Welt im Bild 114/1954 31.08.1954


1st London: Thomas Mann and wife visit the Kunsthalle, in the exhibition of European masterpieces from the Musée de Arte of São Paulo is Thomas Mann goes through the exhibition with his wife and discussed before paintings. Portrait of Andrew from the Horn by Franz HALs. The resurrection of Rafael. Self-portrait by Rembrandt (28), Diefluyder children of Lawrence. Gypsy woman with mandolin by Corot. A Picasso painting.

02. Brazil: suicide of President Getulio Vargas Getulio Vargas when driving in an open car through the city, cheered by the population. Flowers are thrown into the car. After call for resignation Vargas committed suicide. Soldiers in the streets. Lying in State. Lot umdrängt the coffin. Giant funeral procession.

03. Paris: Parliament rejects the EDC Treaty from voting in the French National Assembly to the EDC Treaty. 319: 264 votes, the present Treaty is rejected.

04. Portugal: pilgrimage to Fatima pilgrims kneel at Fatima and pray to the Patron Saint. Request for assistance in the conflict and the colony of Goa. The statue of the Saint and the Church.

05. United States: Water land vehicle Rhinoceros vehicle with huge ball wheels moves in water, mud and wood. Trees are bent over.

06. Berlin: Ruins of the old Memorial Church wedding in the ruins of the Church. Swivel about destruction. Construction workers as "Wedding guests" at the ceremony in the ruins.

07. San Francisco: 101st birthday in the clouds in wheelchair shuts old man to aircraft. Start. In aircraft drive old people and look out the window. View San Francisco and Golden Gate. The TWA stewardess brings big pie old man to the 101st birthday. Old man eats cake.

08 Mainz: Wine Festival on the Rhine French winemakers as guests in Mainz. Winemaker drinking from goblets. Costume groups perform dances.

09. Baden-Baden: horse racing Grand Prix of Baden-Baden elegant women on the Racecourse. two little girls in gauzy dresses. Start. Man looks through binoculars. Horses in the arc. At the top sits Baal under Jockey fight and WINS by a large margin. Viewers look forward. Winning horse Baal after the victory. Dispute descends.

10 Cologne: Cycle-ball World Cup finals: Brothers paddy/Germany against Flachsmann/Bretenmoser / Switzerland. Game scenes. Goal for Germany. Clapping. Club extension at the score of 3:3 ends with victory of Switzerland after shooting 4:3.

11 Cologne: UCI World Championships flyer amateurs final: at the start of Peacock, England, and Tessider/Australia. First of all, both riders stalk. Peacock sprints and can No more be obtained from the approaching Tessider before the finish. Winner Francis Peacock, England, with winners bow and flowers.

12 Berlin: heavyweight boxing: Billy Gilliam / United States defeated Hein ten Hoff by technical k. o. Gilliam lands hard hit. Viewers excited faces. Staggers ten Hoff on the ropes in round 6. As viewers Hans Söhnker, is great. Badly bruised, sits ten Hoff on the ground, rises reeling and can hardly defend themselves. Gong beat. Caregivers lift ten Hoff and lead him to the corner. Victor de Kowa next to Hans Söhnker, great. Set judge cancels the fight. Winner Billy Gilliam in addition to the badly battered Hein ten Hoff.

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Breitenmoser ; Filho, Joao Café ; Kowa de, Victor ; Mann, Thomas ; Söhnker, Hans ; Vargas, Getulio ; Flachsmann ; Gilliam, Billy ; Peacock, Francis ; Pensel, Rudi ; Streit, Michael ; Hoff ten, Hein ; Tessider


Brazil ; Düsseldorf ; Paris ; San Francisco ; Berlin ; United States ; Portugal ; Mainz ; Cologne ; Baden-Baden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Higher education ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Political events ; cycling, cycle ball ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Shipping ; suicides ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Art ; Engagement ; festivals ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Assassinations ; Exhibitions ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 114/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Masterpieces from São Paulo i. Düssel.
Camera: Basic focus on turmoil on the coffin v. Vargas origin: Metro, Paramount Pictures death-knell for the EDC origin: Eclair, Gaumont pilgrimage to Fatima origin: No. do Rhino steel + iron origin: Metro wedding in d. ruins d. Gedächtnisk.
Camera: Pahl's 101st birthday over the clouds origin: Metro wine cruise on the Rhine camera: strong sport of great price (Baden-Baden) camera: Rau, cooking ball in Cologne camera: reason, Essmann flyer race boxes ten Hoff camera: Pahl final

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