Welt im Bild 128/1954 10.12.1954


01 children help children - original music competition in the Ostseehalle - penny collection for boarding school girl singing: "Grandpa calls me Lainey, Lainey calls me Granny, Lainey calls me the whole city because it is has spread everywhere." People clap. Little girl sings o-ton: remember mother dear dad, if you're driving, then can get what it wants, then you're well on the target. You so love to hurtling through the city, preferably with 120 things, but if mum doesn't like to have that, then you can't do that." Audience faces smiling, big. Children audience.

02. Rome: Pope Pius XII. ill closed Windows in the Vatican. Pilgrims on St. Peter's square cross themselves. Believers pray for the recovery of the sick Pope. Officers direct traffic. Bulletin of the medical bulletin.

03. Wilhelm Furtwängler + Wilhelm Furtwängler conducted the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Burial Hill Cemetery in Heidelberg. Family members and mourners at the grave.

04. Belgium: railway disaster of Lions derailed carriages overturned and telescoped. 650 German fans injured in the train of the football match in England on the return journey. Rescue teams at the scene. Engine driver and Stoker were fatal. 19 German casualties. Casualties will be recovered.

05. London: Birthday gifts for Winston Churchill curtain of Winston Churchill painting is pulled to the side. Gift of the parties by Churchill. Churchill quote: "the portrait is a remarkable example of modern art." Celebration in Westminsterhall.

06. Holland: miracle horse family connected horse in ground floor apartment of the family seated at table at dinner.

07. Italy: dental surgery sits in hypnosis young woman on a dentist's Chair. Dentist hypnotized patient and pulling teeth without pain.

08. San Marino: milk and honey life in prison the only convict from San Marino in his cell. Canary in the cell. The prisoner plays with the children of the warden on the Court. The keeper's wife cooks. The prisoner supervised the children's schoolwork. Celebration on the 2nd anniversary of the imprisonment. Card game with guards.

09 preparations for the boxing match Rex Laine / United States - Heinz Neuhaus arrival of Boxer Rex Laine / United States on airfield. Greeting. Stewardess with boxing gloves. Customs officers inspected guard. Haltern am see: trained In the Seehof Heinz Neuhaus. Table tennis game. Jumping rope. Training fight with Don Ellis.

10 Neumünster: Boxing Hein ten Hoff - Robert / Belgium shock Exchange data with Very much A lot smaller Robert Hoff. Hard attacks ten Hoff. Robert on the ground. Referee counts. Robert clings. Left hit. Robert needs back to the ground. Robert gives up. Handshake of the Boxer after the fight.

11 Belgium: Cross-country mass start of the runners. 3000 participants along the route. Winner will be at the race about 7.5 km de Pauw / Belgium. Run over 11 km. At the top of Gordon Pirie / England runs and WINS.

12. Paris: International gymnastics competition March flag-bearer of the teams. United States flag. Gage / Switzerland turns on the horizontal bar and rings. Helmut Bantz turns on the horizontal bar and rings. Helmut Bantz turns on the horizontal bar and crashing at the finish. Bantz is 3. congratulations for the winner of Gage / Switzerland.

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Bantz, Helmut ; Churchill, Winston ; Furtwängler, Wilhelm ; Pius XII. ; Günthard ; Laine, Rex ; Neuhaus, Heinz ; Pauw de ; Pirie, Gordon ; Koch, Robert ; Hoff ten, Hein


Belgium ; London ; San Marino ; Kiel ; Italy ; Heidelberg ; Berlin ; Rome ; Neumünster ; Paris ; Frankfurt ; Haltern am see ; Vatican


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Railways ; Justice ; Disasters ; Children ; Musical events ; Religious events ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Gymnastics ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Medicine ; Crime ; veterinary medicine ; Dentistry ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 128/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Children helping children music contest in the Ostseehalle camera: Luppa, Stoll Spotlight Pope believers pray to the health origin: Incom Furtwängler camera: strong train wreck origin: Belgavox Churchill birthday origin: Pathe News World holl. Horses origin: Polygoon shooting in hypnosis origin: iNcom San Marino prison origin: iNcom Layne Nauhaus camera: basic boxes ten Hoff camera: Luppa, Stoll cross country (Pirie) origin: Belgavox gymnastics Paris origin: Gaumont final

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