Welt im Film 6/1945 22.06.1945


01 stoppage in Flensburg Flensburg Harbour. Dönitz's Admiral uniform to ship Patria. Soldiers are investigated with arms raised before capture. British tanks. Grand Admiral Dönitz and general peace Castle left the Hadrian. Barracks with National Socialist emblem (large). German officers with folded hands behind the head are examined and sampled. British flag flies on House. Dönitz's interrogation. Speer Minister of armaments, General Jodl, and Grand Admiral Dönitz (all great). General von Friedeburg dead in stock. Himmler's corpse on the ground. Hand large poison vial. William Joyce (English spy, called Mister Howhow) is worn by soldiers on a stretcher and transported in the car.
Crown Prince OLAF is welcomed by the British commander (88 m) 02 Crown Prince OLAF in Oslo. Proceeds from front of the honor guard. Scottish pipe band and British soldiers parading. OLAF on speaker's podium (total).
(23 m) 03. Cologne city of rubble, in the background the silhouette of the Cathedral. Ruins of houses in the Kaiser Wilhelm Ring. People go through Trümmerstraßen. Wreck of a bus. Behind rubble wall with inscription "with the leader to victory". Nun goes through the debris field. Destruction of "Church of the Holy Apostles" (outdoors). "Mary" (inside). Ruin "Gürzenich concert hall". Own stone gate from the 14th century intact. Ancient Roman city wall behind bare trees. 2nd-century Roman tower. British soldiers in the streets. Cologne station, burned out dome roof with sign "Cologne Hbf". Railway station (total), in the background Cathedral. Torn railway tracks and bridges. Shield (large) "prohibition! Historical monument. The entering and removing parts of the monument is strictly prohibited." Interior of the Cathedral. Swivel external facade. Destroyed apartment blocks, Rhein bridge, destroyed in the water hanging.
(73 m) 04 Bergen-Belsen. The end of outside barracks. Inner Hall with superimposed provided beds and sick. Doctors treat patients. Soldiers wear body in a rug to the mass grave. Dead in the mass grave. British soldiers with folded hands before that. Former prisoners in the dining hall. Prisoners, partly bald shaved are transported on trucks. Wave women. British soldiers shoot salute. Barracks are set on fire with flamethrowers. Prisoners as viewers laugh. Long shot: Burning barracks.
(41 m) 05 Rangoon free British ships before landing. Flying bomber. Warships fire. Dog on ship to scratching (large). Shipwrecked in the water. Captured Japanese blindfolded. Soldiers go ashore, wading through mud. Indigenous peoples help. Walk through swamps. Harbour backdrop with cranes. Population cheers. Boy brings eggs and bananas as a gift for soldiers. Rickshaw drives through the street. Marching soldiers.
(47 m) 06 military Government old man (flea markets) with bag is from Anderson House. Women with head scarves outside shops. Sign off limits to all U.S. personnel (large). Electromechanical factory workers work on transformers. Fountain. Workers with Cap (large), American soldier with a steel helmet (large). Woman with headscarf front table with American soldiers. Debris. Jeep with AMIS. Man speaks with bicycle with soldier. Before the crowd. Military police driving through crowd. Jeep lock entrance. Woman at the window. Man and woman alone, go through lonely Street in houses. Front door closes. Small dog runs through lonely Street.
(71 m) 07. food for Dutch children scaled-down people and children sitting on bench. Starved boy (large). Verhungertes child on mother's lap (large, body stranded on). Neglected children in the stroller. Close-up of the child. Children with metal plates. Women serve food in large pot. Children eat and be fed. Many children on the way to school with pots. In the pews of the class is eaten out of pot. (Boy, tall). Gebetin the class with teacher. Praying boy alone.
(56 m) 08 use of all forces against Japan negotiating table in San Francisco. Representatives for Russia: Foreign Minister Molotow, Canada: Mackenzie King, Australia: Foreign Minister Ewert, England: Foreign Secretary Eden, greet each other. Executive Committee of the United Nations Conference is in session. Hangar with Boeing aircraft. People go "On to Tokyo" giant aircraft with inscription and cheer. Monument to "Fly the American flag on the island Ibotima" is inaugurated. Crowds. Night shots of lit streets of New York. Dome of the Capitol, Washington, (screen lit). Statue of liberty, illuminated (large).
(59 m) 09 Milan celebrates its liberation Italian freedom fighters ride on trucks through the city. Cheering people. American anti-tank cheering greeted. People wave and wave the American flag. Roadblock. Tank. German soldiers with knapsack go under guard in a prisoner of war. Motorcade drives through streets. Milan Cathedral (large). Mass on streets. Fire syringes are used. Fascists executed by the are on the road. Mussolini and Clara Petaccis bodies. Kicks and angry crowd. Bodies are hung up on feet.
(89 m)


Persons in the Film

Dönitz, Karl ; Eden, Anthony ; Ewert ; Friedenburg von ; Himmler, Heinrich ; Jodl, Alfred ; Joyce, William ; King, Mackenzie ; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw ; Mussolini, Benito ; Olaf V. von Norwegen ; Petacci, Clara ; Speer, Albert


Cologne ; New York ; Washington ; Milan ; Holland ; Flensburg ; Rangoon ; San Francisco ; Belsen ; Oslo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Railways ; Misery ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Dogs ; Industry ; Children ; Emblems ; Flags ; Parades ; Political events ; Police ; Shipping ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Debris ; UN ; Buildings ; concentration camp ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; Curfew ; Medicine ; People ; Military ; Weapons ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Agents ; 19 find book world in the film ; Crew ; Dogs ; Industrial ; Military ; aftermath of war


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