Welt im Bild 85/1954 10.02.1954


01 Carnival opening Ruhpolding: Touropa Carnival ride of the Prince guard. Members of the Munich-based Prince guard waving from Touropa-Express. Arrival in Ruhpolding. Chamberlain gets out. Fools in cable car. Prince guard parades in the mountains in the snow. People singing and swaying. Viareggio: Heads of giant figures are painted. Eyes open and. Donaueschingen: fools parade. Witch jump and catch a spectator. Fools parade of historical costumes of the mask.

02. Berlin - four power Conference secret session of English, American and French guard post next to each other. Reporter. Car ride up front Control Board building. Reporter will be rejected by sentry. Arrival of Ministers for Foreign Affairs to film cameramen with telephoto lenses on roofs. The 4 crew banners.

03. Formosa: Return Chinese Chinese from Korea return home to Formosa. Statue of Chiang Kai Schek. Soldiers will be warmly welcomed by the population.

04. Italy: Eruption of the volcano Stromboli volcano eruptions of Stromboli. Lava flow into the sea. Clouds of smoke. Abandoned houses of the village at the foot of the volcano. Residents flee on ship.

05. Hamburg: Children running on the Elbe River of ice ice floes on the river Elbe. Metre-high blocks of ice in the harbor. Ship sails through ice-free fairway. Sunset on the river.

06. Norway: shoals of herring fishing boats go out. Giant network will be full of herring. Network will be emptied via boat. Herring on board the fishing boat.

07. Rheinland: Machines are woven in a squirt bottle is fine-weave shot machines are sprayed before transporting overseas. Marked made in Germany export to Japan. Cocooned machines. Cameraman is spun up.

08 Florida: powerboat race in the swamp with flat boats motor boat ferries in swamp area. Flat boot with rear propeller moves through gnarled swamp terrain.

09. Hahnenklee: German two-man Championship Anderl Ostler and Lorenz Nieberl on the scale. Weight 414 pounds. Anderl Ostler and Lorenz Nieberl with helmet, great. Start Anderl Ostler / Lorenz Nieboer. Start of the ostzonalen bobs. Schellhorn / four-legged. The arm coat of arms of Mecklenburg. Rösch / terne at the start. Viewers in dangerous position are bobs on the icy track, on the side of the car. Ostler / Nieboer drive new track record and embrace after victory.

10 Pfronten: German Alpine Ski Championships downhill women: runners on the track. Run the winner of Evi Lanig. Men's downhill: different runners on the track. Battle between Hans Peter Lanig and Pepi Schweiger. Falls. Hans Peter Lanig runs with the fastest time as winner by the target. Target range with inscription Pigmentan slalom women: Evi Lanig on the track is 2 and thus the winner of the combination. EVI Lanig, great. Slalom men: at the start of Hans-Peter Lanig as a contender for the combination victory. He runs too slowly and is 4. Sepp Behr WINS in slalom and combined winner. Special slalom women: strange run of winner Marianne. Target range with inscription Dextro Energen! Marianne strange, big.

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Behr, Sepp ; Tschiangkaischek ; Lanig, Evi ; Nieberl, Lorenz ; Ostler, Anderl ; Rösch, Hans ; Seltsam, Marianne ; Schellhorn ; Schweiger, Pepi ; Terne ; Vierfuß


Berlin ; Rheinland ; Norway ; Formosa ; Rupolding ; Viareggio ; Donaueschingen ; Hamburg ; Italy ; Hahnenklee ; Florida ; Pfronten


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bobsleigh ; Returnees, evacuees, Outlander ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; Carnival ; Children ; Export ; Flags ; Carnival ; fishing ; motor boat race ; Photographers ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; Skijoring ; Animals (except dogs) ; Korea war ; Volcano, volcanoes ; Winter ; Crew ; 18 finding book world in the picture


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Welt im Bild 85/1954

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Carnival opening Ruhpolding camera: Moser Donaueschingen camera: strong, p Viareggio origin: iNcom spotlight of the week Foreign Minister Conference in Berlin Formosa: Chinese return home origin: Metro Italy: Stromboli volcano origin: iNcom Hamburg: ice floes on the river Elbe camera: Stoll Norway: shoals of herring origin: Norsk Film Rheinland: machines spun a camera: Essmann sport Derby in the swamp origin: Metro Hahnenklee-Bob camera: Luppa Alpine Ski Championships camera: Lutz, Chef final

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