Welt im Bild 151/1955 18.05.1955


01 Nevada: The terrible effects of the atomic bomb breakdown from new German newsreels 277/3: explosion of the atomic bomb. Pictures of the automatic camera in the area of the explosion. Houses fly apart. Flash Flash and following dark with storm. Overturned and torn-apart doll.
(31 m 2) Vienna: Treaty for Austria goal from Belvedere Palace opens. Car driveway. Hall. Signing of the State Treaty, which ended the occupation statute in Austria. Politicians on the balcony before the cheering crowd. Foreign Minister Leopold Figl shows freedom of the certificate, signed by the Foreign Ministers of the occupying powers.
(27 m) 03. Warsaw: Conference of the Eastern bloc - formation of Eastern Alliance system breakdown from new German newsreels 277/2: flags of the Soviet bloc countries of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Albania, East Germany and USSR. Right of way of the cars getting in and out of Heads of Government of the countries of the East. Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Bulganin, friendship and mutual assistance pact is completed. (Eastern NATO). Among the Conference participants Molotov and Ulbricht.
(15 m) 04 Hannoversch Münden: opening of steam navigation on the river Weser man in the costume of the Dr. Eisenbarth opened the season of steam navigation. Riding on a steamer on the river Weser by the Weser uplands. Scenic on the banks of the, half-timbered houses, flock of sheep, people on the bridge. Arrival in HAMELN. The welcoming atmosphere, the Pied Piper.
(30 m) 05 Austria: rescue from mountain climbers with dogs in rescue exercise in the snow. Rappelling cliff of Verunglücktem. Abseiling down a slide with serious injuries and ride to the Valley.
(30 m) 06. Italy: knitted paintings man produces wool yarns images.
(25 m) 07 Vincennes: Salvadore Dali paints Rhinoceros in enclosure in the Zoo. Dali before the easel. Modern painting. Affected viewers. Dali has spit against classical painting and POPs it.

08. Hohensachsen an der Bergstraße: Portrait of Sepp Herberger Sepp Herberger at the lawn in front of his house. Woman Herberger calls him in the front door to the phone. School visits Sepp Herberger with autograph. Work room with trophies. The World Cup ball by Bern. Sepp Herberger at the soccer planning at the green table. Postman brings a bunch of letters. Herberger at the stamp einkleben. Sepp Herberger speaks. Interview: "for 20 years I'm closely connected in more serious but also happy working with the comrades of the national team and the young. I could imagine no nicer task."
(45 m) 09. To the German Football Championship: Hamburg HSV - SV sod in Gen 1-0 game in the people's Park Stadium. Sod in gene storms. HSV in the attack. Game at the Sodinger gate. Striker misses the target. Half-time result 0:0 2nd half: playing in the midfield. Chase after the ball. HSV player finds and brings players to the case. Players will be maintained on the edge. Paramedics wear players on stretchers from the square. In the 81. Minute shoots Schlegel for Hamburg 1-0. Viewer runs on the course. Boy jumps up. Viewers filling picture.
(42 m) 10 Abensberg: Sandbahnrennen of motorcycle drivers 550ccm: motorcycle speedway rider on the dirt road. Sand clouds behind the riders. Viewers protect face from dust. It wins Fritz Dirtl / Austria, large, with wreath.
(25 m)

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Bulganin ; Dali, Salvatore ; Dulles, John Foster ; Figl, Leopold ; McMillan, Harold ; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw ; Pinay, Antoine ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Dirtl, Fritz ; Herberger, Sepp ; Schlegel ; Stürmer, Klaus


Nevada ; Vienna ; Austria ; Italy ; Vincennes ; Hallig Habel ; Hannoversch Münden ; Warsaw ; Hamburg ; Abensberg ; Hohensachsen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Football ; motor sports ; Pacts ; Political events ; Portraits ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Art ; Landscapes ; Contracts ; Agreement ; Atom ; Buildings ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 151/1955

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Effects of nuclear origin: Metro, paramount Vienna agreement origin: Austria Warsaw Conference origin: DEFA upper Weser drive camera: Essmann rappelling exercise camera: Hafner painting (hand-knitted paintings) origin: Eclair, Incom Sepp Herberger the portrait camera: basic sports football HSV-SV sod in gene camera: Seib, Luppa, Stoll Speedway in Abensberg camera: Hafner final

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