Welt im Bild 111/1954 11.08.1954


1 Hamburg: launching of Santa Rosa on the Howaldt shipyard at lectern General Director Schecker in speech. Baptism with bottle of sparkling wine. The Santa Rosa slides into the water. Port workers waving hat. The sister ship Santa Rita solves the lines on the maiden voyage. Screw turns in foaming water. Tug Fairplay beside the Santa Rita. Captain on the bridge of the vessel. Pan across the deck. Passing on the banks of the Elbe. Radar screen rotates. Shipowners Amsinck passes the paper on board the ship to the master. Amsinck and Captain toast to.

02. strike in Germany Hamburg: Trade Union ÖTV: work stoppage at the Hamburger Hochbahn and the gas and waterworks. Trams in the depot. Shield: Is this a strike! Dog is located on tram tracks and rises slowly when approaching vehicle. Stilliegende Alster ships on the Jungfernstieg. High-speed trains standing. Newspaper headline Abendblatt: the strike continues. Pedestrian scramble. People go in private bus. 6 people ride in motorcycle with sidecar. Private cars take people. Bicycle traffic. Ballot of Union members. Munich: Trade union IG-Metall: strike at the Bavarian motorcycle works. People are facing the factory gate is closed.

03. Gabrielle Colette + close-up Colette. Colette for being honoured with the cross of the Légion d'honneur. Funeral service. Flowered coffin is moved to cemetery.

04. United States: New models of aircraft vertical take-off starts. Small supersonic jet launches and flies low. Aircraft can be carried by mothership.

05. California: fisherman Festival of children children parade through Azusa. Children fishing to the bet. Girl pulls on the Angel fish out of water and I may not touch. Little boy with big fish. Winner trophy.

06. Berlin: bear children of the circus Busch lines go the brown bear children with their attendants walk, swim, fight on the field, play and To want not scooter riding.

07. Wiesbaden: Vespa obstacle race Vespafahrer slalom ride between oil cans. Tyre is taken by frame. Letter is inserted. Gate opens. Drive via seesaw jump. Jump over hills. Winner goes through the target.

08 Dublin: International Horse Show viewers on the tournament grounds. On the course of Lieutenant Cullinan/Ireland and Gerlinde s/Germany. Rode the winner Hans Günter Winkler on Halla. Hans Günter Winkler receives award at awards ceremony, honoring the other winners. Lap of honour. Wang leads 2nd horse next to it.

09 Hamburg: 48. International Tennis Championships final men's single: budge Patty/United States wins over Sven Davidsson/Sweden. Judge perches. Ball change. Audience, great. Audience clapping, total. Woman with earrings sideways, large. Patty chases his opponent changing the ball back and forth. Patty WINS in 3 sets. Patty besides Davidsson at award ceremony gets Cup.

10. Hamburg: German Athletics Championships flags of German States, pole vault, shot putter, hurdle runners. 1500 m men: Starter is launching pad. Werner Lueg Günther Dorow is running at the top behind him. In the HomeStretch, Werner Lueg sits down at the tip and WINS in a Sprint. Javelin throw women: Jutta Krüger WINS with 49.67 m. Hammer: Karl Storch WINS with 57,18 m. 100 m race women: start. Maria Sander Domagella WINS in 12.6 seconds. 100 m run men: fairy starts well on the inside lane and WINS in 10.5 sec. Audience clapping. 80 m hurdles women: start Maria Sander Dogmalla runs on the outside front and WINS in 11.4 seconds.

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Amsinck ; Colette ; Schecker, Theodor ; Schürmann, Bernd ; Cullinan ; Davidsson, Sven ; Dohrow, Günther ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Krüger, Jutta ; Märten, Gerlinde ; Patty, Budge ; Sander-Domagalla, Maria ; Storch, Karl ; Winkler, Hans Günter


Paris ; California ; United States ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Berlin ; Dublin ; Wiesbaden


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Fishing ; fishing ; motor sports ; Medals, awards, honors ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Strike, strike ; Tennis ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Circus ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fisheries ; Sports honors ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 111/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Course South America camera: Luppa, rough Spotlight strikes camera: Rau, Luppa Colette + origin: Archive marine + Jet children fish origin: Metro bear roller camera: Pahl Vesparennen camera: Hafner sports riding Dublin origin: Pathe news tennis single camera: Luppa, GA Athletics camera: Basic, rough conclusion

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