting cars. Destroyed rooms, offices and ceilings. Empire State Building total.
(54 m) 04. Paris: alpine holiday for French children in a Paris train station a Kindertransport boards a train, then departing. Alpine village in southern France. Three boys jump out of bed. Panoramic view from the balcony on meadows and Alpine houses. In the background of the Mont Blanc. Two girls in the bathtub and scrub off himself. Children when brushing your teeth. By nurse dresses will be patched. Drinking coffee in the garden. The children are on the sun terrace in the Sun. Play in the yard. Visit of the Minister of health.
(41 m) 05. The largest flying boat in the world workers are on the wings of the giant flying boat Hawaii Mars and waving. Military vehicles go to the flying boat, a smaller plane passes through under the wings. (Size demonstration). The flying boat will be christened and rolls into the sea. Starting from the sea and air, close. Landing on the sea.
(39 m) 06. Swedish athletes in London White City Stadium in London. Start of the two-mile run. Gunder Häg lies first in second place and then goes into the lead. He runs alone as winner by a wide margin in the target. 1 mile: The Swede Arne Andersson runs before the Englishman Widderson. In the last round, Widderson exists, but again overtaken by Andersson in the final sprint.
(52 m) 7th North Sweden: Eclipse Observatory in northern Sweden. The reflector is set on a telescope. In the picture: moon shadow grows over the Sun, until the Sun is totally obscured and pulls back on the other side.
(27 m) 08 Schleswig-Holstein: harvest work soldiers in a camp. Drive trucks to farms. Work with the introduction of the harvest on a Hay wagon, on the plow and the threshing machine. Pilgrims, soldiers and children on horses. Soldiers leave a ship in the port of Travemünde and go to the release post. They March with rucksacks through the village. Allies (69 m) surrendered 09 Japan - crash world domination plan London celebrates the victory. Parades and mass gatherings in Picadilly and Trafalgar Square. Emperor Hirohito, riding on a white horse, diminishes the parade of Japanese soldiers. Potsdam negotiating table. Archive footage: Churchill, Truman and Stalin. FLASHBACK: in 1931 the Japanese in Shanghai and Manchuria invade. Shooters in the city streets and fires. 1937: Shanghai is on fire. Older bombers. Fleeing people and deaths on the roads. The refugees flock to the international enclave, which will be sealed because of overcrowding. Old woman on the road and is guarded by the daughter. Trick: world globe, drawn the advance of the Japanese to the Philippines and Hawaii. The American fleet after the attack on Pearl Harbour. Fires and shipwrecks. Trick: world globe, marked the advance of the Japanese imganzen Southern Pacific. Hong Kong falls to the Japanese in the hands. Singapore. Europeans leave the city and go on a ship. Burning tanks. Japanese officers celebrating the victory with toast. Landscape of Burma. Tanks and jungle war. Here began the Allied triumph. Close to Admiral Niemitz, alone in the picture, Commander of the Allied fleet. Pilots, guns, fighting on the Islands, dead. General Mac Arthur's Entourage through the shallow water in the Philippines. The Allied fleet. Admiral Frazer, Commander of the British fleet, close. Japanese suicide pilots. Barrage of defensive guns. Crashes of aircraft, burning in the sea. Start the American Super fortresses after Japan. In Potsdam: Attlee, Truman, Stalin. London: Piccadilly, moving in front of the Buckingham Palace with pivoted Ami flags.
(194 m)


Persons in the Film

Andersson, Arne ; Frazer ; Hirohito von Japan ; MacArthur, Douglas ; Admiral Niemitz ; Haeg, Gunder ; Widderson


London ; New York ; Shanghai ; Paris ; Schleswig-Holstein ; Baltimore ; Japan ; Gmünd/Württemberg ; Travemünde ; Pacific ; South of France ; Potsdam ; Tokyo ; North Sweden ; Pearl Harbour ; Philippines


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bombs ; Railways ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Japan ; Disasters ; Children ; Harvest ; Fire ; Refugees ; Forestry ; Parades ; Travel ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Yo-Yo ; sports facilities ; Cities ; Buildings ; War, prisoners of war ; maps ; Landscapes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Holiday ; festivals ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; Foreign workers ; Agriculture ; aftermath of war


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Welt im Film 16/1945

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