Welt im Bild 113/1954 25.08.1954


1 Berlin: The Reichstag building in the course of time ruins of the Reichstag building after the second world war. Inauguration of the Reichstag Building 1874. President Hindenburg in front of the building. The Reichstag during the battle for Berlin in World War II. Soldiers run through the ruined Hall. Destruction of facade and brickwork. Red flag blowing on the Reichstag. Writing the German people. Interior shots of the destruction. Fallen figure. Work on the dome to prevent the danger of collapse. Panoramic view from the Reichstag building in Berlin.

02. Brussels: Meetings of Foreign Ministers the EVG Adenauer rises from Mercedes and goes into the House. Arrival Paul Henry Spaak Belgium and Mendes Frances / France. Adenauer, great Conference. Mendes Frances, great. Curious outside the Conference building. Failure of the negotiations.

03. Italy: Alcide de Gasperi + laying out de Gasperi. Mourners in front of House. Coffin is carried to the station of Trento. Funeral procession with flower garlands.

04. Bavaria: traffic accident with nuclear artillery nuclear gun after fall of Embankment Road. Recovery command eliminates traffic jam.

05. Holland: marching brass band music parade. Lady chapel. Various game man trains in the competition.

06. California: fur fashion show and stocking fashion mannequins show furs. Artificial snow is scattered. Dogs on leash. With jewelry garter belt stockings. Embroidered rose on foot. Thick black stocking seam.

07. Texas: Competition of hairdressing salons shave balloon. SOAP scum is scraped off cautious until balloon bursts.

08th Bad Kissingen, Germany: German Swimming Championships 400 metres crawl women: start, turn. Ingrid Künzel WINS in 5.27 minutes. Ingrid Künzel, great. 200 m butterfly men: start. Spokesman commented. After a hard battle, Herbert Klein WINS in 2.39.40. Herbert Klein, great. 2 stop watches are pressed. Diving men: high diver. It wins Geyer and is dried by woman with towel.

09. Solingen: Cycling road World Championships start in the pouring rain. Spectators on the side of the road. Many drivers To give up. Attendant at the side of the road enough food. Kubler, Switzerland, one of the Favorites, exit behind the box made for wheel defects. Lead Louison Bobet, France and Fritz Schär / Switzerland. Louison Bobet WINS and becomes world champion of street riders.

10 Amsterdam: European Rowing Championships of women coxed: Russia before Austria WINS by a large margin. Viewers go along with wheels on the shore and track that run. Winning boat with crew at award ceremony. Ladies get flowers. Aft: cyclists column runs on the Bank. It wins the boat of the USSR against Romania. Award ceremony with the Russian team.

11 Bern: auto racing Grand Prix of Switzerland start and auto racing. 8 leave 16 launched cars. With no. 4, Fangio is at the top. Clerk of the course Neubauer on race box. Hermann takes no. 6 place 3rd Neubauer takes time. Official waving banner. Fangio won with wreath. 2. Gonzales on Ferrari.

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Bobet, Louison ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Gaspery de, Alcide ; Geßler ; Hindenburg ; Mendes-France, Pierre ; Seeckt ; Spaak, Paul Henry ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Geyer, Fritz ; Fangio, Juan ; Gonzales ; Hermann, Hans ; Klein, Herbert ; Kübler, Ferdinand ; Künzel, Ingrid ; Neubauer ; Schaer, Fritz


Berlin ; Brussels ; California ; Italy ; Bavaria ; Holland ; Texas ; Amsterdam ; Bern ; Solingen ; Bad Kissingen, Germany ; Bonn


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Flags ; art jumping ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Political events ; cycling, cycle ball ; Rowing ; Swimming ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Deaths, funerals ; diving ; Accidents ; Competitions ; Fashion ; Buildings ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 113/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Reichstag Building camera: Pahl focus on EDC Conference origin: Belgavox Alcide de Gasperi origin: iNcom Atomic Cannon i. ditch camera: Kang origin music parade: Polygoon sock fashions and fur origin: Metro competition d. Figaro origin: Metro sports swimming camera: strong, Hafner Cycling World Championship camera: Basic, rough rowing origin: Polygoon Mercedes-Ferrari (Bern) origin: Cine journal final

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