Welt im Bild 174/1955 26.10.1955


1st chimneys smoking vote on the Saar to the Saar statute (Europeanization of the Saar) and Kohlenhalden. Gasometer. Urban transport and election posters. Border barrier descends. The borders remain closed during the vote. Signpost in the directions of Paris and Mannheim. Dr. Heinrich Schneider, Democrat Saar, at lectern pleads for a no. Prime Minister Hoffmann calls the Yes to the Saar Statute. European Commission is monitoring the election. Voters in voting. High turnout 96.7%. Prime Minister Hoffmann chooses. Counting of the votes. 67.7% reject the Statute. Hoffmann government resigns.
(39 m) 02. Paris: Foreign Ministers of 3 Western powers meet before Geneva Conference breakdown of new German newsreel 300 / 2: car ancestor. Arrival of McMillan / United States / France, Antoine Pinay / England, John Foster Dulles. Compliance was found in all matters.
(15 m) 03. Berlin: Capital for a week of parliamentarians in Berlin during a work week of the Parliament at the physical Institute of the Technical University. Upon arrival Ollenhauer, Blücher, Suhr, Erhard, Carlo Schmid. Bundestag President Gerstenmaier opened the meeting. Erhard discusses policy issues. Cinematographer.
(19 m) 4th West India: Queen Juliana visited the former Dutch colony on the Dutch Kreuzer De Ruyter soldiers on the deck present the gun at arriving in Curacao. Greeting of Juliana and Bernhard. Crowd offers a cordial reception. Ride in the State car through the city.
(25 m) 05. Mexico: independence day grand military parade on the independence day and Fireworks At night.
(19 m) 06. London: election of Miss World 1955 In a bathing suit are the Miss World candidates in long series - pan. Walking on the catwalk in a bathing suit. The South American Champion in Caracas will be crowned Miss world.
(19 m) 07. Berlin: film stars in the ring of the circus Williams Elma Karlowa in the afraid in dressage. Audience clapping, among them producer Pamela Brown. Appearance by Margit Nünke with lion cub. Walter Giller as a clown with dog. Susanne Erichsen rides high school. ADI Enders jumps salto mortale on horseback. Mandy Rahl on the trampoline.
(44 m) 08 Krefeld: German indoor cycling Championships art driving: freestyle winner in new the a Marita and Edi Grommes. Six art driving the winning group of the RV-Adler Neuwerk.
(36 m) 09 Reutlingen: German Motocross Championship riders on more difficult route in hilly terrain. Motorcycle jumps. Winner Willi Oesterle on DKW receives wreath.
(23 m) 10 Sicily: formula I racing - Targa Florio breakdown of new German newsreel 300/11: removal of the Targa Florio race as the last championship race. The cars on the track. Front Moss and Collins are all Mercedes before Fangio and Kling. The race car on the winding track. Double victory for Mercedes by MOSS and Fangio. Spectators clapping and umdrängen the winners. With this victory, Mercedes withdrew from racing.
(35 m)

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Bernhard von Holland ; Blücher, Franz ; Brauner, Artur ; Dulles, John Foster ; Enders, Adi ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Erichsen, Susanne ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Giller, Walter ; Hoffmann, Johannes ; Juliana von Holland ; Karlowa, Elma ; McMillan, Harold ; Nünke, Margit ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Pinay, Antoine ; Rahl, Mady ; Suhr, Otto ; Schneider, Heinrich ; Collins, Peter ; Grommes, Edi ; Fangio, Juan ; Kling, Karl ; Moss, Stirling ; Neues, Marita ; Oesterle, Willi


Saar ; Mexico ; Berlin ; West India ; London ; Saarbrücken ; Paris ; Saarland ; Sicily ; Reutlingen ; Krefeld


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Fireworks ; filmmaking ; motor sports ; Parades ; Political events ; cycling, cycle ball ; Shipping ; beauty pageants ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Elections ; Circus ; Customs ; Mine ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 174/1955

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Saar elections camera: strong meeting of Foreign Ministers in Paris origin: Gaumont, Pathé journal Bundestag in Berlin camera: Pahl Queen Juliane in West India origin: Polygoon independence day i. Mexico origin: Mexico Miss World origin: Pathe news stars in der Manege camera: Pahl artistic cycling sport camera: Essmann Motocross camera: Hafner car race in Sicily origin: iNcom final

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