Welt im Bild 119/1954 06.10.1954


01 Conference participants sign upon completion of the London Act completion of the London nine powers Conference and Government statement of Chancellor Adenauer. Paul Henry Spaak signed for Belgium. Lester Pearson signed for Canada, Mendès France for France, Adenauer for the Federal Republic of Germany, Sir. Martino for Italy, Joseph Bech of Luxembourg, Dr. Bakare for the Netherlands, John Foster Dulles for the United States. Cameramen. Handshake of Adenauer Foster Dulles. Bonn: Adenauer before the Bundestag. Quote: "when the Federal Government began its work five years ago, resulted in the following central issues: 1 making the independence and self-determination of the Federal Republic of 2." The reunification of Germany 3. The merger of the free Europe and Germany's integration into the European Community. In this community, we can continue our efforts for the restoration of German unity with greater chance of success. Our foreign policy work is done not only for Germany but for a peaceful and secure future of a reunified Germany." (Clapping of members) "We appreciate the results of the London Conference, because not least benefit our fatherland. "But our joy is not perfect by the certainty that in London the unity of the Western world was restored, without which there is no peace, no freedom and no reunion for us." Erich Ollenhauer as listeners. Deputies clapping. Government bank with the Ministers of the Cabinet (Erhard, Schäffer and others

02. Japan: Cyclone agitated sea. People flee. Flooded railway tracks. Man swims out of House. Fallen together houses. Flooded land. Capsized railway ferry Toya Maru. The disaster killed 1100 people. Relatives identify the victims of the disaster and light Memorial candles on the beach.

03. Munich: State visit of the Turkish Prime Minister Adna Menderes Agriculture Minister Heinrich Lübke accompanied the Turkish Prime Minister Menderes when visiting the exhibition of Bavarian agriculture. Award-winning cattle. Visit the Deutsches Museum. Visit the worktable by Otto Hahn, where the first atomic nucleus was divided.

04. Berlin: 25th anniversary of the death of Gustav Stresemann ceremony at Tomb of Gustav Stresemann. Wreath stoppages. Wreath loop of the President of the German Bundestag. Berlin: one year anniversary of the death of Ernst Reuter. The 3 city Commandant of Berlin lay down wreaths at the grave of Ernst Reuter.

05. exercise of the Swiss rescue in the mountains the Swiss rescue tested new rescue device that allows the recovery of casualties from rocks and crevasses.

06. Italy: Cow fighting cows fight with their heads pushing against each other. Champion cow receives Cup.

07. Mexico: Children car race children drive small electric cars-1 / PS to the bet. Failures on the circuit. Little girl presented the winner's Prize and runs victory lap with the winner. Small other girls crying.

8 Berlin: motor boat race on the river Havel start. World record man Dieter König with the No. 92 in the race. Ride around the turning buoy. Dog barks from accompanying boat. Dieter König WINS.

09 New York. Baseball World Championship: New York Giants - Cleveland Indians 5-3 exciting gameplay footage. Audience jump up and clap.

10 Dortmund: 100 km team race in the Westphalia Hall the teams in the race. Detachment. Dutch have lapped the field and win.

11 Paris: Horse racing "Arc de Triomphe" on the gallery as a spectator President René Coty, and Mrs. Viewers filling picture. Start. Spectator looks through binoculars, great. In the HomeStretch, leads Banassa 1 nose length, is overtaken but in the final sprint by Sica Boy who wins 50 million francs.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Bech, Joseph ; Beyen ; Coty, René ; Dulles, John Foster ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Hahn, Otto ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Martino ; Menderes, Adna ; Mendes-France, Pierre ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Pearson, Lester ; Reuter, Ernst ; Spaak, Paul Henry ; Schäffer, Fritz ; Stresemann, Gustav ; König, Dieter


Munich ; Switzerland ; Berlin ; Japan ; Mexico ; Trieste ; New York ; Paris ; Dortmund ; London ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Baseball ; Disasters ; Children ; motor boat race ; motor sports ; Political events ; cycling, cycle ball ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; State visits (inside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; wreath stoppages ; Livestock, livestock ; Agriculture ; Atom ; Exhibitions ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Agriculture ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 119/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Signing d. London of the file origin: Pathe news Typhoon in Japan origin: Asahi news Spotlight Menderes in d. Federal Republic of camera: Stoll, basic Memorial for Reuter & Stresemann camera: Obeng Lifesaver in the mountains origin: Cine journal dairy cow origin: iNcom kids cars origin: Mexico sport motor boat autumn regatta Berlin camera: Luppa, Obeng baseball origin: Metro bicycle race in Dortmund camera: Essmann, Koch "Are de Triomphe"-Pferderennen in Longchamps origin: Pathé journal final

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